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Top 10 best disaster movies 2016


Attention moviegoers the films of the disaster — list of the top 2016.

10. The crew

"The crew" — the Russian rhythmic pattern that opens the ten best films of 2016. The protagonist of the film Alexey Guschin — a young pilot who did not recognize authorities. For failure to comply with the absurd order of the Board, he is out of military aviation. But by a twist of fate it destined to fly on the civilian aircraft. Subsequent events unfolding on the island of Canvas at the local airport, where nearby a strong earthquake. Natural disasters demolish the local building and nearby areas will soon pour lava. Only Alexei and his colleagues now based on the lives of many people. The crew have no right to a mistake is the only chance to save people from certain death, made an emergency takeoff.

9. 5th wave

"The 5th wave" is a fantasy action-crash of 2016 the American cinema. The earth was attacked by an alien race that wants to wipe out the earth all of humanity. Four destructive waves swept across the planet, destroying almost all life. Sixteen-year-old girl named Cassie miraculously manage to stay alive. She still believes that there are survivors, and she will be able to find his brother. The girl stumbles upon the camp, where a handful of people who managed to avoid death. Soon it becomes known that the alien civilization has prepared for the fifth wave that will completely destroy the survivors.

8. Stormageddon

"Stormageddon" is a fantastic disaster movie that tells about the events of the near future. Progress does not stand still, people manage to invent all new and new a super intelligent machine that is able to do any work. Created in USA the car "Echelon", which is a management in all States without human intervention. In the electronic mechanism laid a huge number of programs that allow it to maintain control over everything. But once the machine goes haywire and becomes beyond our control to manage. "Echelon" that can control weather conditions, becomes a real threat to humanity.

7. In the heart of the sea

"In the heart of the sea" — a dramatic picture of 2016, based on real events. This tragic story happened in 1819, when the ship "Essex" with the fishermen went on whaling. Throughout the year, a successful hunt ends with the attack of a giant sperm whale to the ship. Members of the crew forced to abandon the damaged ship. They land in the boat and be in open ocean, one-on-one with a severe nature. For 100 days, the surviving sailors have to wait for help from outside. But the lack of food during this time forces people to resort to cannibalism.

6. Independence day: the Revival

"Independence day: the Revival" is an American art picture of 2016 about the impending global catastrophe on our planet. Twenty years ago the us military with the help of scientist David Levinson managed to save the Earth from alien invasion. During this time earthlings are well prepared to fight the aliens in the event of another attack. And now, after two decades of David Levinson are invited to a remote area, detect where the alien ship crashed. The scientist immediately aware of the insidious idea of aliens who made a mistake during your first visit. They returned to completely eliminate humanity and take over earth. Only Levinson and brave soldiers again depends the fate of all earthlings.

5. Fault San Andreas

"Faulting San Andreas" is one of the best films of American cinema. Helicopter rescue pilot ray repeatedly came into the complex and dangerous situation helping other people. In the personal life of the hero is not so smooth: he has endured the death of the daughter who blames herself, and the divorce with his beloved wife. From time to time the man communicates with the second daughter. Ray still has no idea what he was waiting for further testing fate. This is due to the strongest earthquake that hits California. Tectonic movements of the earth's crust lead to the formation of huge cracks and the deaths of hundreds of people. The only meaning and purpose of his life be any cost to find ex-wife and child to save them from death.

4. Chernobyl: 30 years later

"Chernobyl: 30 years later" — documentary 2016, a story about global catastrophe, which happened at Chernobyl in 1985. The explosion of the atomic reactor was the cause of death and exposure of hundreds of thousands of people. A year after the tragedy was erected a protective sarcophagus that serves as an insulator for radioactive block. But years later the shelter was destroyed, and began a new radioactive release, preserving a high level of contamination. For several years, work is underway on restoration of the sarcophagus, which is not known when it will be completed.

3. Wave

"Wave" — the Norwegian disaster movie 2016, partly based on real events. The film takes place in one of the picturesque mountain towns of Norway. Worst fears seismologists come true: there is a strong tectonic shift that causes the collapse of the mountain. This in turn causes global tsunami that is rapidly heading to the settlement. The siren rings out over the town to alert people about the impending disaster. The plot is a geologist Christian Icord who have to face with terrible natural disasters face to face.

2. Everest

"Everest" is one of the best fresh drama films American cinema. One of the most dangerous places on the planet is mount Everest. Many professional climbers have tried to conquer it, but the operation ended in tragedy. A new attempt makes an experienced instructor Rob Hall along with a brave group of climbers. All team members full of enthusiasm and ready to conquer the impregnable top. They manage to do the impossible and climb Everest. But they do not realize that most terrible and dangerous waiting for them on the way back. Harsh environmental conditions leave virtually no chance for salvation.

1. Sound storm

"And came the storm" tops the list of the best films of 2016. Artistic, the picture tells the story of real events that took place in the winter of 1952. A violent storm destroys the nearby city and the oil tanker "Pendleton" is broken into two parts. The crew tries to cope with an emergency situation, but without help they can not do. The coast guard is in the midst of baytowne nature hastens to the tanker, risking their own lives.

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