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10 signs that you're an addict


The formation of any addiction (be it alcohol, Smoking, drugs or computer games) occurs on a similar algorithm. Its essence is that a person carries out an action that gives him a pleasant feeling, or consume some kind of psychoactive substance. In response to this action of the cells in the pleasure center located in the brain produce the particular connection of the neurotransmitter dopamine. As a result, the person has a feeling of euphoria, boosts mood, and he feels a surge of strength. However, the action of dopamine after some time, the body begins to demand continuation of a Banquet. Then, the person has a dilemma: either he with an effort of will forces himself to abandon this way of enjoying your stay, knowing what threat it carries, or decides to repeat it all again. If he regularly will go the second way, then it will very soon become dependent on them.

Here are 10 main signs of addiction. If most of them are characteristic of your behavior, then you should as soon as possible to seek help from a specialist.

10. Are you ready to do whatever it takes to achieve the desired state

You can donate all or whatever, to achieve the desired state. Now the corner is only the most buzz and the whole future life now will revolve around only him. The range of your interests is extremely narrowed, and now nothing in the world can thrill you more than the question of where to take the next dose.

This feature is one of the most characteristic of people suffering from addiction. Because of this, their behavior sooner or later becomes antisocial and can be a threat to others.

9. You spend on your addiction too much money

Nothing for Breakfast, accounts for utilities, they no longer fit in the mailbox, the fall, and you of warm things just skating. Sound familiar? Have a dependent person even the most basic needs are automatically transferred to the secondary discharge, because the first in the list of expenses will be that is addiction.

8. You feel bad if you don't do "favorite thing"

If for some reason you can't get another batch of kicks, you will feel very good. Appears nervousness, absent-mindedness, fear. You wouldn't be able to concentrate on any other thing, because all your thoughts will be directed only to the fact that as soon as possible to receive their.

Unhealthy cravings can manifest real physical pain, even if we are not talking about the use of substances containing opioids that cause narcotic withdrawal. For example, patients suffering from compulsive gambling, recognized that experiencing strong cravings to play, feel quite tangible physical ailment.

7. You changed the circle

You less want to meet up with old friends: on them or not enough time, or you with them is not as interesting as before. Or maybe you are just tired of their constant moralizing and endless calls to abandon harmful addictions. You are now much more pleasant to spend time with new friends who have the same habits that you have. With them you can always find a common language, and they will not read the notations.

6. You don't feel and look bad

Bad habits still did not crash. It is likely that you don't sleep well or eat regularly. It is also possible you will not only neglect the basic care of their appearance, but even their hygiene is not very sure. Now think, where will the nice appearance? Although people suffering from extreme forms of dependence, was a little worried about their appearance. All they care about is the search for a new dose.

5. All the thoughts and the conversations you have only one

Any conversation you inadvertently transfer only the object of your addiction, even when this is inappropriate. All your thoughts one way or another boil down to addiction. Now you can find only three States: high, memories of the buzz and attempt again to feel the buzz. All other issues lose their relevance in comparison with the comprehensive thrust, which consumed the whole of your consciousness.

4. Your life is subject to the new routine

Now the whole life style is built to suit your main needs. The morning starts with bad habits, the day goes on under its banner and just completed. And tomorrow all over again. If there is something that breaks the usual routine, you feel severe irritation and discomfort that spreads to all those around him. Therefore, it appears that even family members of a person suffering from addiction involuntarily to adjust their lives to addiction of a loved one. Thus, developing other pathological condition, which is called codependency.

3. You are angry when you are prohibited to use

Moralizing or criticism from friends, acquaintances or the people closest perceived hostility. In extreme cases, it could result in overt aggression. You find excuses or just advise them not to meddle in their business, because dependent people are almost impossible to convince that they have a problem. They think that it is just a way to relax, and no more.

2. You can't live a day without a source of fun

You may already have occurred to you that your craving is unhealthy in nature and it is likely you tried to renounce your desire, take a break at least for a day. Only now, a similar experiment every time fails addiction is stronger.

1. You have ceased to reckon with opinion of others

Your loved one may have daily scandals and to beg you to see reason. Chef at work will face dismissal. Friends won't pick up the phone saw your number on the screen. And you all at all. You with the same persistence will serve his habit and to prove to the world his innocence, until there remains no one close to you.

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