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10 signs that you need a change in life


Life does not stand still and what you wanted yesterday, today already not happy. This is a common phenomenon. Everything is changing, changing, and man's concepts of the ideal, his priorities and desires. The main thing is not to miss the moment and understand that it is time to move on. If time will not do it and continue to live as before, will soon feel uncomfortable. You will not understand what happened, but you will cease to enjoy your life. Bad mood, unwillingness to work, family problems – all of which can lead to depression or a nervous breakdown. Listen to yourself, do not ignore their desires. One should always strive for the best, but often he does not understand that it's time to change something. This will help you top 10 signs that you need a change in life

10. You often bored

As soon as you feel boredom, it's time to take the initiative in their own hands. No matter where you're bored at work or next to your favorite, simply accept this fact. You're bored, it's time to close this Chapter of life. No, I don't need to change your life dramatically. To sell the apartment, to leave her family and go on permanent residence in Africa is very brave, but not to everyone under force. If bored at work, hint boss for a raise. A new position, responsibilities and salary will definitely change your life for the better. If career growth is not expected to change the company or industry. The boredom from the relationship can be tested in other ways: a change of scenery, the birth of children, a new hobby.

9. You feel drained

Every day you feel a growing energy deficit. You like something or someone is draining. Of course, the first step is to exclude the presence of health problems. If everything is in order, such a state – a sure sign that you should look for a new job or change the environment. Don't be afraid to take a step into the unknown. You have long been ready for change, just not aware of it. You're not going to be in the same company, even if this is your first employer. Also friends and acquaintances. People have, over time, interests change, they become different. Yesterday you couldn't stop talking, today, can't find any common theme. If you are not happy meetings with friends, then better discard them. In their place come new friends, you will not be alone.

8. You fake happiness

If it came down to simulate positive emotions, then the question about the need for change should not be. You pretend to be content and happy, but it's your life. You cheating partner, friends, colleagues. The worst thing is that you are trying to deceive themselves, to convince that you are satisfied. Be honest primarily with yourself. Self-deception to anything good will not. And other people do not give false hopes. Put yourself in their place, it is unlikely you would have been pleased to know that your friendship is just a sham. You can't lie your whole life, so why to start.

7. Some important things to be questioned

Most likely, you notice with horror that your beliefs are different from those that were once. Do not be afraid and try to convince yourself otherwise. You matured, your Outlook on life changed. It's time to move forward and to live in accordance with them. Many young men and women too strong. It goes with age. Accordingly, you will not be able to live life by the rules that they themselves have invented in 20 years. Lean on my life experiences, if important to you as such is no longer, it's time to change something.

6. You neglect their personal relationships

So you are not satisfied with your position that you do not pay enough attention to the partner. You think all the time about their problems, unhappy all around. Just a little bit, and you can be alone. Your partner may not have a calm and patient temperament, and he won't put up with your indifference. If you feel indifference, you are not pleased with the meeting date, a cozy evening at home, think that you are not happy in your life. Without much regret, get rid of what depresses you. Well, if you suppress the relationship with your loved one, maybe you just fell out of love and afraid to admit it.

5. You feel like trapped

Whatever you do, you still do not feel the freedom. If you are locked in a cage. No one will help you better than you do. Only you know what you want from life. If you are still undecided with their desires, do so right now. Sit and think about how you want to live. Just listen to your inner voice. No need to remember the advice of parents or to try on other people's dreams. What is good for some others happiness will bring.

4. Those things that previously brought joy, suddenly began to bore or irritate

Once you were ready to jump for joy just from one incentive nod your boss, now you are not encouraging even the most beautiful Eulogy. It's simple, you become a highly qualified specialist, need to develop further. Of course, it is terrible to lose what has become so familiar, but don't be afraid to take risks. You may feel like this in any area of your life, not necessarily this must be about the work. That's only if you have previously been pleased by something, and now it's your tires or especially irritating, you should think about to close this Chapter of his life.

3. You feel completely alone even when with people

You have a lot of friends, it doesn't mean that you have no problems in communication. There are situations when people cease to understand each other. If you feel lonely among people, you need to change your circle of communication. Yeah, maybe this relationship is quite pleasing, you were best friends, but now everything has changed. So a woman can feel lonely in the company of married friends. Yes, they are still friendly, but they have very different interests. Most likely, she will have to look for new friends. Do not worry that you will be left alone. Better to be alone than in the company of uninteresting people.

2. You can easily get depressed and begin to feel sad

If you are crying over nothing, at least you think so, it's time to reconsider some aspects of his life. A happy person would not just shed tears. Sadness, depression – is it usual for you. Except you still think everything is fine, and no need to change anything. Hurry up, depression is not as harmless as you think. Take drastic measures: change your hairstyle, work, rhythm of life, get new friends. You will not have time for boredom and tears.

1. You feel like stuck in a rut

Feel that your life is stable to nausea, then it is time to take yourself in hand and change your life for the better. After all, your every day is exactly the same down to the smallest detail. Well if it suits you, but it can't last forever. Still after a while you get tired of it. Then take action to improve their lives. Of course, it is hard to decide on changes, but it's worth it. Your life is in your hands. Maybe in a few years you'll thank yourself for the courage and took the first step toward change.

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