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Top 10 best movies about knights


Historical paintings about the knights imbued with the spirit of the middle Ages. They display this turbulent time that saw many political upheavals, campaigns and battles. The heroes all battle became the knights, brave warriors who went into battle for king and love.

The TOP 10 includes the best movies about knights, the list of which is presented below.

10. Prince valiant1997

Prince valiant (1997) reveals the top ten most successful films about knights. The action unfolds in the castle of Camelot where was it stolen from the legendary sword of king Arthur – Excalibur. Squire valiant takes armor king and swears he will bring a valuable item. In a path full of dangers with a young man headed Princess Eileen, dreaming about the loot. They face many adventures and dangers, who caused the sorceress Morgan. But the young knight nothing can stop – at stake is his honor and love for the Princess Eileen, hands he asks the king to return home.

9. Last knights2014

Last knights (2014) – best historical painting in the fantasy genre, a story about rebellious soldiers against an unjust ruler. Knightly clans and of the order of a century has ensured the security of the state. All these years, not a single monarch did not possess unlimited power. The noble king Bartok had to fight corruption and the insidious Minister Gesso matte. He managed to end the feud, he restored order in the Empire and United the scattered earth. But Bartok had a lot of enemies who eventually killed him. His loyal knights, headed by the brave Who are ready to avenge their king. The patience of the soldiers are crowded, they decide to remove the Ruler from the throne and go to storm the impregnable fortress of the Kingdom.

8. The expendables2010

Plot historical movie the expendables (2010) is set in the distant 13th century. the barons of England forced to sign the king John the Magna Carta, establishing freedom of ordinary people. But after a while all the hated king John, decides to return to the tyrannical method of government. He hires the army and hits the road to perform conceived. The obstacle to John and his army will be at Rochester castle, which is guarded by a detachment of the knights Templar. Brave knights are ready to defend freedom and justice.

7. Kingdom of heaven2005

The Kingdom of heaven (2005) – one of the best epic films that takes the viewer during the middle Ages. Baron Belinski, Gottfried decides to return to his native land to find his illegitimate son. They are receiving a local blacksmith named Balian. In the recent past in the family Biliana tragedy: his wife committed suicide because of the death of their child. Meeting with her father was restored to life devastated by the blacksmith. The Baron offers his offspring to follow him and a group of crusaders to the Holy land. Brian agrees and together they head to Messina. During the campaign, the battle takes place, where the Baron receives a mortal wound. Before dying, the father gives Biliana knighthood and takes him word that requires the heir to be faithful to the end of Jerusalem and the king.

6. First knight1995

First knight (1995) one of the most worthy films about chivalry. The plot revolves around king Arthur, his beloved Guinevere Lionessa and a knight of the Round table Lancelot. Warrior is in Camelot, to serve faithfully to the king. Unexpectedly, he falls in love with the bride of Arthur. A gallant knight is one of the most difficult of choices: to remain loyal to the king or betray his love for his own honor.

5. Tristan and Isolde2005

Tristan and Isolde (2005) – historical romance, a story about the love between a brave warrior Tristan and the beautiful Princess Isolde. Tristan participates in the battles against the Irish king and his army. In one of the battles the brave knight kills the bridegroom of Isolde –Marhold. Before dying, Marhold manages to wound the young man with a poisonous sword. The boat with the dead warrior friends fire arrows and let the expanses of water. By a twist of fate the boat approaching the Irish coast and the Savior of Isolde becomes Tristan. She heals a wounded warrior and between them is the beginning of true love.

4. ARN: the Knight Templar2007

ARN: the Knight Templar (2007) – a historical film about the days of real heroes, capable of feats. The main character of the movie ARN is the son of a nobleman. After graduating from the monastery, the young man's father sends him to the Holy Land, where he will serve his sentence for unlawful love. ARN becomes a knight Templar and has taken part in the battles of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. His feelings and the burning desire to return to his beloved will help him in the way of hardship and adversity.

3. Braveheart1995

Braveheart (1995) is among the three best movies about chivalry. The picture tells about the difficult time for Scotland, when there was a struggle of ordinary people for freedom from the yoke of English lords. In the center of the story is Williams Wallace, who became the leader of the revolt, and then the national hero of the country. Williams in his childhood lost his parents, and remained in the upbringing of his uncle Argyle. A relative gave the boy a good education in Europe. After that, being a man, Wallace returns home hoping to start a family and live a happy life. But the man was prepared for a new challenge – he loses the bride who was brutally killed by the British. Having lost the last dear to the heart of man, Williams begins his fight against the king and British army.

2. King Arthur2004

King Arthur (2004) – best historical film about the British leader king Arthur and his valiant knights of the Round table. There is a lot of authentic historical facts and parallel to this – a lot of the fictional. The king and his brave knights are in for an amazing and dangerous adventure, and they have to fight with an army of Saxons. Heroes are destined to experience the bitterness of loss, and some of them will find their love.

1. A knight's tale2001

A knight's tale (2001) heads the ten best movies about courageous historical heroes. During the fight the knight Ulrich von Liechtenstein dies. After this, his servant William decided on a dangerous adventure: he appropriates the armor and weapons of the former owner. William now calls himself by the name of the deceased knight and impersonating him. The newly made warrior who never were holding spears, will take part in knightly tournaments. But this did not prevent the ardent young man quickly master the technique and to win many matches. After some time in the hero's life comes a love that might damage his current reputation of the invincible knight.

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