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10 signs that your life is slowly falling apart


Not haunts you in the last time, a constant feeling of deja vu? Yeah, not that once and accidentally, and that haunting, stringy, daily... same person, same actions, the same vague, dull feeling every day, week after week, month after month. Local morning "zombie Apocalypse", when with groans and painful moans I pull myself out of bed and dragged into the bathroom to wash the balls from his own unhappy, rumpled face in the mirror. Boring cereal with milk or tasteless crackers for Breakfast. Then something from the "Soul carrying a sack of skin full of meat and bones, hated the job eight".

Further – 8 hours long-took out the stupid seat in front of the monitor at work, attempt to do something useful during the day. A long, exhausting last nerve, sticking out in traffic in the evening. The same tasteless dinner (what am I eating? but do not care...). Kind of another endless serial epic (opupeya) before going to sleep. And finally tired fall in bed until the following (exactly the same!) am. Someone has, of course, and the second half (and chirps, and chirps, infection...), and children (Yes, you can not shout and be quiet?!)... Endless, meaningless, monotonous carousel...

Eeeh, my friend, but your life really has cracked! Do something! You do not want to drive yourself into a deep depression out of which will be long and painful (and not the fact that you will be able to handle this on my own). To start carefully read these 10 points, and if at least 3-4 of them like you present, act immediately! Alarm! Get yourself from everyday routine while you ate!

10. You hate your job

Evening hours on Sunday for you – funeral-because you responsibly feel that tomorrow again have to go to work. (Nooo!) When you approach your office, you want to turn and run from him in the opposite direction with all possible speed. You are warmly waiting for Friday since Monday morning, according to the calendar the days until the next big holiday (because there will be a few extra days off). The whole year is divided for you into two parts: from the Christmas holidays before the holidays (Oh yeah! finally!) and from the first day after the holiday before the Christmas holidays (my God! why are they so short?!). So, stop!

And you do not want, finally, to sit down and think, and what, in fact, the case? What you specifically do not like about your job? You have too many responsibilities; or the work you do every day, too boring or; you hate your colleagues (or maybe it is they dislike you) if you respect the authorities, even despite the fact that you really are the best expert; or you take too long to get to and from work? In any case: you, thank God, not the tree that has to grow on one and the same place! You CAN at any time to change the job, find what you prefer. So for what it was?

9. You refuse to communicate

Yes, of course, from time to time we all want some time alone to gather my thoughts, to think about their future plans, or, finally, – just a little to relax. But if it goes "in continuous mode" (you don't want to see no friends, no relatives, any intimate get-togethers or even just everyday conversations cause you anguish or a sharp rejection) – the situation is alarming.

Even if you have a lot of personal problems, and it seems that nobody, absolutely nobody understands (disgusting people!) and want to help (but who do care about grief?), – subconsciously you still feel that it is not. Do not turn, can not stand the brain itself day and night! After all, there is certainly a person who you can tell everything and he would listen, and sympathize, and maybe even cry with you, support and give great advice for how to get out of a situation that seems hopeless.

8. You nothing in this world is not interesting

If you have a long time experience mostly, only one emotion is indifference, if you are not surprised by the recent scientific news, not interested in neither books nor movies, not fun with fresh jokes and memes on the Internet, not touching children and animals, admire beautiful sunsets and sunrises, if you do not want to learn anything new (why?), – ask finally: "why the heck then do I live?" (sorry for the bluntness).

Don't you think this is high time to do something? Well there is in this world something that will "stir things up"? Something you've always wanted, but never dared to try? Solo traveller through Africa, a new, super adrenaline sport, any unusual kind of art... No? Well, then you to a psychologist (or even psychiatrist), your chance to deal with the problem personally, you, alas, missed.

7. You have a bunch of bad habits

A bottle of beer since morning not only will not hurt, but will. And on Friday night he told God to Aquatica "mess" in the company with the same, roughly vacationers, friends. On Saturday a must-sober (a the head cracks, the horror!). And this pizza I'm chamaco immediately and entirely. And then ate a large piece of cake with cream and washed down with sweet soda. Oh! No no! The cake I'd rather eat when I'm up all night to play "Skyrim" (oops! at the same time and the keyboard "fed"...)

Sports? What sport? I still have a coob-s not watching, and memasuki of them will not laugh. And, again, the new season of your favorite series came out (yeah, fifth year look, do not miss). Well, congratulations – you're just trying to run away from problems, "score" their visibility of rough activity, it is stupid to hide your head in the sand, instead of having to deal with their (nowhere, incidentally, does not disappear from your persistent ignoring of) trouble. Ay! Come back to reality!

6. "But Monday..."

Yes, even Monday, though with Easter, even with the Catholic Christmas, – no matter how much you set yourself a new deadline, no matter how much he appointed the sacred day on which all dramatically take, and will change for the better... Well, you know that this will not happen.

Tell me honestly, hand on heart, once again you promise yourself to start running in the mornings from June 1, to find a new job right after New year's, quit Monday? Well, for once something has come true? You only have one life, and it is impossible to live a first "draft", and then repeat, but with all the mistakes made. Live here and now!

5. You care about yourself and your home

You had not named anyone to visit me because of your utterly launched a "den" had escaped even the cockroaches in the corner of the ceiling spider Arkady (by the way, great guy) spun gorgeous cobwebs, dirty dishes in the kitchen "creeps" from a shell on the table, under the sofa for a couple of weeks self-extracting itself livelihood hamster was lost in the rustling of wrappers from fast food, and the floor is dirty to such an extent that it is already possible to plant potatoes. And do you proudly lie on a sagging couch in a flowery "boxers" and stretched in all directions t-shirt, lazily scratching his round hairy Pozzo.

You, like, quite comfortable, but something still is wrong... actually everything is simple – not only have you used that in your life not everything goes as smooth as I would like, but finally waved her hand. You gave up! Come on, wimp, got up from the sofa, turned on the vacuum cleaner and tidied up at last! And now, out of nowhere, and for yourself: take a bath, get a haircut, upgrade your wardrobe. Vooot! Put in order yourself and your home – bring the purity and beauty in your own life. You're a man or a complete loser?!

4. You live in the past or dream a lot about the future

Oh, I remember, as a student, that was your life! A bunch of friends, young and beautiful girls, cheerful feast, camping with fires and tents, excellent health... and all the problems seemed to some scary and unimportant, and all were come, and dreams come true. And now: house – work – house, and the mortgage, and back aches, and his wife nags... Or, on the contrary: in his youth he studied hard at maturity of hard work, but nothing, and that's another 5-7 years I'll save up, and everything will work out (go to the Maldives, buy a two-story house, getting married finally on centerfolds).

Are you sure that all the best you already behind? You know that I will be able to live (and endure) to the Maldives, don't put yourself completely at work and not "pinning" one day a massive heart attack? Here the Board is the same as in paragraphs 6 and 7: get back to reality and live in the here and now!

3. You have no place to "get"

Before, when you became ill or sad, or overcome by pain and anger, you are easy enough to deal with it: in sports to exhaustion, throwing Darts at the portrait of angry boss, went into the woods with a camera to shoot birds and beautiful scenery, or went by car to travel with friends. But for some reason lately it has stopped working (or if they do, it is very long), your moral charge is quite exhausted. What, nothing helps, even something from which you've come to the real delight? This is really bad... Maybe you should go to a psychologist.

2. Absolutely everything annoys and irritates

Today, you pissed off a colleague who asked when you pass quarterly report (despite the fact that the report you have long been ready, you just forgot to send it to the head of the e-mails, and actually it's very long to fix). A little later you loud and angrily banged his spoon on a coffee Cup, angry at the waiter, who, in your opinion, for too long, bore the expense (although, in fact, a guy came up to you in just 3 minutes).

And yesterday you even yelled at the kettle, because he had a long boil. You hate the news on TV, the music your daughter listens to, you are literally ready to cry because your favorite team lost with a difference of only one point. Sometimes you feel like the Hulk – "Break, smash!"

Well, maybe it is time to figure out why you are constantly annoyed and unhappy? What are you actually eating? This negative – he's not taken out of nowhere, it create some challenges. So be aware of them and try to decide once and for all!

1. You become a hostage of your own phone

Oh yeah! Total dependence on gadgets is one of the major problems of our time. Barely opened his eyes in the morning, we grab the phone, smartphone, iPhone, etc. we Need urgently to see if there are new messages. What about social networks? Oh! By the way! Tanya now in Tae with her new boyfriend. Probably scored all his sickness Instagram photos in the style of "me and my sweet Zaya".

And so the whole day we are watching the lives of others, forgetting about their own (and that actually in the social network post only the best moments and best photos, and photoshop has not been canceled). As a result, some of us get involved in useless race "And I'm the coolest!", include the imagination and to improve the technical skills, trying to make your photos more attractive and create the appearance of a rich and always eventful life. And other stupid depressed from jealousy (why is he there, why is it 4 times a year he goes to Goa or Bali, and I work my butt off, but still can't afford to fototysa under palm trees against an azure sea?).

The result – self-esteem, fallen to the level of the plinth (and, often, in the first and in the second case), depression due to nesbyvshiesya "hotelok", etc. Just try a little "sticky" in the gadgets and live a real life. It is difficult, who can argue? But possible?

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