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10 signs that you're an empath


Empathy called the empathy the emotional state of a person. Empaths are people who have well-developed ability for empathy. Psychologists have special methods which allow us to identify the level of empathic ability. All people respond to the emotions of others differently. Someone they cause a light response, and others are completely immersed in the world of feelings of the interlocutor. But it is possible and without a test to determine whether you are erratum or not. There are signs by which you can know whether you have developed this ability.

10. You are very sensitive

About 20% of people hypersensitive. It is an innate feature of a person, which he cannot change. Feature of ultra-sensitive people is that they understand the feelings of others, as soon as enter the room, you can determine what atmosphere: relaxed, friendly or hostile. They had a deeper handle all incoming information, because they prefer to first reflect and observe, and then act. It is easy to learn, they are unable to achieve much, because they have a delicate taste. But because of its features, they get tired quicker, worse tolerate a stressful situation. This should be considered in trying to plan your day. It is desirable to abandon the work associated with constant stress.

9. People turn to you for advice

Many people like to chat with anatomy because they are easy, the feeling that you have long know each other. They are often involuntarily copy of the interlocutor, which cannot but arouse the sympathy and location. Such people immediately imbued with confidence, so turn to them for advice. And empath will never impose their point of view, to give annoying advice. He feels that going through his companion's pain becomes his own. And instead of lecturing, it merely supports: embrace, convinced that he will be there, etc.

8. You are sensitive to tragic news and drama

Empathy is not only a gift but also a curse. Such a person can be much deeper to feel the beauty of peace, happiness, love, etc. But at the same time it sharpens the senses, and concerning all the negative. He, like anyone else, feels the cruelty of this world, and suffers from it. Often because of this, empath tries to avoid anything that might make him upset or to grieve. But this is not a way, sooner or later have to face the reality. You just need to understand that you have this feature, and find your methods of dealing with stress.

7. You have the feeling of fatigue when you are in a public place

Sociable people can spend with your friends all day, talking on various topics. Ampato enough hours to gain new experiences. Then he feels tired, unlike the rest who only got a taste. Anatam hard to be in public places, such as stadiums, shopping malls, huge stores. There's a huge number of people, and they are sensitive to others ' emotions, paranacidade them, they may develop feelings of depression.

6. You feel other people's suffering

Do empaths have one feature – they feel the suffering of others. It is especially hard when forced to suffer loved ones, because in this case the pain becomes unbearable. Often it becomes a cause of worry or fear, because strong feelings can cover them at any moment. Soaking up the sadness and anxiety of others, they begin to feel exhausted. To cope with this condition, it is important to separate your emotions from others, i.e. to know himself.

5. You always know when people lie

Empaths unique ability because they are a kind of lie detector. They can perceive the feelings that the other person is trying to hide, just feel if this person the truth about their Affairs or trying to hide something. They can read people like an open book. So to fool them pointless, like a hypocrite, trying to use them for his own purposes.

4. You are an attentive listener

All the people at the subconscious level are attracted to ampata. They are attracted to the way they are able to sympathize with their sincerity and warmth. Empaths are a people-magnet, which is always interesting. They may talk, even strangers, because they can speak on almost any topic. This, of course, a big plus. But often people begin to parasitize trying to attract the attention of the empath and overwhelm him with their problems. They are hard to refuse. But given the fact that they perceive other people's emotions as their own, over time it may chafe.

3. You try to help everyone

Empaths can cope with the problems, because they have a deep understanding of other people, read their emotions, reactions to words, building on the strategy of their behavior. If desired, they can convince anyone of anything. But they have one feature – reliability. They can ignore their own needs, forget about my issues to help others. Empaths have a heart of gold, but many use it because they find it difficult to say "no" to another person. It is easier for them to do what he is asked than to leave the other without support.

2. You have a deep connection with nature

Empaths love not only people but also animals that feel their sincerity, sincerity. They, in turn, care for animals, easily find common language with them, because you can read and their feelings. Empaths have a strong spiritual connection not only with animals but also with the world of nature. They love to relax at the cottage in the woods to relax where there are crowds of people.

1. You feel the physical discomfort of others

Empathize with other empaths so that they can feel all the physical symptoms of another person. This could prove researchers. Giacomo Rizzolatti, one of the scientists who discovered mirror neurons, says that because of this kind of person neurons at the physiological level can feel what other people feel. When he sees someone hurt, he aktiviziruyutsya the same neurons that suffering, and people don't just understand what the other person gets hurt, he physically begins to experience the pain. Scientists say that the mechanism can be adjusted. Not always people have to feel the pain of others. For example, a surgeon with the similar sensations will not be able to operate normally.

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