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10 signs that you are truly charming, but I don't know about it


Do not have to have a perfect appearance to charm people with a glance. It is important to be confident. But many people do not even notice their positive qualities because of the unreasonable complexes. The hardest thing is to overcome your fears and believe in yourself, open to the world. This is easy to say, but make it very difficult. It may seem that charming either given birth or not. And someone was just lucky to be born in such. But you can just ignore what is already really fascinating. Charm is the ability to be yourself under any circumstances, do not be afraid to be funny. Naturalness – that really appeals.

10. Openness

One of the important qualities that attracts the people is its openness. If a person subconsciously puts up a wall between themselves and the outside world, people feel it on an instinctive level and do not tend to converge. A private man himself without realizing it pushes away. Openness is a selfless desire to share warmth with others, but not to put their interests below the interests of others. This ability to find harmony with oneself and the world. To invite others into your inner world without fear to be vulnerable is one hell of a charming person, which attracts and impresses other people.

9. Tact

In our world where there is Internet and social networking, everyone finds the need to Express their opinion for any reason. But most often for the “own opinion” there is a hidden desire to pour another person's dirt. Do only insecure personality. To be able to Express their opinion is an important trait, but it should be done tactfully, not to offend and not to humiliate another person. In relationships it is important to feel a thin line beyond which you cannot go. To possess tact, you need to be able to hear people, not just hear it. Tact is a trait possessed a charming personality.

8. Sincerity

Sincerity is always perceived as something warm coming from the heart. It is very difficult to find a sincere person. If you want to see real sincerity – look at little kids. The reaction of the kids is not always the reason for adults, but it always comes from the heart and not contrived out of my head. Adults often hide their feelings, considering them irrelevant. Sometimes it's really necessary, but in most cases it is a sincere feeling of sympathy from other people. Only sincerity coming from the heart, begets sincerity. Nothing is more captivating, as the expression of genuine emotions.

7. Confidence in conversation

Can often be seen as individuals, not outstanding talents, achieve unprecedented heights. The secret of this success is self – confidence. Confidence should come from the ability to apply themselves. In particular this applies to the conversations. The tone of the person is easy to understand, he believes in himself or not. The ability to Express your thoughts politely and kindly towards others is the Foundation of confidence in conversation. Opposite qualities – passivity and aggression, talking about insecurity and feeling of fear. Therefore, if you not afraid to speak up, but do it so as not to hurt the feelings of others – then you are a charming man, but unaware of it.

6. Care

A charming person does care. Noticing the details of any minor changes that occur in the life of their loved ones, without realizing, you gain a special charm. Mindfulness is one of those qualities, which do not require special skills. To be attentive means to enter into the situation of another person and to provide him with support and care. Primarily when communicating with other people is important to show a keen interest. An attentive person is always sensitive and responsive, but the interests of others is not put above their own.

5. Patience

Nothing makes a person charming as patience. To characterize this tolerance can be different, but to combine all the descriptions is the ability to maintain calm and composure in any situation. If you can ignore the external stimuli and take a sober look at the situation, in the eyes of others is a quality to be admired. Fussy person is always on edge and it scares other people. From the patient man comes confidence and peace of mind that is so attractive to others.

4. Curiosity

Do you often faced with interesting but not curious people? Probably not. If the person is not interested, he has no Hobbies, to call a man charming difficult. But even worse, if the person is inquisitive, reads a lot, a lot to tell you and maybe even inspire others through their example, shyness is trying not to show their Hobbies to others. Such a person may not realize how charming he can be, if you stop hiding your head in the sand. Curiosity is the quality that makes a person alive, open to the world. The richer life experience, the more interesting person to others.

3. Good memory for names

For any person the pronunciation of his name is one of the most pleasant sounds. The name has its own energy. The ability to remember people's names, as strange as it may seem, is given not for everyone. Many people when meeting in a few minutes you forget the person's name. Moreover, if he represent several people. Here and there is this awkward when you need to contact the person and remember his name is not obtained. To seduce someone in the first minutes of Dating can only remember his name.

2. Sociability

A sociable person is able to win over almost anyone. Sociable people will join a new team and achieve more in life, in contrast to the enclosed figures. Not to say that isolation is a drawback, but the modern world is a world of extroverts, where the introverts have to adapt. We can say that sociability and charm – these words are synonyms. Without knowing it, friendly people attract and captivate other people. If you are lucky and the sociability of nature, there is no doubt that you will be able to charm anyone. This quality makes people very charming.

1. Praise other

It is important to note that praise from a pure heart, not flattery, makes a man charming. Sincere words will evoke in the other person immediately positive reaction. All people need praise for their deeds or actions, but many people forget about it. But don't forget to criticize the person for any reason. This is especially true of loved ones. In the hustle and bustle we forget to say thankyou to the families for their actions or just don't pay attention, taking care as something ordinary. Only a strong man is not afraid to praise others. Belittle the dignity of others is extremely weak and insecure personality.

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