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10 foods that are absolutely contraindicated men


Women more often than men, care about the quality of your diet. The transition to proper nutrition, avoiding harmful food and fast food – all of these only interested in women. While men prefer to go to a cafe and ordered a large and hearty Burger. The fact that the benefits of such food, to put it mildly a little, they did not care. This applies to many unhealthy, but delicious foods. But there are 10 foods that men should be ruled out from your daily diet.

10. Canned

Canned in principle not useful for man. They contain a large amount of unnecessary calories, preservatives and food additives and the benefits they bring. Harmful fats in the canned food contained in a large number. Regular consumption of this product increases the level of cholesterol in the blood. Which in turn increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Food for men are among the most harmful products, especially if the composition includes a large amount of chemicals and preservatives. To maintain your health, you need to abandon the use of canned food.

9. Strawberry

Strawberries, though valued for its benefits for the body, but some men need to refrain from eating strawberries in large quantities. First, the strawberry belongs to a strong allergen and is often the cause of a rash and urticaria. Many men suffer from diseases of intestine and stomach, and strawberries only exacerbates the situation. For peptic ulcer and hyperacidity of the stomach men have berry contraindicated. Another contraindication for men who are suffering from hemorrhoids. Small strawberry seeds can irritate an inflamed gut wall. If the man suffers from above mentioned diseases, then consumption of fresh strawberries is contraindicated.

8. Smoked

Among contraindicated products for men occupy a special place smoked. Most men love meat, including different sausages and other meats. But such products not only bring the male body any good, but harm. Preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers and other chemicals that are in almost all sausages contribute to the emergence of diseases of the stomach. Fats, contained in products, increase the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood. There are smoked in large amounts is contraindicated men. Such a diet might lead to obesity and disorders of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract.

7. Soy

Soya is contraindicated in men for a number of reasons. And the most important is the ability of the enzymes included in the product, suppress the production of male testosterone levels. In addition, her use of men contributes to the active development of the female hormone estrogen. Such effect of soy on the male body causes various disorders of the endocrine system. Due to the suppression of testosterone in men decreases libido. It's hard not to guess that the decline in active testosterone and estrogen in men will not lead to anything good. Therefore, men should refrain from eating soy.

6. Beer

It's hard to find a man who would not love this beer. But, meanwhile, beer is perhaps the most harmful product for the male body. Due to the frequent consumption of beer in men begins to grow "beer belly". Call the man with a beer belly attractive language hardly will turn any woman. But the beer not only affects the figure of the male representatives, but also to health. The abuse of drink contributes to the development of stomach ulcers and even cancer. In addition, frequent drinking beer affect the heart, blood vessels and stomach. If you want to keep healthy and attractive appearance, it is better to refuse beer as quickly as possible.

5. Seafood

Seafood is considered one of the most important allergens. Therefore, before you eat seafood, you need to ensure no allergic reactions to them. In addition, seafood is heavy on the stomach and men who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, they are contraindicated. Eating seafood is fraught with disorders of the intestine, if they were improperly prepared, are collected in polluted waters or were stale. Many molluscs are susceptible to the environment and absorb all the toxic substances. Marine fish often contains in its composition of such hazardous substance such as mercury. And squid, mussels and other shellfish contain heavy metals and arsenic. Eating seafood is fraught with men serious poisoning.

4. Coffee

Everyone knows that the coffee is caffeine. Caffeine, in turn, adversely affects the heart muscle and blood pressure. Drinking coffee creates an additional burden on the heart. Most of the deaths of the male sex accounts for heart attacks and strokes. Therefore, men should abstain from this drink. Coffee consumption in large quantity leads to overstimulation of the Central nervous system, spike blood pressure. Coffee negatively affects my sleep and causes a decrease in potency.

3. Soda

Another product that has a negative impact on the production of the hormone testosterone is sparkling water. The acids included in the composition of soft drinks that leach calcium from the body. This leads to the development of osteoporosis and decrease the level of testosterone in the body. High sugar content in soda also affects the development of male hormone. Regular consumption of soda leads to a sharp decrease, and, correspondingly, reduced potency. Another contraindication, which for men is a high calorie, low nutritional value of soda. Because of the high sugar content of soda is one of the most fattening foods. Besides, it stimulates the appetite.

2. Homemade milk

Homemade milk, unlike store-bought, contains in its composition more fat. Therefore, adults are often difficult to drink homemade milk, unlike the store. The composition of milk is harmful cholesterol. The high content of this substance in the body leads to the formation of plaques and blockages in the blood vessels. To avoid problems with the heart and blood vessels, men should abandon the use of milk. In addition, milk is poorly digested by the body and causes indigestion and flatulence.

1. Cakes

Fresh pastries are delicious, but very unwholesome. In baking for the human body, there is nothing nutritious. Only extra calories that can accumulate quickly in the form of fat deposits. Sweet cakes because of the high sugar content in the composition helps to reduce the production of testosterone and reduce libido. There is a decrease in sexual desire. To always stay in shape and not have problems with potency, every man should abandon baking and replace it with more useful products.

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