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Top 10 best magicians and illusionists in the world


The art of illusion appeared in ancient times. Then illusionists called fakirs, they entertained the people. In the middle ages magicians have presented their programs at the fairs. It was already professional artists. Over time, people lost interest in such performances. Now magicians performing in circuses, traveling around the city with shows. Even if you're not interested in art of illusion, probably heard about the most famous magicians. About them the whole world knows. By the way, the word illusion has French roots, means "to mislead". On their performances the illusionists use different techniques. The most common is the use of special technical devices and sleight of hand.

What is the famous most famous "wizards"? This you learn from our article. Below are the top 10 best magicians and illusionists in the world.

10. Cyril Takayama (Cyril Takayama)

Cyril was born in America, his father from Japan, a mother originally from Morocco. Interest in the art of illusionism boy showed already 6 years old. He was a bad student, all his spare time was devoted to magic tricks. His father wanted the son received a good education, he sent him to Japan. Takayama did not get to the final destination, he went to Tokyo. Thus began his arduous path to glory. He dreamed about the scene, but his talent no one was interested. Yet fortune smiled upon him, he met an influential man who helped him fulfill the dream. Many magic tricks Cyril never solved. He likes to work closely with the audience. The magician removes objects from images, performs a variety of tricks with cards. His tricks are amazing, he does fantastic things.

9. Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon

Jonathan and Charlotte – married couple. They are from America, but he knows their whole world. Their performance has shown many times on TV, thanks to this they have achieved such popularity. The most famous illusion metamorphosis. For the quick transformation they even got into the Guinness book of records. In the past the spouse was successful in gymnastics. That is why they are able to perform complex tricks. Besides, Charlotte was engaged in bodybuilding and dancing, and her husband Jonathan jumped from the springboard and doing martial arts.

8. The Duo Penn and teller

Men met in 1974, and in 1975 they held their first joint appearance. In the beginning it was a trio in 1981 they decided to act together. Illusionists stand out among the others because they combine magic and humor. Audience this innovation had in mind. In addition, the Duo had several of his own television shows, they have starred in music videos. Now these "magicians" are known all over the world. In 2013, illusionists awarded a star on the "Alley of fame" in Hollywood. Penn and teller are not only partners, they are still best friends.

7. Harry August Jansen (Dante the Magician)

Famous illusionist performed under the pseudonym. People knew him as Dante the Magician. He was born in Denmark, and later moved to the United States. His program is a spectacular show, stunning card tricks, illusions. No wonder, because he had 25 assistants. It was not just magic, really fascinating spectacle. Dante drew crowds of spectators. It was he who invented the phrase, using all the "wizards", the famous "Abracadabra" and "SIM Sala BIM". It was called the greatest magician of the era. Harry died at the age of 71 from a heart attack.

6. "Magic Babe" Ning

This woman broke the stereotype that a successful illusionist can only be male. Indeed, among the famous magicians there are no women, but Magic Babe know everything. She was born in Singapore, the family was poor. The girl was a good student, but after her father's death she had to leave school. Alias girl gave her first love, he called her "Magic babe Ning". In fact, the art of illusionism NIN became interested at the age of 5, too was impressed by her performances of David Copperfield, she saw them on TV. Her career started more than modestly, slowly, step by step Magic babe has moved to success. In 2008, she became popular, her show made a splash. By the way, NIN and her boyfriend, with whom she speaks, are the most highly paid artists among magicians in Asia.

5. Harry Blackstone senior

It is called a legend. Harry was the most popular magician in the last century. He was born in 1885. Place of birth – Chicago. Harry was starting to do magic as a teenager. In 1930 he was recognized as the best illusionist in the United States. His tricks make a big impression on the audience. The most famous of his illusions: girl sawn in half, the flowers appear on the tables of the audience, the disappearance of people. Blackstone lived in a not very quiet, but during the Second world war, he left the hobby. He performed in front of soldiers of the United States. Harry was a real magician, professional level ahead of time. Nobody else could offer such an amazing, brilliant program.

4. Chris Angel

Chris was born in new York in 1967. He also early became interested in the world of illusions. His aunt showed him a card trick when he was 6 years old. Angel went bad, he knew that will link their lives with art of illusion. Apparently he believed that education him to anything. Maybe he was right. Chris achieved success. He has an interesting program has its own television show. The illusionist performs tricks: walks on water, pierces itself with a sharp object, predicts the future. The famous magician of many talents, he not only plays tricks, but is a member of a rock band and a businessman.

3. David Blaine

Born in new York in 1973. "The wizard" played on the street, the street show has collected a sufficient number of viewers. Soon he became interested in the channel ABC. Own show on TV brought him fame. Still, David is doing such great things. He was buried alive, frozen in ice. He became the world record holder, a magician can hold his breath for 17 minutes, 44 days he lived without food. Sometimes people have doubts that this man is just a magician. Maybe it's a sorcerer or magician, whom nature has endowed with superpowers. People can only guess, because blaine will never reveal their secrets.

2. David Copperfield

Another famous magician from United States. Born in 1956 in new Jersey. When the boy was 4 years old, grandpa taught him a card trick. Already in the 7 years he was with the program before the congregation of the Jewish Church, and the tricks Copperfield invented himself. He became the youngest member of the magicians in America at that time was 12. When he was 22, he was invited on TV, he led the transfer and even starred in the film. After a few years he had the opportunity to create your own TV show. Many of his stunts were on TV: the passage through the wall of China, the disappearance of the statue of Liberty. By the way, in 90 years, his performances were even shown on Russian television channels. Therefore, he is known not only in America but throughout the world.

1. Harry Houdini

Born in Budapest in 1874, after 4 years his family moved to the United States. From the age of 10 entertained the audience with card tricks. Later, the illusionist began to do magic professionally. Together with his brother they toured America. He could go through the wall, to escape from the prisoner carriage. Houdini often arranged promotions on the streets. It was once thrown from the bridge into the river, and the magician was in handcuffs. Soon he surfaced, waving the removal of the handcuffs. Harry has performed in Russia, in the Butyrka prison. He was able to get out of there in 2 minutes and also managed to change places prisoners. The illusionist was making a lot of money. Harry died from peritonitis at age 52.

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