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10 foods that can't eat on an empty stomach


If you read modern dietary recommendations or watch ads on TV, we can decide that in the morning and need to eat absolutely everything and more. According to their data, in the first half of the day, all is well absorbed and stored fat reserves on the sides. The man in the head is formed the kaleidoscope from scraps of information that does not contribute to the development of a healthy food culture. Did you know that fruit and vegetable salads, such carbohydrate and vitamin on an empty stomach is not? And useful yoghurt, which triggers the digestion and stimulates peristalsis, it turns out that the actual perfect after a day of snacking. Sweets that need to have time to eat until 12, not to gain weight, it is undesirable in the quality of the Breakfast.

Let's take a detailed understand what 10 foods on an empty stomach is not desirable to use and why.

10. Sweets

Contrary to popular belief, what's for Breakfast sweet to eat safe, we believe it is our duty to warn you. The fact that our body is subordinate to circadian biorhythms in sync with the main glands which produce hormones. "Sleepy" the pancreas is not able in the morning to secrete required amount of insulin to neutralise the glucose. If you eat a loading dose of chocolate, cakes, pies or even dried fruit on an empty stomach, there is a risk of disturbance of acid-base balance, as well as temporary hyperglycemia, which will lead to a General malaise, dizziness, fatigue and other unpleasant symptoms. Spare the pancreas and eat dessert as lunch.

9. Yogurt and other dairy products

Nutritionists advise to use milk drinks and products for the revitalization of the work of the stomach, aided by beneficial bacteria (lactobacilli, probiotics, etc.). The thing is that the micro-flora in "starvation" stomach falls under the excess secretion of hydrochloric acid and simply died, making the consumption of yogurt at least useless. It is advisable to drink milk beverage for intestinal a couple of hours after a snack or just before bedtime. Therefore, to fill your morning oatmeal preferably still milky water liquid, not kefir or yogurt.

8. Butter cakes

Yeast sweets, rolls and breads, in principle, not very useful, since the microorganisms in their structure act aggressively on the delicate mucosa of the stomach. Eaten on an empty stomach, the yeast can cause flatulence, colic and flatulence, which will create an awkward situation in public transport and at work. Do not forget that often pastries contain simple carbohydrates and sugar, which require the production of insulin. And as we remember, the pancreas is not very quick in the morning. Try to use as sandwich bases of sponge, sand puff or buns, if you really can't do without baking.

7. Cucumbers and other green vegetables

Vegetable salad on an empty stomach as a diet food is a bad idea. Cucumbers, and various other green and yellow vegetables containing large quantities of organic acids. Yes, in General health they are very useful, but for the mucosa of the stomach is fatal. Once in the body, the acid begins to irritate the tender mucous membrane, induce the production of hydrochloric acid, which further erodes the surface. At best you will get heartburn and acute gastritis, and at worst can "Wake up" only the beginning of a ulcer. Want to eat vegetables in the morning – take care of their heat treatment. The preference is still in favour of cereals and porridge, as well as neutral vegetables like zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli and fresh celery.

6. Bananas

Fruit salad, and even a yogurt dressing, as we find out further, is not helpful as a diet morning meals. Let's start to consider the components of the salad with bananas. Yes, these tropical fruits are a storehouse of slow carbs that allow the body to fill with energy for a few hours. And magnesium and potassium in the composition useful for the brain activity and complete the work of the heart muscle. That's just the last load early in the morning does not need. Heart the night slowly pumps blood and regulates its rhythm, so sharp release of useful minerals in the blood only increases the burden on him. And bananas are difficult to digest, so on an empty stomach may cause fermentation and putrefaction, bloating. Nutritionists advise to eat bananas an hour after the main meal.

5. Pear

Following the fruit in question is the pear which is good as a supplementary snack, but not the main one. Dietary fruit excess contains crude fiber and pectin, which is perfectly clean the stomach and intestines of toxins, but on an empty stomach can irritate and injure the mucosa. Combine the pear also don't recommend water, milk, and dairy drinks, which can cause fermentation, bloating, and sometimes severe diarrhea.

4. Spices

Season morning meals can only the most courageous people, the stomach which used to extreme loads. But seriously, spices and seasonings fasting is prescribed only for medicinal purposes, so how they affect the body is akin to drugs or medications. A high proportion of active ingredients and a sharp burn and injure the gastric mucosa, causes excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid, which increases the risk of open ulcers and acute gastritis. Add to your morning porridge can be a little sweet paprika, turmeric or saffron, and cinnamon, ginger, cumin, curry, different kinds of peppers, will have to give.

3. Tomatoes

Tomato is a storehouse of organic acids. Specifically, tannic acid in combination with hydrochloric digestive tract greatly increases the risk of cracks in the lining, causing the ulcer with internal bleeding, acute gastritis, colitis, enterocolitis, and pancreatitis. Anyway salad with tomatoes increases the acidity of the body, but for the normal life of the last to be more useful in an alkaline environment. Note – the sweet potatoes and everyone's favorite tart persimmons also contain tannin components, so for Breakfast they advise.

2. Citrus

Continuing the theme of fruit, please note that citrus to put in the morning sweet salad is strictly prohibited. They should eat with caution even during the day, because the excess acids always leaves risk for heartburn and bouts of gastritis. Fasting oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes, and tangerines switchi use is not recommended, but an hour after the main solid food or dairy drink. Also allergens, which are rich in citrus fruits, are better absorbed in an empty intestine that can cause acute reaction until angioedema. Do not let the little children oranges in the morning!

1. Cold and carbonated beverages

Everything that contains carbon dioxide a priori dangerous for the gastric mucosa, so drink lemonade and carbonated mineral water is not advised. Also these drinks are bad for blood flow, impairs digestion. As for the cold fluid, the heat-it literally "burns" unprepared digestive tract, irritating its walls. Want to run the digestion in the morning, drink carrot-Apple juice or warm water, but to drink of refreshing lemonade with ice even in the summer heat beware.

Remember that the key to a good and productive day using a healthy Breakfast. If you do not want to suffer the colic and heartburn, it will pay attention to morning menu and try to eat as much as products.

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