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10 simple and original recipes for camping


With the onset of summer, more and more companies choose to stay to the river, the lake and nature. Also, many families have a tradition to gather during the holidays, often accompanied by cooking kebabs and other dishes on the fire and the grill. Often, however, those who love this kind of vacation, think independently and looking for new recipes that are simple and quick to prepare. You can prepare ahead of a meeting with friends and family. Such meals should take a minimum time they have to prepare from simple products that won't spoil if the temperature is above 18 degrees. Further examples of some of them.

10. Dietary loaf of pita bread and avocado

Avocado today you can buy in any supermarket at a reasonable price. Besides this fruit, resembling a pear in form is very useful and rich in vitamins and minerals. It is used for cooking various salads and appetizers. Rarely make stuffing for rolls:

  • pita bread round 2 PC;
  • fresh avocados 1 piece;
  • cheese salted 250 g;
  • dill 100 g;
  • olive oil.
  • First you need to chop the herbs and mix it with the cheese. Leave the dish aside and start preparing the avocado. We wash under running water and cut in half, take out the bone. Now with the help of a spoon mash the pulp inside the fruit. Two lay lavash on the table overlapping each other and spread a stuffing of cheese with dill. Spread on top layer of the pulp of avocado. Sprinkle with olive oil and form a tight roll.

    9. Garlic potatoes

    Potato is perhaps one of the most popular products in our area. With it we are preparing the first, second, and appetizer can easily concoct. The food that the hostess prepared for a hike on the nature. One of the easiest and fastest dishes of potatoes is cooking with an aromatic dressing of garlic. It is necessary to take:

  • large potatoes 5-7 pieces of;
  • sour cream 30 g;
  • fresh dill 50 g;
  • garlic 2-3 tooth;
  • cheese (at your discretion).
  • Potatoes thoroughly washed and cook until tender. Then drain off the liquid and wait until the fruit has cooled. In a deep bowl mix the sour cream and chopped garlic. Dill wash and finely shinkuem, add to the dressing. Cut each potato in half and smear with the mixture. At 180 degrees bake dish for 10 minutes. Then sprinkle with grated cheese and put back in for another 5 minutes.

    8. Quesadilla with chicken

    Quesadilla is a traditional dish in Mexico. For it is based on tortilla made of corn or wheat flour. Our hostess, as toppings often use chicken. This option is the most simple and at the same time, the dish turns out very tasty and fragrant. For its preparation you need to take the following ingredients:

  • tortilla 2 PCs;
  • a whole chicken breast;
  • Bulgarian pepper 1 PC;
  • sour cream 150 g;
  • cheese varieties 200 g;
  • tomato 1 piece;
  • Flaxseed oil;
  • iodized salt;
  • black pepper crushed.
  • In a skillet heated linseed oil and fry in it the chicken, cut into small pieces. Meat sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Peppers and tomatoes wash under running water and cut into cubes. Put the vegetables to the chicken, Simmer 5 minutes, add sour cream, cook for another 10 minutes. Then send the cheese to the stuffing and remove from heat. Take a clean pan, put one cake on top of it, generously spread the filling. Cover with the second cake and bake at 160 degrees for 10 minutes.

    7. Lemonade

    No "Seating" in nature is not without hladotehnika drink. Most often it is the lemonade, ideally prepared by yourself, for which you need to take:

  • ice;
  • sugar 150 g;
  • water 500 ml;
  • lemon medium 2 PCs.
  • Lemons wash with clean water and put them in the bowl of a blender. Add sugar, water and beat well. Put ice cubes into glasses and pour the resulting mass. To drink chilled.

    6. Hot sandwiches with mushrooms

    To cook sandwiches can every woman. But few know that they can do not only spread butter on bread and putting a slice of cheese on top. You can quickly prepare hot sandwiches, adding as a filling favorite products. In this case, mushrooms. So, in order to prepare a snack we needed:

  • neatly sliced bread 3-4 slices;
  • mushrooms 6 PCs;
  • salt and pepper;
  • sour cream 30 g;
  • 1 clove garlic;
  • any cheese 150 g;
  • onion 1 piece;
  • olive oil.
  • Onions cleaned from the peel and finely chop. Fry in olive oil until soft. Mushrooms wash, purify (if you have time and desire, I do not clean mushrooms) and cut into slices. Sent to the frying pan to the onions. Fry until cooked. Then add the mushrooms to the sour cream and simmer 10 minutes, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Peel the garlic and puree them sent to the pan and turn off the fire. On sliced pieces of bread spread our stuffing. Grate a large grater cheese and sprinkle them each a piece. Put in the oven to bake at 180 degrees until cheese is lightly browned.

    5. Cold appetizer skewers

    Snack which is usually served on skewers called canapés. It is very popular for serving a buffet, and increasingly it is prepared hostess at picnics. One of the easiest for food is being prepared so take:

  • hard cheese 250 g
  • fresh or canned pineapple 250 g
  • pork 250 g.
  • Cut all three ingredients approximately equal pieces and put on skewers, one slice of cheese, ham and pineapple. Spread on a flat dish and serve.

    4. The pita on the grill

    Pita bread, cooked on the grill, has an extraordinary aroma and delicate flavor. For its preparation you can use a variety of toppings. For example:

  • Bulgarian pepper 1 PC;
  • smoked chicken 300 g;
  • cheese;
  • pita bread 2 PCs.
  • Chicken cut into small pieces. Pepper clear from the core and cut into cubes. Cheese is also cut into pieces and mix all three ingredients in a deep dish. Two lay lavash on the table, and evenly put the filling. Wrap the rolls and cook on the grill until a beautiful Golden color.

    3. Forshmak herring

    Mincemeat snack in German cooking. Traditional mincemeat is prepared from such ingredients:

  • eggs boiled hard-boiled 3 PCs;
  • herring salted 1 piece;
  • butter 100 g;
  • apples green-2 PCs;
  • onion 1 PC.
  • Herring need to disassemble and release from the bones. Soak cut the fish in milk for an hour later. This is to ensure that it was not too salty. Boiled eggs clean the shell and leave them along with the apples through a meat grinder. To repeat the same thing with fish, onions and butter. Pass the ingredients through a meat grinder you need one time, to come across small pieces, and was not homogeneous slurry. To send a thick mass in the fridge to cool. After 20-30 minutes, put it in a nice bowl and add fresh cucumber with greens.

    2. Spicy salad

    This dish can be cooked literally in 20 minutes, while saving a lot of time to collect on nature. For sharp salad need the following ingredients:

  • beets fresh 1 piece;
  • garlic 2-3 tooth;
  • salt to taste;
  • corn oil;
  • ground red pepper 0.5 tsp.
  • Beets grate on a grater for Korean carrot. Season with salt and pepper and squeeze the garlic. Pour corn oil and send in the fridge for 15 minutes to infuse the salad and saturated with the aroma of spices.

    1. The fat in the marinade

    One of the simplest and tastiest of snacks on each table – fat. It is also convenient to take on nature. Cook the bacon in the marinade may be taking:

  • fat 1kg;
  • cold boiled water 1 liter;
  • pepper 5-6 pieces;
  • salt 5-6 tbsp;
  • 4-5 teeth of garlic;
  • Bay leaf 3-4 pieces
  • Water, put on fire and allow it to boil. Turn off the heat, add salt, pepper, Bay leaf. Garlic put whole. Bacon cut into small pieces and place in cooled marinade. Put a plate on top, and on it quart of water. Set in a dark, cool place for two days. Is stored fat you need in the fridge.

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