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10 easy Christmas appetizers, which is one of its kind will create a festive mood


Someone can imagine the New year without an elegant holiday table? We can't. Every year poor mistress on the eve of this wonderful holiday scratching their heads, what would that kind of (delicious and unusual) to surprise their loved ones. And if there's receiving important guests, the task is to hit them in the heart as an assortment of dishes and their serving, is overriding. Well, what crisis? Well, what "no money, but we hold on"? Christmas table just has to be beautiful and diverse!

And yet, in actual fact, even the most trivial, the usual salads and snacks is even possible to draw so that will do no matter what their composition is not lobster and truffles, as well as other foie Gras, and the most common, everyday products. Would be a fantasy and straight hands growing from the right place! Here are some simple ideas that can be very useful even if you do decide to make your Christmas table more attractive and festive.

10. Mandarins in chocolate with salt

You will need a few peeled and divided into segments of Mandarin, tile of good chocolate (still, bitter or dairy – pick one that is more like the taste), and marine or common salt (but more coarse, – the one with the crystals, it will look for our appetizer much more effective).

Tangerine slices spread out so that they are slightly dried. Now melt the chocolate in a water bath or just in the microwave and dip it in tangerines (about to the middle of the slices). And the final touch, carefully decorate the chocolate glaze the salt crystals. Before serving on the festive table, let these tangerine candy stand in the refrigerator. They taste, by the way, very pleasant, though unusual.

9. Snack champagne

Bright, easy and convenient snack to the Golden drink with fun bubbles can be easily made: cut a peeled banana thin "washers" (no wider than 1.5 cm), these banana slices are put slightly cropped from the stalk (so that they are well laid on the "Foundation") klubnikina, and then the whole structure pierce the top with a toothpick. On a toothpick to attach the small marshmallow-marshmallow (yeah, one of those that add in cocoa). Voila! Ready!

8. Christmas sandwiches

Oooo! Here is where to roam imagination! We'll need a (fairly finely sliced) bread, processed or cream cheese for the basis on which we will "create" (with any toppings to your taste), and all of which will be in the house, bright vegetables and herbs – peppers, cucumbers, fennel, cherry tomatoes, green onions, olives or olives, etc.

Smear the bread (by the way, you can lightly fry in a pan or make toast) cheese, and then this little impromptu painting "drawing" with pieces of vegetables all you want – Christmas tree, star, pig's snout to snout, face of Santa Claus or Santa Claus in the hood from a piece of pepper, etc from the same sculpt of cheese on the sandwich snowman. Just use your imagination and go for it!

7. Pigs eggs

Also very simple, but very fun decoration. Cook hard-boiled eggs, peel carefully so as not to damage and not make ugly dents. Now very carefully insert instead eye peas black pepper, and instead of ears – triangular slices of carrots (in those places where the ears, gently mark the egg with a knife). The patch can also be made from carrots (gently, "put" it on a piece of toothpick). By the way, why not grow our pigs legs of matches or, again, of halves of toothpicks? (Just be sure to tell your guests in advance that food is inedible "parts"!)

Oh! Still, pigs can be carefully painted in pink, putting on a few minutes in the beet water (just do not overdo it, bright Burgundy pigs do not occur in nature). Well, now let go of our pigs "graze" on the lawn of lettuce, which can be decorated with flowers of green pepper slices or cherry tomatoes.

6. Tree of avocado and red caviar

Avocado is the vegetable that goes well to taste with fish and red caviar. Use that, erecting another edible decoration for our Christmas table. Avocado cut into "washers" of thickness 1.5-2 cm (and their diameter should progressively decrease), and then stick them on the skewer, starting with the largest and gradually moving to the smallest. Between greenish slices of avocado, do not forget to carefully pour layers of bright red caviar. On top of the skewers, you can put a star of peppers or cherry tomatoes.

5. Christmas tree with cheese and grapes

Another great snack which also looks bright and healthy. Take mango and cut it into small cubes. Do the same thing with a slice of any cheese (you can take a few different varieties, different shades of color, white, yellowish, with a reddish tint, etc.). Still, we need the grapes (preferably also different colors – green, black, red). And now take it all and just stacked layers (at least horizontally, though vertically) in the shape of Christmas trees. On top put the star of mango and red grape.

4. Desserts a La carte for guests

Again, include the imagination and create beauty. Take an ordinary wine glass or glasses (preferably not very high and quite wide at the top), and pour them into candy M M's or other colored jelly beans (um... we are "backing" of whipped cream or a protein cream). On top of relieving small muffins or cakes, and then decorate it all with a cream or colored sprinkles (and don't forget to give guests a dessert spoon for eating sweets).

3. Banana rolls with "Nutella"

Another simple but very tasty (and attractive) sweet snack. Take pancakes or even a regular thin pita bread, spread "Nutella" (or any other chocolate spread), gently but tightly wrap a banana (obviously peeled!), and then be careful not to bruise, cut this "design" in rolls with a width of 2-3 cm by the Way, instead of a pita it is possible to use very thinly rolled with a rolling pin toast bread (without crust!).

2. Snowmen from cheese

This is a more serious snack (for stronger drinks). First, we need grated cheese, cottage cheese or cheese and very finely chopped (or crushed) garlic. Second, it is possible to draw some more cheese – for the best "clutch" ingredients. Mix all this, roll the resulting mass balls (slightly different size), making them in coconut flakes. Now, let them a little stand in the fridge (so as not to lose shape when you "build" snowmen).

After half an hour get some of the hardened cheese balls from the refrigerator and make snowmen out of them (using toothpicks or matchsticks as "fittings"). Instead eye use black peppercorns or a clove buds (that spice) instead of the nose – piece of carrot. On the heads of the snowmen you can put a cap of the pepper. Delicious, hearty and beautiful.

1. Cupcakes "Rudolph The Reindeer"

We need to prepare chocolate cupcakes and a small (and flat) round cookies, chocolate, heavy cream, powdered sugar, candy M M's and crackers in the form of pretzels. Gently melt chocolate, adding a little cream and sugar (if mixture is quite thick and sticky) with this glaze the top of each cupcake.

Now it clings to the frosting face cookie and antlers-pretzels. Put a DAB of frosting on the nose – red candy M M's. The eyes of the Rudolph can be made from white beans or melted white chocolate. Funny Oleshko ready! (Although, in my opinion, he still looks more like a lamb – horns is twisted).

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