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10 simple habits that will help extend the life


Throughout the history of mankind's best minds tried hard to learn the secrets of longevity. To do this, they resorted to practical magic and alchemy, advances of conventional medicine, and many other methods that promise to even slightly prolong life and delay the onset of old age. In our time, scientists do not sit in place, and are actively looking for new methods of increasing the duration of human existence on Earth. Recent studies show that to aid in this endeavor can very simple actions that many of us perform daily, thereby strengthening their health.

We present to You top 10 simple things that will increase your chances of living a long life.

10. Regularly clean the apartment

Let's start with the fact that at least half an hour physical activity daily reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, which is on the first place among the causes of sudden death in people of working age. If you are not able to devote as much time going to the gym, you can simply clean your house. Physical stress this kind of brings many benefits not only your dwelling, but also health.

9. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

When nothing disturbs your comfort, you feel confident and calm. However, this feeling is not only improves mood but also helps to prolong life. Insists Doctor of philosophy David Rosenbaum. Scientists believe that wearing comfortable shoes improves mood and prevents the development of diseases, which can lead to premature death.

8. Go to the same doctor

As claimed by British researchers, if your health for a long time deals with the same doctor, then you have many chances to live longer than their peers. This is due to the fact that the doctors over the years working with the patient have to thoroughly examine its features, and thus to Orient quickly in the event of any negative changes in his health. New doctor will have more time to spend on the study of the history of the patient, and thus for a diagnosis.

7. Don't lie on the couch

Another interesting discovery of recent years is the habit to spend leisure time lying on the couch can reduce life expectancy on average three years. Therefore, calls of doctors to comply with minimum levels of physical activity have a very objective basis. Frequent breaks on the couch not only increases the risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases, but also threatens the emergence of insomnia.

6. Follow the work of the stomach and intestines

According to a widely known theory that we are what we eat. So our digestive system has a huge impact on the functioning of the organism as a whole. Great importance for the correct operation of the intestine has its microflora, which consists of many beneficial bacteria. These microorganisms are actively involved in metabolic processes occurring in the digestive system, therefore an imbalance of the microflora leads to a deterioration in the absorption of many valuable nutrients, from which they will suffer all organs and systems. Therefore, to increase lifespan in a healthy condition it is important to care about your gastro-intestinal tract.

5. Plan your budget and put money aside for a rainy day

Not only financial experts but also psychologists often talk about the relationship between the material status of the person and his health. As it turned out, such a opinion worth listening to. The research team from the US found that for people over 50 years old, suddenly lost a substantial amount of money or lost their expensive property, the probability of sudden death was increased by almost half.

Primarily, this is due to the negative impact of stress suffered in the result of any major losses. It is also worth considering that when people have significantly reduced incomes, they can't efficiently take care of your health and to pay him much attention. So experts recommend starting to prepare for the retirement years at least 10 years.

4. A lot of work

According to the observations of experts, long, full of bright events life live people who used to work hard to achieve their goals. Those of us who like to indulge in idleness and entertain themselves with fruitless dreams, statistically live shorter lives, and old age prone to the development of a variety of different ailments.

3. Eat more fats

According to the results of scientific research published by the Association of epidemiology and the prevention of heart disease the USA, it can be concluded that people who regularly eat foods containing monounsaturated fats (e.g. olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc.), almost 15 % to reduce the risk of sudden death due to acute cardiac or vascular insufficiency.

If your regular diet includes vegetable fats, you add animal fats, which include dairy products, butter, eggs, meat of all kinds, fish, etc., this will help reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by almost a quarter.

2. Communicate more with people who understand you

Long life, often live those men that appreciate the company of their friends and relatives, ready if necessary to lend a shoulder and share the joy. The number of these loved ones is not critical, the main thing that you get pleasure from chatting with friends, how many of them ten or just one you decide.

1. Sleep longer in the weekend

Many of us have long been without any coercion to comply with this recommendation. The famous Scandinavian Explorer Torsion, Akerstedt found that the habit of long sleep during the weekend impedes the development of many somatic pathologies. So, now you can easily Wake up on Saturday and Sunday for 2-3 hours later, because health can not buy, but it'll have to wait.

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