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10 simple recipes for cold soups, which will cool you down in hot summer


Cold soup, typical dish of the inhabitants of the southern coastal countries or countries with hot summers. It often happens that the invention of the peasants working in the fields in the sun and searching for ways to simultaneously fill your stomach and quench your thirst. For this reason, cold soups are composed of the most simple and popular products specific to the region. Among the ingredients cold soups traditionally a lot of fresh vegetables and herbs, which should please the adherents of a healthy lifestyle. A frequent component of the recipe is ice-cold water or ice. In General, the recipes of these dishes are very variable. The chef will be able to choose the method of preparation and kit components to your liking.

Very important for today aspect is the cooking time of the soup: in each case, it will take just a few minutes. Most of the time will have to spend on cooling the finished dish before serving.

10. Of such

The such soup originally from Spain. It is prepared from ripe, juicy tomatoes, stale bread, olive oil, garlic and vinegar. Tomatoes are cleaned from the skins, rubbed with salt and allow them to let the juice. After that, the resulting tomato puree put the chopped bread and wait until it absorbs the tomato juice. Then combine all the ingredients and grind in a blender to the consistency of thick puree. The soup is much thicker gazpacho due to the amount of bread and lack of watery cucumbers. Such, served cold, served famous Spanish ham or boiled egg.

9. Tarator

Tarator is a cold soup originally from Bulgaria. The peculiarity of this dish is its ability to transform from soup to sauce to a second dish or even drink (sometimes it is served in a glass).

As the base for Tarator use yogurt or sour milk mixed with sour cream or water to achieve desired consistency. Sometimes dairy products and did replace the water with vinegar.

Ingredients: fresh cucumbers, walnuts, garlic, dill, spices, olive oil.

Preparation start with the basics. Add chopped fennel and garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper, mix well and put in the cold. Before serving, add nuts and grated cucumber, chopped julienne.

8. Okroshka on kvass

Okroshka on kvass — a dish known in Russia since XVI century, Its predecessor was the beet soup — cold soup made of finely chopped beet tops, nettles and herbs. The name of the dish gave the verb "to chop".

Ingredients for hash chef is free to choose to your taste. Approach here:

  • boiled meat — beef, chicken, Turkey, etc.;
  • boiled fish — sturgeon, pike, cod;
  • boiled eggs;
  • fresh vegetables — cucumbers, radishes;
  • boiled vegetables — potatoes, carrots;
  • pickled cucumbers, mushrooms;
  • green onions, dill, parsley, celery, cilantro;
  • The compulsory element of the hash — savory brew, if desired, it can be mixed with bread.

    Cook the hash is very simple: it is necessary to chop the food, give them little to stand in the cold, add the herbs, pour kvass and sour cream. If desired, in a bowl, you can add crushed ice.

    7. Okroshka on kefir

    Okroshka on kefir — a variant of the same dish. The method of preparation, like selection of components remains unchanged. The only difference is to use as the basis of meals kefir instead of kvass.

    6. Gazpacho

    Gazpacho — has historically been a soup the Spanish peasants who worked in the olive groves of Andalusia. A chef making gazpacho for their comrades, called gazpachero. Then the meal did not include tomatoes, which today is the main component in the recipe. In this soup there is no ingredients of animal origin, it is often featured in vegetarian dishes.

    Ingredients: tomatoes (peeled), cucumber, stale bread, sweet and hot peppers, garlic, olive oil, a little vinegar and lemon juice, salt and thyme. Mandatory ingredient — crushed ice.

    All the products are thoroughly mixed in a blender until smooth. If necessary, before serving in soup, you can add ice water.

    5. Soup from fresh cucumbers

    Soup from fresh cucumbers — a variation on the theme of gazpacho, made in shades of green. The main ingredients are cucumbers specified range supports green peppers. Also used garlic, parsley, olive oil, dry white bread, white wine and ice water.

    To prepare it, as the original gazpacho, is not difficult. You need to soak the bread in water, clean the vegetables, mix all products in a blender, add wine, water and salt to taste. Serve very cold, you add ice.

    4. Cold soup of avocado

    Cold soup of avocado is good that will bring an exotic touch to any summer menu. Separately want to mention that the soup in which structure dominates avocado is quite hearty, and the flavor of white wine will make it very exquisite.

    Ingredients: fresh avocado, dry white wine, natural yoghurt, sparkling mineral water, olive oil, ground pepper.

    Simple preparation is to grind all the food in the blender. Before serving the soup, sprinkle with paprika powder. To make the soup more dense, you can add a little cream cheese.

    3. Beetroot

    Beetroot soup is a popular dish in Eastern Europe: Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland. The basis of this soup is beet decoction prepared from beets and young beet tops.

    In a saucepan boil the cleaned, grated beets and cut the tops. So the soup retains its bright pink color in the broth, add vinegar or lemon juice, after which it is cooled a couple of hours. A beetroot is traditionally not put meat. It includes cucumber, onion, greens and boiled egg. All products are finely chopped and pour the beet broth. The soup is seasoned with a spoon of sour cream.

    2. Cream soup of zucchini

    Soup-puree of zucchini differs in that it requires the purchase of expensive refined products. The included vegetables delight in its simplicity and cheapness.

    As part of another dish squash or zucchini, onions, small carrot, garlic cloves, vegetable oil, chicken or beef broth.

    In a pan with olive oil fry the carrot, onion and garlic to a nice Golden color, add the zucchini, diced. Stew the vegetables for a few minutes and pour the broth (you can use plain water). Soup cook soup on small fire until then, until the zucchini are ready, and then pulverized in a blender until smooth. Chilled soup is served with grated Parmesan or a spoon of sour cream.

    1. Cold soup with shrimp

    Cold soup with shrimp on a base of natural yoghurt — the invention of the inhabitants of the Sunny Mediterranean coast, rich in seafood.

    For cooking you will need cooked shrimp, cucumber, avocado, sweet pepper, garlic, salt, hot pepper, herbs to taste and yogurt.

    Yogurt mixed in a blender with peeled cucumber and garlic. Add herbs, salt, spices and put to cool. Finely chop avocado, sweet pepper and part of the shrimp. All the ingredients are mixed before serving and decorate with whole shrimp and green leaves.

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