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10 simple ways every day to enjoy life no matter what


Life is full of different events joyful and sad. To stay always positive is rarely. The reasons for the sadness is always there. It is worth digging around in your thoughts, and good humor vanishes. Someone rolls in his mind from unpleasant conversation, someone thinks about another problem at work, failure in his personal life or lack of money. And if you try to invent a reason for joy, it will be typed much less. But these reasons are very much, people just stopped noticing them. To be in a good mood will have to work hard. Below is a list of 10 simple ways that will save you from melancholy.

10. Be confident

Self – confidence is a very important factor in achieving success in career and personal life. Do not listen to strangers that teach you how to live. Maybe you do not attach importance to them, but they will settle in your head. Do what you think is important to you. If you are not confident in yourself, develop that feeling. Change yourself in a positive way: take a higher education, figure correction or learn to crochet. Don't blame yourself if something went wrong in your life. If you believe in yourself, as you begin to treat people. And this has a positive impact on your life.

9. Spend more time outdoors

Walking is good for health. It is better to walk in the parks, away from busy roads. Walking, shut up, look at nature, think about something good. This pastime will relieve stress, improve mood. It will relieve the brain to relax and forget about business. Also give cheerfulness and ease. If there is no time to exercise, walking is the best way to take care of your health. But remember, sitting on a bench with your phone in social networks walk not replaced.

8. Get rid of unnecessary things

The house is a mirror reflection of its occupants. If it's full of junk, so people who live in it can not establish order in their lives. Unnecessary things attract negative energy, so it does not place the new. One only has to disassemble the wardrobes and mezzanine, life will change. It is not difficult. No need to feel sorry for old clothes, unwanted gifts. Throw away everything without regret! If a thing is broken or torn, or repaired, or just throw it away. When you get rid of all the junk in the house will be a completely different, new energy. But continue to control such things any more input, do not buy too much, do not take from people what is not going to use. Do not drag in the house trash. And don't forget to regularly "audit" in the apartment.

7. Stop comparing yourself with others

This habit is formed in childhood: who has better grades, who have more fashionable clothes. The older a person is, the more his attitude. If you compare yourself with others, be prepared that there will always be someone better, smarter, richer or prettier. This is a direct path to low self esteem. All people are different. The nature of all endowed with different abilities and looks. You do not come to mind to compare between an elephant and a cat. Stop comparing yourself with others is very simple. First you need to find your strengths, and when the head will get the idea that someone is better than you remember them.

6. Meditate

Such a simple exercise as meditation is quite capable to change a person's life. It has a positive impact on health, helps to relax. Recent studies confirm that using these practices can even postpone the aging of cells. Meditation awakens creativity and inspiration. There is an opportunity to feel other people, because it is man studying himself. It allows you to feel less pain, raises protective properties of the organism. If properly run, then after 10 minutes a person will feel joy that does not depend on external circumstances. Besides, do not have to meditate in the Lotus position. There are active meditation, which is held in motion.

5. Do not worry over small things

If you worry all the time over trifles and minor accidents, what joy can ever be involved. People wind themselves, and small misunderstandings start to seem like big problems. In this case, will only self-control. You need to pull yourself together and sober mind whether we should worry about it. To determine the importance of the event, presenting the situation at the accident some time. Then many troubles will seem trifling.

4. Be thankful for what you already have

People all the time something is missing for happiness. They want more and more. Although for happiness it is important not so much: health, loved ones nearby, food and water. But if you constantly send out to the Universe thoughts of how you are unhappy with your life, it can take you all. At this point usually know how happy I was, but there was nothing to return. But you never manage to overcome yourself, and you think, "what have I to be grateful? I have nothing". Take a look around. Look at people with disabilities, seriously ill children. They all want to live, they are thankful to God for every passing day. They don't know if they survive until tomorrow night. They have many reasons for sadness, but they don't despair.

3. Appreciate what is happening at the moment

We have to live in the present. But few people live their day consciously. Some part is thinking how good it was in the past, the other hopes for a brighter future. Try to concentrate on what you are doing now. People can't taste the food, because lunch on the run or hanging out on the Internet. Adults can't play with the baby, busy work, and while away the evening watching TV. Grown up children can't find a minute to call my parents. People don't look around, they don't see the sun and sky. But in life so much joy. Live consciously, live every moment with pleasure.

2. Get rid of bad habits

Bad habits everyone has. There are those who are harmful to health, while others simply make a person feel uncomfortable. Get rid of them is not so simple. Need to firmly decide for yourself that it is time to finish, and then go for their goals. It will help the principle of substitution, the habit is replaced by some action. So instead of cigarettes you can 10 push-UPS. If not heavy, will help close. Importantly do not rush to get rid of bad habits takes time, usually a month or a little more. Even easier if you find a company, the more the merrier, but give up half way would be a shame.

1. Do what you enjoy

Live so few. Most are doing what is necessary. Live as expected. It is unclear who invented these rules, but keep them all. Find a hobby, do what you like. These lessons will be key to your talents. You will be able to understand what you have is the soul, can change your life. Maybe your purpose is not to sit in the office and to grow flowers. If you understand this you will be able to open your floral business. The main desire. If your hobby will become your life, it's not a reason to be sad. It brings you joy, satisfaction. That is quite enough.

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