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10 simple ways to fill your home with positive energy


Home is a place where people rest from the hustle and bustle. Here he feels free and safe. Sometimes it appears a negative energy. It cannot be seen but can be felt. It reflects the emotions of all the inhabitants of the house, their psychological state, the relationship between them. Affects guests and even noisy neighbors. You can rectify the situation on their own, having worked on filling our home with positive energy. Then the atmosphere will help all life troubles. It promotes the development of creativity, inspiration appears. Changing the relationship between family members, they become more harmonious. To improve energy at home using the following 10 ways.

10. General cleaning

Thanks to the General cleaning is not only physical, but astral energy cleansing at home. It gets rid of debris, dirt and bad energies. To achieve a better result experts of Feng Shui recommend to observe the rituals. Cleaning to do on the waning moon, always with a positive attitude. The house, like any other living creature that needs love. If you look after it with joy and in return he will give you comfort. The dirty corners of the sweep separately, not allowing him to spread throughout the apartment. There is accumulating all negative energy. It is undesirable to carry her throughout. Accumulated debris after harvesting it is better to make, it is bad for the room, which is trash.

9. Airing

Ventilate the house it is imperative, regardless of the time of year and the temperature outside. If this is not done, the apartment will accumulate dust, dirt, odors and negative energy. Feng Shui one of the basic elements generating the positive energy of the wind. Suggest to arrange cross-ventilation, then the process of substitution of energy takes place faster and more efficiently. In the summer you can not close the Windows at night. Air conditioners, this effect is not given, she moves around the house, but not updated. Through the open Windows in the apartment will get bright sunlight. It will also help to banish negative energy and attract positive.

8. Plants

Houseplants clean the air, reduce the effects of electromagnetic fields and pleasing to the eye. In addition, they have a powerful influence on the energy in your home. Some plants absorb negative, and some even convert it into a positive. The best option to cleanse the apartment – geranium, aloe. They have a remarkable ability – neutralize anger, bad thoughts. Plants with negative ions, able to defuse tense situation in the room. Each "green" his aura, different abilities. There are plants and the negative energy. They cannot be grown in residential areas, they absorb energy, they are vampires. We must not forget about the quality care of plants. Withered and sick will not bring home any good.

7. Essential oils and incense

Experts of Feng Shui call this process "cleaning the air". It is quite effective, as the air penetrates even the most inaccessible places. Often carried out fumigation of incense sticks, sprigs of plants, leaves. To cleanse the house suitable product, which must be the sandalwood, juniper, myrrh. Not everyone likes the smell of burning in the apartment. The alternative will be oily solution, in clean water, drip a few drops of essential oils (multiples of 9). The resulting liquid is sprayed room it is important to pay special attention to the corners, where negative energy is concentrated.

6. Crystals

They extend the natural energy of the Earth. Possess great power, so it is popular. But the crystals are only in the interaction with light. Put them in a prominent place. If the stone is in the closet, and even in the box he will not be able to influence the aura of the house. When choosing crystals, you must remember that each room needs its talisman. Crystals hallway transformerait a member of the house energy; for kitchen – help to absorb energy from food, positive effect on digestion; for a living – improve relations, help for easy communication between family members; for the bedroom promotes restful sleep and activate sexual energy. For stones you need to care for, rinse them under running water. If there was a difficult situation, briefly put the crystals in salt water.

5. Fountain

The sound of running water brings home harmony, improves the microclimate. Feng Shui is a symbol of never-ending vitality. It will not only clean the apartment from negative energy, but will change the lives of the household. Therefore, a place for fountain choose carefully. The Eastern sector of the house is responsible for peace in the family, harmonious relations. The fountain in the South-Eastern part will attract wealth and material prosperity, and in the North – career success. This is the best place to install a fountain. You cannot set it in the South sector is fire, there is a conflict of the elements. Not recommend to put in the bathroom and the bedroom, under the stairs.

4. Photos

Surprisingly, they, too, used to improve energy in the house. They remind me of the beautiful things in life, radiate happiness and joy. So the family had disputes and quarrels shared a photo placed in the living room. The important role played by the frame. The symbol of the family tree, so use a wooden frame. Family photos should be placed on the East side. The relationship between the partners will help to establish a happy picture of the two of them. Put it in the bedroom, the frame must be made of stone. For photos the best place is kitchen or dining room. It will help to restore and strengthen friendly relations. For successful growth of the career of the photo is placed in the Northern part of the house.

3. Permutation

Another way to change the energy in your home – relocation. Feng Shui it is recommended to do when not in a bad way, there was a stagnation in professional and personal life. If some place in the apartment for a long time did not touch, there is stagnant energy. Rearrangement will make it move. Instead of permutation, if it is impossible, you can just move the furniture to clean under it the floor and to put in place. To came new energy, you need to get rid of the old. So, not wishing to throw out all things that hadn't been used in over a year.

2. Sea salt

Salt evens out the negative energy, purifies the aura. It is used since ancient times for protection from demons and other entities. Better to use sea salt, the sea will clean and restore the emotional atmosphere in the house. Methods of purifying salt set. Say a prayer or some words, put the salt in the apartment, not forgetting the corners. The next morning the apartment clean up, and salt discarded. Salt diluted in water. Enough to spray the room spray.

1. Loud clapping

Loud noises disperse negative energy. Despite the apparent simplicity, this is a very strong method. Nature is cleansed by the sound of thunder, no wonder the Church bells ringing. Bypass whole house, while clapping my hands. In corners, under stairs, accumulated negative energy, you need to pay them attention. Need easy to clap, loudly. A loud slow clap, on the contrary will attract negativity.

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