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10 easy ways to improve your memory


Each of us in some degree suffers memory lapses: someone a long time can not remember where you put glasses and the other for which he came into the kitchen. If the regular violations of the memory not associated with a traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's disease or the strongest alcoholic intoxication, to improve memory will help you a few simple techniques.

10. Get enough sleep

Processing and saving obtained by means of the sense organs information occurs during sleep. Brain cells move from the condition obtaining in the state of preservation of the data during the fast phase of sleep. Because of this, everything seen and heard by the person per day is combined with already existing memories and skills.

Researchers from the United States have established a direct link to the emergence of problems with memory and sleep disorders. In addition, they proved that the lack of a full night's rest prevents pupils and students to establish academic performance. From this we can conclude that sleep is necessary for all people, regardless of age and occupation. Otherwise, you can't avoid periodic occurrence of Micronase.

9. Use neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

NLP technique is gaining more and more supporters around the world despite the fact that many eminent scientists it is not recognized as the field of psychology. The main dogma of this method is that the limits of the human mind artificially erected by the people themselves, therefore it is possible to destroy the auditory training.

In many ways, this technique works due to the so-called placebo effect. However, the effectiveness of NLP has already been confirmed by many followers of this teaching.

8. Focus on physical education

Another revolutionary discovery of American scientists in recent years the memory can be improved through a systematic physical activity. And who said that the brain is not a muscle?

Actually, if you just run in the mornings or regularly go swimming, dramatic changes in the effectiveness of your memorization, you won't notice. However, if you combine the exercises with other techniques is given, it is possible to improve your memory, because during physical exertion in humans, accelerated heart rate, thereby increasing blood flow to the tissues of the brain, and this, in turn, increases its performance.

7. Play logic and strategy games

The habit of spending leisure time playing with the kids or friends in a logical and strategic games very positively influence the process of memory and ability to concentrate. The most suitable option chess and Sudoku.

At the same time, action-Packed computer games do not have a positive effect on memory, but on the contrary, if too frequent pastime for doing this a person gradually loses the ability to quickly concentrate and focus the attention on some case.

6. Use mnemonics

As you know, artificial intelligence uses binary code to store information. If necessary, it extracts the desired data in the most convenient way. Human memory in this sense is little different from the computer. Our brain is exactly the same archives the information in a specific order.

The essence of mnemonics is the use of this property of the nervous system in practice. Using this technique it is possible to store encoded in a special way information. Sure, it sounds a little unclear but in fact, nothing complicated about it. This is just the use of commonplace associations. That is, for better memory, you must associate certain information with vivid visual or auditory images. So you will be able to memorize large amounts of information and easily to reproduce it.

5. Visualize memories

Scientists have proven that the vast majority of people is well developed visual memory. So linking any images with specific information improves the process of memorization. An example of such process is the emergence in humans of strong emotions and vivid memories when viewing the photo album.

4. Use aromatherapy

The smell is not only a way to determine the degree of freshness of the products. Bright aromas (both pleasant and not) can serve as a powerful impetus for the emergence of memories you thought long forgotten. Aromatherapy is one of the easiest and affordable methods to improve memorization. Try some information to associate with a certain smell and you will understand that this data will have to emerge clearly in your memory when exposed to this stimulus to your olfactory receptors.

3. Learn something new

The human memory is comparable to a Bicycle: if it doesn't go, then fall. Why curiosity enhances the level of memorization. The information may relate to any field of knowledge or creativity. Most importantly, do not let your brain rust.

2. Write the notes by hand

Students nowadays increasingly turn to electronic media for storing information. However, few of them know that good old handwritten copy of the lecture is much more conducive to memorization of the material. Of course, the latest iPhone model is a good excuse to push the boat out in front of classmates, but if you are really concerned about the development of your intelligence, restrict yourself buying notebooks and pens.

1. Use fancy fonts

Many people are aware of the fact that the font of the text depends on the quality of memorization of information is: some of them are absorbed by the user is literally in one breath, and feel tired after a few paragraphs. Therefore, in publishing and in the creation of Internet resources of a fairly limited set of fonts that accelerates the process of memorizing the text.

However, the researchers also insist that complex and difficult to recall text better to read, full of unusual, maybe even a little pretentious style.

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