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10 proven creams that protect from wind and weather


Approaching cool autumn days with their gusty winds and chilly evening air. So in a hurry in the morning to work, and frostbite the delicate skin of the face and hands, against the background that it has become more dry, rough and sensitive. The lack of nutritional care leads to small cracks in the skin and mucosa, which causes irritation and promotes the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms.

Do not be afraid of cold and cloudy days if your Arsenal are special cryoprotectants – creams and ointments that protect the skin from low temperatures, dry wind and weather. These tools are based on three ingredients: petrolatum (heals the skin), glycerin (retains cells of moisture) and alcohol (dries inflammation). However, these synthetic substances should be on last in the lineup, as have side effects to the epidermis. But first, of course, should go organic beeswax (preferably jelly regenerates and softens the epidermis), and natural essential oil (deeply nourish, moisturize, tone and rejuvenate tissue), panthenol (produces mild anesthetic effect, restores), dexpanthenol (active heals cracks and wounds).

Apply cryoprotectants needed, 30 minutes before frosty air, so they had time to absorb, to envelop the epidermis is a thin protective film and adapt it to your skin. Regarding the duration of the impact of the cream, it usually lasts for 6-8 hours. So before leaving home it will not hurt to update the top layer.

Consider 10 effective and proven creams that protect the skin from harmful environmental factors.

10. The cryoprotectant from Mirra Lux (Kutelitsa)

An effective remedy has a natural composition that allows to apply it to both adults and kids. Components normalize blood circulation in the capillaries that provides blood flow to tissues and skin cells. Due to the nutritional ingredients it becomes more soft, velvety and protected. The tool is composed of essential oils of cedar, milk Thistle and castor oil, and herbal extracts (green tea, nettle, ginseng), propolis, glucose, vitamins of almost all groups. Thanks to this cream has a pleasant herbal flavor and a light, quickly absorbed texture. Apply on neck, arms and face before long walks or doing winter sports.

9. Chicco Baby Moments

The famous company produces very high quality products to care for delicate and sensitive skin. The product does not contain silicones, alcohol, colorants, parabens and many other harmful substances that can cause irritation, clog the pores or cause allergies. Texture nourishing cream moderately greasy and is light, not sticky, allowing it to quickly apply before going out in the cold, without waiting for a long soak.

8. Nutritional Kol'd-cream from Avene

A well-known firm has taken care of the most vulnerable skin: dry, irritated, sensitive, prone to allergies (including atopic), as well as dermatosis and dermatitis. In fact we can say that the composition of Kol'd-the cream makes its organic and therapeutic, avoiding the use of not only the adults and children of school age, but also in infants, which started a walk on a cold day. The cream is very nutritious and heavy, but forms a stable protective barrier on the skin from weather and other external factors. It contains no parabens, fragrances, alcohols, dyes and other harmful ingredients that can cause allergies in babies.

7. Morozko from AVANTA

One of the tools available in our list – it can be equated to an ordinary children's cream, which is sold in the pharmacy. Contains vitamins A and E, organic oils, which perfectly nourish and regenerate the skin, eliminate dryness, saturate with moisture and nutrients. Of course, extreme cold, frost will not protect, as it does not form a special film on the skin. And some children not suitable, because it contains harmful parabens and mineral oil, fragrances that may cause allergies. However, the available price eliminates these disadvantages winter baby cream.

6. Animal fat

Not all people are sympathetic to chemical agents, preferring the gifts of nature and other organic substances to combat the effects of dry winds. Our mothers and grandmothers to protect the skin from the elements used animal fat. Means, of course, not very pleasant in consistency, heavy, and smells fishy, but protects the delicate and sensitive baby skin very well. Stock up on lard in advance – nutopia from the holiday duck or goose, turning it into a homemade cream. It is possible to combine it with propolis and even prepare a special hygienic sweet, protects lips from cracks and wounds.

5. Protective balm from wind and cold Weleda

Tool on the market for a long time, so well-established among regular buyers. The balm contains no water, therefore doesn't require much time to soak and create a protective film – just apply it for 5 minutes and enjoy the effect. It really works – it protects the skin from chapping, peeling and redness, but allows it to breathe and stay hydrated. This contributes to the qualitative composition of the balm is a lanolin and beeswax. Extract of calendula in the composition also reduces redness of the skin and kills harmful bacteria and seed oil of almond improves skin elasticity, nourishes it gently.

4. The cream in the wind and bad weather from Bubchen

The famous German company produces quality products for children of younger age groups, successfully competing with well-known brand Johnson's Baby. The cream is suitable for sensitive and atopic skin prone to allergies. Vitamin E in the composition regenerates the epidermis at the cellular level, extract of chamomile flowers produces an antibacterial effect, soothes irritated and sensitive tissue. To spread the product over the recommended 20-30 minutes before.

3. Bepanten ointment

Universal ointment not, any owner, the burn will heal, cracked heels will soften the skin after the peel will restore, the wound will heal, diaper rash, eliminate, etc. in Addition to the variety of effects, Helps skin from dry gusty winds and low temperatures, forming a dense film on the skin simultaneously nourishing and restoring it. Keep in mind that the ointment (cream) above the level of the softening components, and therefore prefer this form of release gel.

2. Mustela Hydra stick

The brand produces products of European quality for more than 50 years, filling pharmacy body means for the little ones. The French love to take to the Alps means that firms, to save the skin from extreme temperatures, high humidity and a cold wind. Hydra-stick for cheeks and lips helps to restore the hydrolipidic balance of the mucosa, protecting vulnerable areas from negative external factors due to the wax and natural oils.

1. Zima.

The Manager cares about the needs of its many followers, therefore, produces highly specialized body of the series. Hypoallergenic cream with natural composition (oil of raspberry seeds, beeswax and plant extracts) caring for sensitive skin in the winter. Wax helps to eliminate dryness and peeling, reduce inflammation, reduce cracks on the lips. Thanks to the nourishing air texture cream is rapidly distributed and absorbed, moisturizing the skin and start the process of regeneration.

In periods of bad weather it is important to always carry a reliable nutritional means to protect face and hands from harmful environmental factors. The more cream in a small container won't take up much space in your handbag.

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