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10 proven tips that will allow you to fill the car less often


Owning a car brings to the owner not only benefits but also pleasure. Want to "ride", just show others the power and comfort of his car. On a long trip naturally rather desire to reach the goal.

But fuel is going up rapidly, causing to think about saving. It happens that the fuel in the tank only have to drive to the gas station. It does make me wonder how to spend less gasoline.

10. To develop a smooth driving style

The uniform motion is technically defective car spends quite a bit of fuel. But the vehicle's acceleration in the motor is required to submit the additional fuel. When we have to slow down, spent in the dispersal of the energy is irreversibly absorbed by the brakes.

After braking the impatient driver again presses the accelerator pedal again spent the extra fuel and the car is gaining speed so that when the new braking again wasted heating the air.

Having a smooth driving style, you will be able to reduce the expense in two or even three times.

9. To reduce the number of small trips

Going by car in near trip, we are doing all necessary actions. Warmed up the motor and slowly go on the road. Accelerate to the General speed of the flow, then slowing down at the destination. A few minutes can take to find a Parking space. The short trip the engine in the Parking lot may not even be off.

All these additional steps lead to unnecessary fuel consumption. If you go really close, taxi might be cheaper.

8. Constantly check the tire pressure

If the air pressure in the tire is insufficient, the vehicle has to spend extra energy on rolling that wheel. When driving the car has to "pull" the tire, wasting engine power to the tire wear. If all four wheels of the vehicle not sufficiently inflated, the fuel consumption may reach 4% even when driving on a level road.

Use for pressure monitoring tire pressure gauge, and will be able to save up to cups of fuel with ten gallons of refueling.

7. Do not leave your foot on the brake pedal

Modern cars with automatic transmission only two pedals. The brake pedal is wide, and triggers to control her left leg. Many drivers can mechanically hold while moving your foot on the brake pedal.

If the machine is equipped with automatic transmission, when you stop the engine is still wasted to mix in it oil. Switch box to position "P", we will also save a little gasoline.

6. To stop driving at high speeds, using a low gear

If inadvertently selected too low a gear manual gearbox, as the speed increases, the engine has to work at too high rpm. The efficiency of the motor is reduced, and movement has to spend more fuel.

On time to shift gears.

5. Time to change the air filter

Clogged with dust, dirt and drops of oil the filter creates extra resistance to the air entering the motor. Air ceases to suffice for normal operation conditions of fuel combustion becomes non-optimal and the efficiency of the engine decreases. In addition, the motor has to spend power to "push" air through a clogged filter.

In General, it can lead to additional consumption 3% fuel. Don't be lazy time to replace the filter — it will pay off.

4. To avoid uneven roads

Potholes and changes in the profile of the route require to overcome them additional fuel. Each hole leads to the fact that distorted and cracked down again tire wheel. At every jolt absorbers slow down the vibrations of the car body, absorbing energy of the excitation. The bumps poor quality of the road surface have to overcome with more effort than if the wheels were rolling on a flat surface. Anyway, have to go slower and the engine works in the optimal regime.

To overcome the "bad" section of road you could spend 30% more petrol than if the road was smooth. Think about it: whether or not the "short" way will help you get faster and save fuel?

3. To remove unnecessary things from the car

Oddly enough, this simple tip not everyone seems obvious. But if you calculate, it may be that some drivers voluntarily and wasted carry in the trunk a fair amount of cargo.

Snow chains, absolutely in the summer is not needed. Several sets of tool, which is still impossible to use anywhere other than the garage. Spare parts and consumables "in reserve" lying in the trunk "to be always at hand." Canister coolant canister of gasoline, and some other "necessary stuff"...

Clearing the trunk of the car of unnecessary things, you will not only establish order, but will save up to 2% of fuel.

2. Use motor oil recommended by the manufacturer

Engine efficiency is directly dependent on the health of all its systems. For a good performance engine parts must not be worn out — then that required to properly lubricate.

The choice of engine oil affects not only the longevity of the motor, but also on its "appetite". Liquid lubricant is quickly washed away with moving parts. But too thick oil creates excessive resistance to the movement of the parts.

Choosing oil according to the manufacturer's recommendations, you can save up to 1.5% of fuel.

1. To pick up fuel with the correct octane

Using gasoline with a lower octane rating than recommended by the manufacturer, leads to unstable operation of the engine and electronics "holds" the motor, preventing detonation. This leads to a drop in engine power and excessive fuel consumption.

Contrary to the misleading, expensive gasoline with a high octane rating burns even worse than the cheap low-octane. If the motor is designed to run on fuel, for example, mark "93", Gulf in the tank honey "98"grade petrol, you did not damage the motor, but the money will be wasted.

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