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10 proven ways to figure out what you want from life


It is now fashionable to speak about finding purpose. People engaged in various spiritual practices, travel to distant countries to try their hand at various activities, pursuing the same goal: to know yourself, to understand why you came to this world and what is your purpose. Many believe that familiarity with the inner self is not enough one life. However, to try to look into the secret corners of his soul, to understand her true desires, it will be useful to each of us. This will help books on self-development, psychology, seminars, trainings, consultations with experts and, of course, our advice. We have collected ten of the most effective ways that will allow you to determine the true goals and dreams of man.

10. Many read

Reading books helps develop imagination, creative thinking. Scientists have proven that fiction is capable of much, for example, start in the brain a generator of ideas. Relax with a book in a chair comparable to a Spa salon. The reader away from reality and leaving invented by the author of peace, rest body and soul. Reading promotes literacy and knowledge. A reading man is constantly committed to the development, learns a lot not only about the outside world, but also about their internal. Books can inspire, guide, promote the formation of individual values and its principles. Sometimes the answers to the most burning questions we find in the books.

9. Travel

In order to see the world, people of different professions and nationalities, you need to collect your bags and hit the road. Seasoned travelers are advised every year to change routes, expanding the boundaries. Many perceive travel as a vacation, to relax and distract from everyday work, but each trip can be a deeper purpose. For some it is a way to find himself a place in a new country, understand what is soul, what you like and what not. For some it's the opportunity to realize a childhood dream, and someone who challenges herself and is willing to meet face to face with possible challenges. Traveling and communicating, one begins to better understand life and its desires.

8. Meet and communicate with new people

Especially pay attention to the communication with those who are older than you. They have the most valuable experience. Surely in your community there are those who have achieved great success if they share their advice, listen carefully and learn. Listen to people you trust, and draw conclusions. Building harmonious relationships with others, you can not only have fun and spend time, but also to find kindred spirits, communicating with them you can better understand yourself. It is important to remember that friends do not happen a lot, so keep in touch with them and make new friends.

7. Be yourself

There's nothing dumber than pretending to be someone else, because sooner or later they will have to remove the mask. The one who is forced to play someone else's role in public alone is becoming deeply unhappy. Don't have to live by the ideals and expectations of others, even if it is their mom and dad. Listen to yourself and understand that you like it, what would you like to achieve. Even if your plans and dreams meet resistance among loved ones, depart not from his ways. To be yourself means every hour, every minute to ask yourself and listen to the answers about their desires, aspirations, be able to analyze them and time to say no to what is alien.

6. Try to get out of the comfort zone

This is one of the most difficult items, but it will allow you to understand that for a person there are no barriers in achieving any purpose. Start small, for example, try to get on a few hours early, even if you are a night owl and waking up in the morning for you, it hurts like hell. Talk to a stranger on the street and you will realize that there is nothing to worry. Sign up for courses that interest you and become a living example of the adage that one can never stop learning. At least sometimes make spontaneous actions, look for new routes, try unusual dishes. Start to exercise and continuously increase the load.

5. Decide, what's not to like

Psychologists usually offer to take a piece of paper and record those actions, Hobbies that bring you joy, but we go by contradiction. Think and imagine the places, situations, events that you don't like. This item is quite important. It is worth listing what you don't want, and the picture becomes clearer. If you shudder just thinking about working from eight in the morning until six at night, then you need to look for a job, is acceptable where free schedule. If you dream about work, but I don't know what you would like to do, imagine the worst job in the world, and describe it in detail, and then just userchoice written and you will get an idea about the job of your dreams.

4. Constantly try new things

There is one very effective technique to stop procrastinating the implementation of their desires. Imagine that you have a couple of months. How would you like to spend that time? What would you like to try to enjoy life? Perhaps you've never eaten a coconut, or, for example, never took up the guitar. What prevents you to do this right now? Try something new every day, subsequently not to regret the missed opportunities to color your life in all colors of the rainbow. The only way to understand what suits you and what doesn't, what you like and what leaves me cold.

3. Make a list of your positive qualities

One of the most common problems low self-esteem. Scientists conducted an experiment, in which found out the fact that our view of ourselves is often much worse than what we see other people. To improve self esteem, make a list of your positive qualities and achievements. It should be at least ten points. Write down everything you can remember, starting from school age. At the completion of this task will take time. Let this list will always be in a prominent place. From time to time when you have sad thoughts, run through it with your eyes and remember that really you are a unique person, which has a lot of advantages.

2. What brings you joy?

To determine in which direction to move, list everything that brings you joy. Let this list includes the most ordinary things such as children's laughter, watching a movie with your favorite actor, a serving of ice cream on a hot day, dancing to the music that you like. It would seem that even the little things will help you understand what you should do. A sure sign that you've found your thing, it is a state of euphoria in the process. People are passionate about what gives him joy, like a lover, ready to not eat or sleep, while it is vigorous, full of strength and energy, which it gets from his Hobbies.

1. How do you see yourself in old age?

Write an essay about how you see yourself in old age. This is a very powerful tool to achieve the goals. Write in detail about what and who surrounds you. How you dressed? Where do you live? What level of income you have? How to communicate with people? Come mentally to himself, as if passing greetings from the past, and ask your more Mature I am about the most exciting issues. Perhaps in the dialogue process you will understand what you come up with some new knowledge, experience, clarity has emerged in which direction to go, what to pay attention and to send their forces, opened the essence of your purpose. Be sure to thank yourself for a productive dialogue and from time to time repeat this exercise.

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