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10 proven ways that help improve memory


From birth children have a good memory – up to 7 years, they learn a huge amount about the world, form behavior patterns, have ideas about these or other processes. Later in school and University we have to regularly "feed" the brain with heterogeneous data, which contain new terms, numbers, calculations, and foreign words. Our versatile and powerful brain that can actually remember, especially if it is good to practice.

It is believed that the average person forgets about one third heard or seen within 20 minutes, and half of it erased from memory in half an hour. But we don't want to lose valuable information, especially if it is purposefully extracted from the communication, and in the process of reading a book or watching informative video. Is it possible to improve your memory?

In fact, if you do not have a diagnosis of "amnesia" and you don't poison your body with alcohol and other toxins, you will be able to fill the gaps in memory using simple techniques. We offer 10 proven ways on how to strengthen the memory and improve the ability to memorize new data.

10. Watch your diet

I do not think we do not need to put the brain on a "diet". Just for it to work is very necessary, essential and nonessential amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. All the components you need to recharge the brain contain the following products: various types of sprouts (especially broccoli and cauliflower), spinach, sea fish, berries (e.g., blueberries), nuts, citrus fruits, dried fruits (raisins, prunes), beets, green tea and coffee, natural dark chocolate (cocoa content 70%), spices (turmeric). And American scientists in the next experiment proved that the natural juice of grapes improves memory by 20% due to the antioxidants. Helps to improve memory and vitamin B12, which can be found in animal proteins. And to prevent atherosclerosis remove from menu animal fats (lard, butter, margarine, etc.).

9. Learn something new

In order for memory to develop, it needs to load. And it can be done, tossing her new tasks which you need to parse and solve. A well-trained memory crossword puzzles to learn new words and broaden my horizons, daily reading smart articles, learning new foreign languages, dancing, as well as the development of skills and abilities. Start to try themselves in writing or art, which allows to retrieve from memory the necessary details and images, loading and forcing her to work with a large array of information.

8. Do acupressure or acupuncture

Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, according to scientists, it may help to run various internal systems and organs to cure diseases and pathology. It is not surprising that acupressure temples or properly placed needles allow you to open the energy channels of the CNS, stimulate nerve endings, which are responsible for the storage, analysis and assimilation of information. If Chinese doctor no nearby walks, you can improve your memorization of a regular massage. Put fingertips on whiskey and massage them in a circular motion, activating the thinking process and memory.

7. Play

Board games (economic, logic, puzzle etc.) is a smart start brain and improve cognitive function. Due to regular game is improving strategic and tactical thinking, which is forced to operate on the information of past experience with the purpose of the analysis. Also games improve attentiveness, concentration and memory, allowing the brain to activate the "clipboard" and put only the necessary information. A very good influence on the memory chess, Sudoku, backgammon and other similar games.

6. Get enough sleep

Quality sleep is advice for any occasion, be it curing disease, improving appearance, weight loss or strengthening memory. Only a clear head will be able to filter information coming from the outside and put it "on the shelves". Our "RAM" is working not only during the day but at night, providing a close link between consciousness and subconsciousness. If you don't want then to clean up the "bugs" and "errors" in memory, remove "broken clusters", secure your dream in a calm and quiet atmosphere in the night time. The duration should be at least 7-8 hours.

5. Refrain from multitasking

Many people are proud of themselves, saying I, as Caesar, doing several things at once. Remember, what happens in the computer's memory when you run a lot of tabs in the background include the film, Yes, and time download torrent multiple files? That's right, the RAM is unable to cope, and each of the tasks starts to "slow down", and sometimes system hangs. That's about the same thing happens to our brains when we're trying to keep in memory multiple processes. If you focus on performing one or two tasks that you will complete them ahead of schedule and very high quality.

4. Focus on physical education

Another universal tip on all occasions, because a healthy mind can be only in a healthy body. It is known that many people of insight come during physical activity – work in the garden, hike, workout, swim, dance, jog, etc. With all that you "knocked" in the head on the move, is remembered much better and more reliable. So don't waste my free time in Voznesenie in a comfortable bed – take the case and provide the brain access to oxygen that promotes the formation of new cells and neural connections.

3. Visualize memories

Many people have shaped and developed a photographic memory, so to elicit information about any event much easier, recreating in detail all the circumstances, form, appearance etc. while storing information for associative invent her image that will help in the future faster to unload at the right time. By the way, this is based on our emotions that we experience in the contemplation of old photos, remembering the sensations, the sounds of the surrounding atmosphere, the taste of the food, the beauty of nature, etc.

2. Practice meditation and breathing

Yoga helps to become a single-tasking person, for example, is completely out of my head all extraneous thoughts, focusing on the most important. Meditation also clears and frees the mind as if stops all of the operational processes in the brain. Thus, after class you begin to load the brain with zero, so the memory will record all the necessary data. Correct deep breathing promotes oxygen saturation of the brain.

1. Communicate

Communication makes a person in fast mode to operate with concepts and knowledge, own experience and is responsible for memory. The more topics you cover in the conversation, the more logical arguments have to find the better trained memory. Of course, idle chatter about shopping, household items or posting gossip will not enrich your brain as well as productive conversations, literate discussions and finding creative solutions. Don't forget that while speaking supported close contact between neurons, their synapses, which is essential for good memory.

A little bit of attention, diligence, and training will allow you to remember large amount of information and time to unload the brain. By the way, a healthy lifestyle – this is a significant breakthrough on the road to long-term and high-quality memory.

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