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10 psychological tricks that really work


In life sometimes lack of skill of persuasion and open communication. Anyway, in communications between people, there are various verbal or non-verbal obstacles. Surprisingly, from all sorts of things may depend on the location of the source formed opinions about you, as well as his mood and inclination to support your decision. If you want to be successful, to always obtain a desired position after the interview, consent to the proposal date, then you will need a few psychological tricks that work in a variety of situations.

Of course, these methods apply to neurolinguistic programming – and this is the technology of manipulating the human consciousness and subconscious. We do not advise to resort to such tricks often, because they change the will of the individual, that is unfair and inhumane. Rather, we present here examples of such "tricks" to you have learned to recognize manipulations in communication and to avoid them. For example, the modern marketing and business negotiations built on subtle methods of managing human psyche.

Here are these 10 psychological "life hacks" that you often mentioned in your life, but never thought about it.

10. Silence is Golden

An ancient proverb says that your language should be kept under control and to only speak things that you believe. And the verbiage for a business meeting or interview is a sign of infantile and deprived of a sense of tact person. But today we will talk about the other side of this statement. It turns out that person can be forced to spread the right information, to extract hidden facts and data with the help of silence. NLP-experts suggest that in the process of communication often remain silent even when you during the course of the dialogue may be needed remarks. Not maintaining communication, you allow the emergence of the awkward pauses that the other person would try to fill any way, and sometimes laying out the details you are interested in the transaction.

9. Use names

This technique is harmless and I can even say enjoyable. Since childhood a person's name associated with something good – he was mom or dad, friends from the street, the classmates. That is, addressing the questioner by name, you will in most cases increase his sympathy to your person. At least if you need to attract a person's attention to some kind of moment or action, then make sure to call him by his name. If you want to convince of the correctness, do not forget to say the person's name next to the words "listen", "let's see", "I believe you", etc. of Course, this trick may not work if the other person is bad Association with his name. This happens when his family was dominated by affectionate nicknames "daughter", "son", "Bunny", "sweetie", etc., and the name was used in the words of punishment for misconduct, for example: "Alexander, you're again scattered toys" or "Faith, tonight you're grounded."

8. Reception ten minutes

On routine post often, it happens that monotonous work very hard to finish. Or rainy weather may cause drowsiness, against which productivity falls to a critical level. Disorders in the family, a night of partying, health problems – many reasons not to bring scheduled the case to the end, especially if it is not backed by extra motivation in the form of recognition, earnings or savings in time. However, you need to take yourself in hand and to do unloved business, but how? Reception says that it is sufficient to push yourself 10 minutes to do routine work, and the body changes, attention is diverted, and now you the hour of performing the plan. Even if you suddenly distracted, then 10 minutes of productive work – it is better than nothing.

7. Accept your mistakes

The Council also needs to consider useful and actively used in all spheres of life. The ability to admit wrong, especially minor errors – this ability is strong and fair people. This allows you to build a relationship of trust with another person or partner. Some marketers also suggest to take the blame for minor offenses you did not commit. In terms of a partnership strategy that is the right decision – allows you to increase credibility among people. From the point of view of ethics and conscience for such a method, of course, unacceptable.

6. Yes, I remember you told(a) me about it

Many people, especially in the age of love repeated in his story. They do this deliberately to once again draw attention to the event, or unconsciously, forgetfulness – does not matter. It is not necessary to interrupt the interviewee and say that you heard earlier this information. Again listen carefully to the person, nodding, in the middle of the story gently remind that they haven't forgotten his words or to pretend that I just remembered this is his story. So the other person will understand that his time spent and efforts are appreciated.

5. The Method Of "Mirror"

A popular trick that suggest not only marketers, but many psychologists. To call the location of the person you can try non-verbal it "reflect". For example, you can take the same pose as the source (to sit with your arms crossed or legs, lean on the object, take a pencil, etc.). Next, gently try to copy the style of communication of the person, use common in his vocabulary words, and sometimes even facial expressions. The main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to arouse the suspicion of the interlocutor.

4. Fear of loss

Everyone is afraid of something to lose. Advertising agents are advised to use the "limitirovanie" to increase demand for the product or service. People may have to postpone the purchase or even not to think about it, but to play on his fears of loss is very simple – let, offer is limited, tickets are sold out, there are only a few instances, people queue, etc. We do not suggest to use this method in relation to other people, but you can protect themselves thus against manipulation.

3. Let the people speak

We all love to tell and share their knowledge, emotions. But in business and personal sphere is very important listening skills. Allow the interviewee to Express his point of view or to bring the information, which is obviously known to you. People like to talk and to Express their position, therefore, giving them this opportunity, you increase the mood of the person and have the right mood that with high probability will permit the deal in your favor.

2. Share something personal

In any partnership it is important not to forget that each person has a different personal life from business. It's at work he's a shark or cocky alpha male, but life can be good-natured and helpful man, who loves to dig in the beds on the weekends. Share intimate moments while chatting with the desired person. Can begin alone, referring to a recently viewed movie, or gently weaving into the conversation a hobby. There's a chance that with a future partner you have found common interests that will allow us to expand the boundaries of trust.

1. The illusion of choice

Another bad technique of manipulating. How to make to do something the person who persists and dislikes in this activity? Just offer him the illusion of choice. For example, the employee wants to work overtime because he had a family and children. Invite him to dwell on the choice today 1 more hour, or tomorrow at 3. Yes, the employee will choose the lesser of two evils, but he's already worked an hour longer and, hence, break its initial setting of "not to stay at work." Welcome harmful, suppresses the will of man, forcing him to abandon his worldview. Therefore, we give it only to teach people to protect themselves from above.

Here are the psychological methods used by many advertisers and business coach to achieve success in their activities. Some can really be applied in life for success, and other dishonest towards the people, therefore, are mentioned in the article more as an "anti-tips".

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