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10 psychological tricks to manipulate people


Surely each of you has a friend who is perfectly fine with everyone. This is a very sociable person, it's great to imagine people. How did he get so successful? Here one should not jump to conclusions that this man is kind, unselfish and just ducky. In fact, he is a good psychologist, to understand people and knowing their weaknesses. So, today we will share with you the ten psychological tricks to manipulate others, and perhaps after reading you will never want to be like her too sociable friend.

10. Please contact the person named

And the first trick is to just call your interlocutor by name. Of course, in conversation with friends it seems weird, but we have now and it's not about that. For example, you got a new job where a lot of people. And then the boss refers to you by name. "Wow, he remembered my name! This is a great sign," you think too naive and impressionable person. Others have suggested that in using the dialogue to their name, treat them with respect. In General, such a simple detail conversation really has to his companion. So, the first step on the way to manipulation of man is over.

9. Ask about the service

This method works fine provided that your status or financial position will be at least a little bit, but higher than the potential victim. Suppose you have some influence (Deputy head of the Department or an accountant, is charged wages). Just gently ask some of the colleagues of a lower rank on any service and you will be surprised how many helpful people. "Well, me Mikhail Andreevich asked in front of him is simply unacceptable to fail!". Or people simply expect from you some kind of reward and special treatment. Of course, it's hypocrisy, but, alas, it's part of human psychology. By the way, some people are generally very difficult to reject another person, so to catch this on the hook not difficult.

8. Initially ask for more than you need

It is generally a Golden rule for those who wish to subjugate another person. Look. Initially as our measuring stick a very tall bar to perform a figure which is not very real (no matter what it was the workload or the allocation of money). The second side believes that the way it should be and tries the figure to perform. Of course, in the course of action difficulties and problems. We understandingly turn a blind eye, so positioning more people to him. In the end, the victim did a good job, got our pseudodementia, and we, in turn, just get out as much as originally we had actually. Voila.

7. Flatter

But this holovackiy should act carefully in order not to be considered trivial toady. It is important to pay attention to the details. For example, a person shy or simply "nerd". This enough just a few epithets with regards to his confidence or attractiveness, and he no longer listens to anyone else. Or that your friend can't get a girlfriend. Just let him know that "it is just not in it, and these girls do not know what you want" and get the desired result. Well, if you really pitching to begin to extol its "bricks" and "banks", then it will automatically be transferred into a hat.

6. Reflect the behavior of other people

It is no secret that almost everyone wants to be, if not best, then certainly want to give a colleague, a neighbor, and just that one uncle. So why not give our victim a great chance to be better than someone else at least in words? When talking about something unobtrusive hint to the caller that he is a great man, a diligent worker and a wonderful friend. Not that roly from her She runs around in pubs, not that Andrei-quitter award does not receive the second month, and certainly not something that Serge, which fifty dollars to not give maybe three weeks. Believe me, it works perfectly. People instantly exalts itself (if not outwardly, then in my head exactly) and considers your opinion is authoritative. After all, who else will open your eyes to the "true" state of Affairs.

5. Nod your head

Yes, nod your head when talking. And be sure to do this with a serious face, full of understanding and penetrating to every word of the interlocutor. More preferably still listen to what was going on, in order to nod at the right time. And don't get too carried away, so that the head of the opponent in your face not an image of a Chinese idol, or Gerasimos, who all agree. In most cases, the person really will believe that you understand and share his point of view, and this is very important – after all, understanding people to talk to much nicer and more productive. However, your nod is just part of the psychological game.

4. Offer something people can't refuse

Yes, Yes, Yes, our psychological traps are becoming more attractive. This method is perfect for those who know a few weaknesses of colleagues or friends, whose confidence and favor of trying to win for their own sinister purposes. Depending on the scale you brewed porridge in the course can go anything: imported beer, movie tickets, candy, celebrity autograph. The money in the end. In General, absolutely anything particularly eager opponent, but at the same time for you to get it is not great work. People like when they pay attention to their Hobbies and "wishlist", and more like when a benefactor helps them realize.

3. Keep calm

Calm and confident – these qualities are particularly appreciated in each person. Calm personality is very easy to earn trust. Interlocutors and just people nearby think you know everything in advance, because not panic. For them, your peace of mind and equanimity is a sign that everything is going according to plan (in fact, it is not always coincides with reality). Anyway, you'll attract people if you become to keep a low profile, steadily and quietly, as if the whole situation is in your hands. It does produce the desired effect.

2. Use fatigue

Do we want at the end of the work day to ramble on about and discuss a particular question? Are we willing, take a good hard, long to grasp the meaning of the requests of the interlocutor? Of course not. Being tired, easier to run an errand to him from behind rather than enter into the swing of things and to reflect on the decision. That's why selfish people can use fatigue other person in their interests. Agree, late at night, when you're tired, and in the morning when more awake and mentally active, look at the same work varies significantly. It is possible that under the influence of fatigue you did what you did and should not have been, if only you pulled today.

1. Repeat the words of his companion

Also a very effective trick. Here we give the impression not only of interest but also give the other person understand that his words to us are empty words and have weight. It's nice when you said a good phrase or so succinctly described the situation that the opponent nothing more than to quote you. However, it is again a psychological game. Repeating the words of the interlocutor, we will not only facilitate the task for themselves to have a conversation (there is no need to invent beautiful words and expressions), but also inspire him pseudodomain. They say, well said, fellow! And now the source much more pleasant to communicate with us.

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