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10 common causes of hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids is a varicose veins of the rectum. For many of us it is very surprising to learn about the presence of such a diagnosis, despite the fact that the disease never appears in a vacuum. Increase hemorrhoids caused by disruption of the valve apparatus veins of the rectum, causing the blood stagnates in them, gradually damaging their structure. For the formation of this disease need certain predisposing factors, excluding which can significantly reduce the risk of disorders of venous circulation in the rectal blood vessels. About 10 main instigators of hemorrhoids will be discussed further.

10. Sedentary and sedentary lifestyle

People leading a sedentary life, or whose work involves daily for long periods in a seated position, have all chances to earn the hemorrhoids. Nowadays this problem is very topical because of development of technological progress human life has become much easier, so no need to be moveable, unlike our ancestors, for whom physical activity was the main factor for survival.

The deficit of movement and regular physical activity leads to persistent relaxation of muscles, including the muscles of the intestine. Against this background there is chronic constipation, which in turn is a provoking factor of hemorrhoids.

9. Age

Why is it often acute and chronic forms of hemorrhoids it is diagnosed in the elderly? The thing is that in this age the human body undergoes certain changes: blood vessels become more fragile and lose elasticity, appear irregularities in the cardiovascular and digestive systems start to show the consequences of bad habits and inactive lifestyle. Due to all the above the blood stagnates in the inferior Vena cava and symptoms of hemorrhoids.

8. Genetic predisposition

This is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids. In the presence of bad heredity, hemorrhoids can occur in the absence of other precipitating factors. The fact that parents we inherit not only the external signs, but also features of structure of vessels, muscles and intestines. So if you have a family among close relatives, there were cases varicose rectal veins, then it is likely that this could happen to you. This can be avoided only if compliance with recommendations on diet and physical activity, as well as to undergo regular preventive examination by a specialist.

7. Pregnancy

During pregnancy a woman's body occur a variety of physiological changes. Growing uterus puts pressure on the pelvic organs, including the rectum. This may disrupt the circulation in the vessels kolorektalnah zone. In addition, pregnant very often suffer from chronic constipation, especially in the later stages of gestation, and this is another factor that triggers the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Also, hemorrhoids may appear as a result of strong attempts during expulsion of the fetus through the birth canal. So many young mothers in varying degrees are suffering from this disease.

6. Hard physical labor

People, by nature of their daily activities involved in the lift and move heavy loads also run the risk of sooner or later to detect the increase of hemorrhoids. This applies to professional athletes heavyweights.

5. Diseases of internal organs

The occurrence of hemorrhoids is associated with some internal diseases. These include: liver cirrhosis, ulcerative colitis, varicose veins, prostate adenoma, tumors of the pelvis.

In these cases, stagnation of blood in the rectal area caused by poor circulation of internal organs and inflammation in the intestine. Hemorrhoids will be a secondary disease, the elimination of which is necessary to start with treatment of the underlying disease.

4. The psychological factor

Prolonged exposure of a person in a depressed mental state can also cause hemorrhoids. Depression itself is not capable to become the direct cause of this disease, but it can cause a person to change their way of life and provoke the emergence of bad habits, which in turn, leads to disruption of blood circulation in the veins of the rectum.

3. Stress

Stress leads to persistent spasm of the smooth muscle which makes up the intestinal wall. Chronic emotional stress can lead to metabolic disorders which can lead to constipation.

In addition, not many of us can, being under stress, maintain a healthy lifestyle and to maintain normal physical activity. The result will be the appearance of stagnation and the increase of hemorrhoids.

2. Prolonged sitting on the toilet

Prosizhivanie hours in the room for reflection also may sooner or later cause the appearance of hemorrhoids. Frequent and prolonged bearing-down efforts, which is characteristic for defecation, contribute to disruption of the valve apparatus of vessels and deformation of the venous walls.

1. Violations of the chair

This problem can torment both men and women, and children, and the elderly. Reasons for delay defecation not so few: poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, etc. in violation of the mechanism of excretion of fecal masses, the intestinal wall begin to squeezed the accumulated feces, which affects the blood vessels of the pelvis. Also during bowel movements, hard stool can injure a hemorrhoids what will occur periodically bleeding.

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