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10 common types of love


Love is what every man needs, even if he conceals. A wonderful feeling fills you with joy, is inspiring, but at the same time, it can become a source of major problems. Love can be different: educational, and pull on the bottom. To understand their feelings, you should learn about all its types.

10. New love

Newly emerging romantic feelings – it is always a great experience and a whole bunch of hormones. New love is distinguished by the absence or small number of quarrels, romance, and mutual admiration. People who are just starting to fall, it is usually quite difficult to admit his feelings. Such a person is still independent of the object of his love, he is just beginning to look at him. New love can disappear as quickly as it had begun: this is her main drawback.

9. Annoying love

Such feelings cause others irritation: this is the case when a stranger love is confusing. Some lovers are willing to publicly show their feelings: they did not consider that they are watching people. If you really don't care what others think, don't change anything in his behavior and continue to enjoy the mutual love. If for you it is important to save face, try to Express your feelings solely alone with a partner.

8. Friendly love

You really like your friend, and very often appears the idea that it would be possible to start a romantic relationship, but that never happens. The reason is usually the same: each like is not strong enough, there is no spark in the relationship, chemistry. This is not a bad relationship, because true friendship is as valuable as true love. Many people who had been friends, and then decided to start Dating, then regret about the act. A romantic relationship can quickly end up forever ruining a friendship, but there are exceptions. Some lovers admit that before entering a relationship a few old friends, and this has contributed to strengthening their love.

7. Love the routine

People for quite some time together, but love is still here. Partners to each other completely satisfied with them together calmly and comfortably. Many routine is associated with something boring, bad however, such a relationship can be a burden and to make people happy. Such love can be called a rather simple, she's not overshadowed by doubts, suspicions and explanation of the relationship. In these trusted relationships, people go without masks: the person in them usually is what it is. It is an undoubted advantage of love-routine. If you are in the relationship is more important than just comfort, not a storm of emotions, this option would be most appropriate.

6. "The" love

Such love can be called mystical. People may quarrel, break up, get back together, break up again, but they still have one without the other will not. People may even begin to hate your partner because he is so perfect. The one love may well turn into an unhealthy and lead to tragic consequences. This most often can be avoided if couples are older and emotionally Mature.

5. Reckless love

In such a relationship, people like the fact of their existence. Partners can test each other fairly bright feelings, but usually there's only passion, mutual attraction. In such relationships, people are not ready to sacrifice something for the sake of his love, to tolerate inconvenience, to take risks. To understand the reason such relationships are usually very difficult. Reckless love may for some time to inspire, but such feelings are usually superficial. Even if the relationship will last a long time, to something serious they will not.

4. Fake love

It also happens that a person wants to have his present love was of the "same", but in the end everything turns out quite differently. Partners simply don't fit together and then break up, often with scandals and mutual insults. While there is still a relationship, people hold on to each other, usually knowing full well that it may lead to nothing, but still hoping for something. So they hinder the arrival in their lives of true feelings. Fight for love can and should, but not if it resembles a Cup that is constantly falling to pieces.

3. Unhealthy love

Unhealthy love were many. Most people enter into such relationships at a young age, while still very impressionable, however, an unhealthy love can overtake and Mature, it is quite reasonable person. These feelings are not released, they are forced to suffer greatly. People who are in such relationships cannot be considered independent. They always ask myself: "And I do love?" Man always feels that something is wrong – even in those rare periods where it is relatively happy.

Escaping from such a relationship, people usually berate myself for that at one time they began. However, everything happens for a reason. Unhealthy love provides the opportunity to learn important life lessons, become stronger.

2. Deserved love

People who are in such a relationship, can be called real heroes. They are all the time working on them, trying to earn his love. Partners support each other, stay together even in the most difficult periods of his life: for example, when one of them suffers from depression, illness or have serious money problems. These people build a life together, so they can't imagine it without each other.

1. Tragic love

Such love could not stand the betrayal, was unrequited or just over for any reason by calling the pain of parting. Tragic love leaves a scar on the soul, so to forget her is not easy. It usually takes a lot of time, in some cases, you will need a assistance (from friends, family or even a therapist).

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