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10 real reasons why men cheat


To survive the betrayal of a close person is difficult and many women can't accept, forget and forgive. For Hiking men left marriages dissolve, become unhappy all members of the family, and the world is crumbling around you. Even a short glance of the husband towards another woman makes you think, and suddenly it changes?

Psychologists say that the causes of male adultery are rooted in polygamy, and explain the desire to sleep with another woman the instinct of procreation, unconscious need to spawn as many children, high levels of testosterone and God knows what.

But such arguments are of little consolation, because we are people, not animals, to be able to cope with their instincts and to live not only a momentary weakness, but intelligence. However, there are other reasons that push men to cheat.

10. The lack of regular sex

Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the causes of male edit. You can deceive yourself by saying that sex within the family is not important and continue to talk about understanding, respect, and commitment. The man needs a lot more trivial (and better, bright, unforgettable) orgasm. If the wife for some reason doesn't want to make love with her husband and tries to satisfy his physiological needs, he will look for pleasure on the side. Sooner or later he will find what he lacks on the other partner. That is, she is guilty.

9. Do not walk up

This can explain the betrayal of men who from early youth had focused on learning, building a career, chasing a dream (apartment, car, cottage by the sea). They had no time to meet girls, to have fun and to know the opposite sex. Early marriage can only aggravate the situation. Often "cabalism" manifests itself in men of Mature age after 40 years, when global objectives are achieved, and it opens a lot of new colleague is a very sexy girl and the girls friends were invited to the sauna stag, very funny and uninhibited.

8. Boredom

When a person is bored, he is looking for entertainment. Excitement, risk, a sense of novelty – all this drags on and makes you feel new emotions, which, as it turns out, has long been lacking. Wakes ancient instinct of the hunter, who at all costs must get the loot.

The process of infidelity tickles the nerves, excites the imagination, increases the level of adrenaline in the blood. Cheating out of boredom is quite a common occurrence. To eliminate or reduce the risk of a campaign of "left", need to ensure that the husbands ' positive emotional turmoil. In a happy family both spouses are bored with each other does not happen.

7. Doesn't value relationships

Often women complain that a man does not value relations. This can happen for two reasons. Maybe that's his normal pattern of behavior with loved ones, and he doesn't appreciate anyone around. Banal selfishness and "stealing" the incurable. It is important to see that in the initial stage of the relationship.

Psychologists say that many men do not appreciate the excessive self-care and behavior of the partner, which is gradually turning into a mother, not a sex mate. With that kind of woman good friends, she all duties will take that beloved was good and thus freeing it time for a change.

6. Weakness

"Very loving man" say about a man who at every opportunity tries to put his arm around her at the party his friend's wife by the waist or without the end of the pen kisses the ladies in greeting. Even the most self-sufficient man, being surrounded by many vamps will not be able to refrain from sex. Weak "on the front" the man is unfaithful just because he has a choice. He did not even think why he wants it, just going to their goal, which after reaching becomes unimportant. Normal male, and whether to associate with such a man in your life, you should think until the relationship went too far.

5. Revenge

If a man is cheating out of revenge, without the help of the psychologist is not necessary. This behavior may be caused by an insult to all women in the world: the mother, the sister, the childhood friend from next door, the boss... the Betrayal of revenge often occur with men who have had painful experiences of first love, seriously went through a breakup with my girlfriend and even after many years are unable to forget her image, gait, smell.

Sex with other partners out of revenge may be the answer to the infidelity of his wife, who may not have destroyed the family, but left a deep trace in the soul. Sooner or later, "walk" begins most men who know about the relationship his wife "on the side", but are hesitant to reveal themselves.

4. Mujaadalah women

The woman should be weak – this statement needs no proof. Today on the trouble of the fair half of mankind learned a lot of men's Affairs: to drive a car and even driving public transport to earn money and provide for his family, and that a sin to conceal, even to do the heavy work. This behavior does not paint a woman. She begins to resemble the man, and sex between men not all causes positive emotions. Weak woman want to wear on hands, hugging, feeling its fragility and the ease to care and receive in gratitude the great emotions.

3. An example of treason

Another psychological reason. If the boy is a child saw the model of the family in which dad – candid male, then he takes it and starts to behave well. Children have a fine sense of the relationship between the parents, believing that everything that makes the closest people on earth, right. With years of example of the father's infidelity, her teenage son just does not occur that it may be otherwise.

Encourage a man to go "to the left" might be a tempting experience is constantly cheating on his wife other – times it can, why not me? The situation is compounded if someone's example of infidelity goes unpunished, and the wife either turns a blind eye to jumping from bed to bed his "husband," or just don't notice it.

2. High testosterone levels

Infidelity often "written off" at the notorious men's physiology, which must justify the infidelity of a spouse. But in this case it becomes the reason a man "to party". High testosterone levels is often a prerequisite to promiscuity. But, as a rule, they are not concerned with either love or desire to be with a partner.

Infidelity in this case is dictated by hormones. The man with a high level of testosterone want sex several times more than those who have it is normal. If beloved wife physically can't satisfy the insatiable appetite of her husband, he selects the object for stress relief "on the side". This behavior is akin to primitive, but many men, even knowing the abnormality of what is happening, nothing can be done about it.

1. Accusations of treason

Pathologically jealous women often accuse men of infidelity, which in fact was not. As you know, if a person is constantly saying that he is bad, he will believe that and will behave accordingly. So in the case of groundless accusations of treason. This most often happens when women don't get enough attention from the spouse.

But there may be psychological problems, which are the "first bell" of the hidden underlying conflicts in the relationship. Some women remarks about the alleged cheating is manipulated by their husbands, who in his zeal to prove that "nothing happened" buy them expensive gifts, arrange romantic meetings and Express their feelings in a special way.

Whatever the cause of male infidelity, it does not justify the fact of what happened. Understanding that lying to you destroys even the most strong and stable relationship. And only trust and love can be a haven of happy families.

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