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10 real reasons why women cheat


When someone starts to talk about cheating, it mostly involves men. All are used, the stronger sex often seeks female attention, but from women such behavior is almost never expect. Although according to research by social psychologists, to 60 per cent of females admit in private conversations that allow, under certain circumstances, the opportunity. The fact of change implies that current crisis in the relationship and may lead to a complete break. What is the difference between female infidelity? This may be different causes, of which the most famous are listed here.

10. Frequent separation

Maybe it looks a little strange, but frequent separation are also one of the main reasons for female infidelity. It happens that the man is hardly at home. This may be related to employment or long trip, and often he himself wants a good walk. The woman is an empty bed will always remind you how she's lonely. The feeling in the fast lane of life becomes particularly acute. And she, of course, want it somehow, but to compensate and become really popular. Therefore, comes a conscious decision, to take and modify.

9. The lack of proximity

Outside of all is seen only in pink. She has everything what it has so long sought:

  • expensive car;
  • comfortable and large apartment;
  • great job.
  • But with all this, the woman may not be probably the most important and necessary closeness with a loved one. And it's not so much about sex as more than the usual hugs and tender kisses men. Most women intimacy is simply necessary and when they are deprived of it at home, begin the search on the side. The man has more to give her friend attention, for example, arrange a candlelight dinner for two.

    8. Emotional separation

    It has long been known that women are purely emotional creatures. So so essential for them not only physical intimacy and full emotional support. But if she sees that her man is starting to move away from it, it is perceived as a real threat to their joint relationship. It seems that in this case, such a development can hardly be called a real change, most likely this is not something only a desperate attempt to go further. To prevent it, the man is simply obliged to be constantly present in the life of a woman.

    7. Revenge

    When a woman has a feeling that she was betrayed and from the inner pains of the heart, it begins to seem that the only change you will be able to restore the status quo and to return to her former composure. As one of her favorite people will suffer even more than she is. His response a woman would get the chance to compare account. It is clear that will not be easy all the incident fully dispose of its memory. However, in this case, the man can ask for her forgiveness and try their behavior to prove that this will never happen again and that he was absolutely wrong.

    6. Low self-esteem

    Some of the fairer sex present low self-esteem, which has a big impact on joint life and makes her lack of confidence in their own abilities. However, if this fact is present in a woman's life, it does not mean that she is ready to change your loved one. In this case, sex will become positive, which will raise the inner confidence of women in themselves. He will help her to feel again what love and respect men. And when a woman will be aware of the fact that their relationship is secure, it will certainly resist attempts to commit an act of adultery.

    5. The desire to end the relationship

    Often the woman, in order to end their relationship, that it is no longer satisfied, decides to commit adultery. Indeed, in common life it also happens that no one wants to be the first to initiate a breakup, the fact of treason will be an easy way to end it, and it is possible that for men, too. Many women decide to change for exactly this reason, so partners really important to try to jointly solve all the problems. A man ought to let her know how much he loves her and to offer assistance if necessary for the sake of a relationship.

    4. Midlife crisis

    As is known, the so-called midlife crisis not pass anyone and women are also affected. They are more than men Express concern because the upcoming of aging and often try to hide their fears associated with the fear of loss of those qualities that gave them an irresistible appeal. Possible cheating could be a way out of the situation and allow the woman to feel like before, more beautiful and sexy. However, as a result of this, it could just get worse. Perhaps even lose your loved one, at the same time, and do not build a permanent relationship on the side.

    3. Money

    The financial aspect can also strongly affect the relationship between partners. When money is simply not enough, begins to show the joint life dissatisfaction, increased irritability and a desire somehow to fix it. One way out of this situation, the woman sees in a possible new relationship on the side with another man who can solve all the financial problems far better than her current partner. What to do in this case man? Probably only one – just try as much as possible to earn a living.

    2. Boring in bed

    Over time, sex can become boring and monotonous actions, because it implies:

  • the same position partners;
  • an unchangeable situation;
  • one and the same man.
  • Therefore, the possibility of having a small affair on the side, again includes sexual imagination and brings a new thrill for many women. To avoid such development of relations it is better not to repeat sex in the same situation, and to try to do it in a variety of positions and locations. And remember that surprise is good for female libido.

    1. A feeling that it is not appreciated

    It is known that women are responsible for many important functions in the house:

  • maintaining General order and cleanliness;
  • classes for children;
  • purchasing products;
  • organization of receiving guests.
  • And a variety of other duties related to the creation of comfort and upbringing of the children. Over time, women may begin to produce a certain feeling that it was a rather ordinary housewife, than just a dear friend. In this case, it is often a temptation to find a romantic relationship somewhere on the side. This also often happens when the man is more on his work than at home. To prevent the occurrence of such situation, there is no need to leave work, much more important than just time to thank your woman for all that she does for you.

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