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The 10 restaurants whose founders have bother and come up with their own thing


Modern large cities are full of signs of multiple restaurants, cafes and other establishments where people can enjoy fine dining, a quick snack or coffee. In the fierce competition to become meaningful and a success will not every institution, so their owners are trying to think of any "trick", through which their restaurant will attract the attention of visitors, to stay afloat for many years.

Below you can see a list of institutions whose authors have taken special care to have their restaurant become one of the most memorable in the world.

10. Dick's Last Resort restaurant chain in the United States

American chain of 17 restaurants is striking in its originality. All the places are decorated in an awkward style, their interiors are of bad taste and incompatibility, the staff is rude.

At the beginning of the network owners wanted to make an elite institution, but failed, then they called for a creative idea to create restaurants, characterized by sloppiness, with tables without tablecloths and napkins hitting waiters in the face. Visitors liked the idea of the owners, the restaurants are happy to drop customers.

Kitchen establishments primarily consists of seafood, burgers, and barbecue grills.

9. Dans Le Noir? Paris (France)

More than 10 years ago opened the restaurant "Dans le Noir", whose name translated from French means "In the dark". The guests, once inside, are left in the dark, while serving also light not include.

The idea of this institution lay in the fact that healthy people are able to feel how the blind feel every day, to understand that lack of sight does not mean lack of life. It is noteworthy that the service in the restaurant is undertaken by the staff with very poor vision, or completely devoid of it. The visitors don't know the name of a particular dish that they served, they must choose the type menu, for example, meat, fish or vegetarian dish.

8. Rude Food Malmö (Sweden)

Swedish restaurant gives new life to the products that are going to send to the trash due to the fact that they are spoiled, but because they have a subsistence appearance. Abandoned stores, so I believe that they are impossible to sell. In Sweden, people are very concerned that those products are not used as intended. Therefore, the employees "Rude Food" took on the mission to rescue them. Cook places the substandard transform into a delicious dish, and part of the proceeds the owners sent to the charity.

7. Amix Coffee, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

When travelling to Vietnam, you should visit the town of Ho Chi Minh city, it is a restaurant. Before entering the school, visitors are asked to remove your shoes and wash your feet. It is not just for two floors contain shallow pools, floating in the fish, which tickle the heel. To pet fish is permitted, and feed not, as it may harm their health, worry about the state of the pet restaurant is not necessary, as the water in which they swim, is cleaned through special filters for fish life created the most comfortable conditions.

6. EENMAAL, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The restaurant "Eenmaal" was opened last year, is located in Amsterdam. Chip is that the tables it is only for one visitor. Creator of the restaurant says that her institution destroys all the stereotypes about that going out to dinner or lunch is a shared event. From the first days of the opening of the "Eenmaal" became a tremendous success among visitors, as it turned out, those who like to eat alone in Amsterdam is home to no few.

5. Hajime Robot Restaurant, Bangkok (Thailand)

In Thailand you can find a lot of amazing things, "Hajime Robot Restaurant" is no exception. Feature of this institution is that serve customers, not the waiters, robots, dressed in traditional costumes of the Japanese samurai and entertain people dancing.

The school visitors were given a wide range of Japanese dishes, Thai and European dishes. Restaurant prices are average. Drinks and food are ordered through a tablet (electronic menu).

4. Bonus: the restaurant Ningen, Tokyo (Japan)

The restaurant's name translated from Japanese means "man". The place became famous due to the fact that visitors could taste the dishes, which were served as the last meals of famous criminals sentenced to death. Many managed to try the last dish maniac Judiaca Buenoano, which consisted of asparagus, cherry tomatoes, broccoli and strawberries. Also here was served the last meal of the killer named Victor Veger, he chose to do the same olives as a meal. Despite the interesting idea, the restaurant was short-lived.

3. Kayabuki bar, Utsunomiya (Japan)

In Japan, tourists are attracted by restaurant "Kayabuki". The place is interesting in that instead of ordinary people, waiters, visitors are served monkey. The star of the restaurant is a monkey named Fuku-Chan, dressed in a checkered form of the black-and-white. She carries guests beer and napkins, instead of tipping in cash monkey gets soy beans.

2. Kinderkookkafé, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The institution is the fact that the dishes are prepared quite young chefs, aged 12 years, of course under the supervision of adult staff. Also children are happy to spread the self-prepared dishes to guests. Chef craft in the restaurant can learn from each child.

1. The Clink, a chain of restaurants in the UK

This chain of English restaurants became famous due to the fact that they are people, which soon ends the term of imprisonment. In institutions of not only food, but also furniture made by the hands of former criminals.

The founders have set a goal to teach and help people who have served their sentences, to navigate in modern society, to adapt to a new life.

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