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10 celebrities who have married a foreigner


Many girls dream to marry a foreigner. But if the cities can still be found "overseas" groom, a small, the chances tend to zero. Another thing – the stars, they are always in sight. It is not surprising that to win the heart of the famous Russian beauties Russian dream of, not only men but also foreigners. And it so happens that people meet, fall in love and they don't care from which country their chosen one, what language he speaks. Only here is it possible to be happy in marriage with a foreigner? They have a completely different mentality, education, values in life. In this issue you will find the answer in our article. We present to your attention the top 10 celebrities that married the foreigner.

10. Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper

The famous supermodel has long been prefer foreigners. 5 years she met with the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Later Irina attributed the connection with Justin Bieber, Dwayne Johnson. Rumors or truth, nobody knows exactly. Still Shake found your soul mate, and not in Russia. Her new lover was a Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper. Their relationship for 3 years. She even gave birth to a child that basically had no effect on her career. That's just fans of a supermodel and can't figure out she's married or not. Irina wears a ring, but in the society about the wedding don't know anything. Many people assume that they got engaged secretly. In principle, this is not so important. The main thing is that they are together, they have a full family, they love each other and be happy.

9. Sati Casanova and Stefano Tiozzo

Beautiful Sati also prefer Russian foreign suitors. By the way, the singer is an ethnic Kabardian. The girl not long ago married, in a marriage it is little more than a year. Husband of Sati – Italian Stefano Tiozzo. When meeting they made each other not a very pleasant experience. However, after a while they started an affair. The wedding, of course, celebrated in Italy. It was very large and lavish celebration. Sati and Stefano happy, the relationship is strong and trusting. Recently there was an unpleasant incident of Sati in the talk show confessed that she was having an affair with a married man. The singer was showered with harsh criticism, but her Italian husband to protect the girl. It is not hurt, he said he loves his wife, happy with her and dreams of children.

8. Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault

The Russian supermodel also has a weakness for foreigners. Her first husband, Justin Portman, a British Lord was not able to keep the beauty. They divorced. Soon Natalia was married to French businessman Antoine Arnault. The man immediately drew attention to Vodianova, they met at one event, she was still married. After a while Natalia and Antoine still got together. Soon she moved to Paris to her beloved, taking with it three children from his first marriage. Now they have a big family, Natalia Arnaud gave birth to two sons. However their relationship is not officially registered, but Natalia has long boasted an engagement ring.

7. Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias

Tennis player Anna is jealous of most women around the world. After all, she managed to seduce the most famous Spanish macho Iglesias. Their love story began not with romance. Kournikova starred in Enrique clip. At that time the girl inflamed lip, the singer insulted her. In the story he was supposed to kiss the girl, but refused. Clip still removed, and the young people began to meet. What rumors are spread about them! Said they were married, but then divorced. There was talk that Enrique is gay and Anna he needs to cover. In General, a protracted affair no one was left. In 2017, Anna gave birth to twins. In spite of that, Iglesias and Kournikova have been together for 17 years. If that's not love, so what?

6. Ekaterina Andreeva and Dusan Perovic

And here is the story of Catherine is very romantic. Her future husband saw a famous TV presenter on TV and immediately fell in love. Dusan Perovic ethnic Serb-Montenegrin. Friends helped a well-known businessman to get acquainted with the beautiful Catherine. But Dusan had to "run" for Andreeva. She did not immediately accept his advances. In addition, she had a daughter from his first marriage. Catherine was very worried how she will take her new chosen one. But Dusan was able to win the girl. In 1997 Andreeva married. Their family life is built on compromises and arrangements, very different characters. But they are together and still happy.

5. Natasha Poly and Peter Bakker

Another famous Russian supermodel gave his heart to a foreign citizen. Soulmate Natasha – Peter Bakker, a businessman from the Netherlands. They started Dating in 2003. After 5 years the couple announced their engagement, and three years later they were married. These relations are time-tested. Happy family, Natasha had two children. By the way, this couple never attracted the attention of scandals, quarrels. They have a great relationship.

4. Lena Katina and Sasho kuzmanović

Once Lena has positioned itself as a supporter of sexual orientation. Apparently it was necessary to draw attention to the famous pop group. Lena is married now, and not for a woman. Her husband was a Slovenian musician Sasho kuzmanović. Their marriage lasted for 5 years, in 2015, Katina gave birth to a child. The singer cherishes his happiness, and never puts it off. She does not publish family pictures, does not give candid interviews. But still, on those rare photos that Lena shares with the fans, it is clear that she is very happy.

3. Olga Ushakova

About the personal life of popular TV presenter is known very little. She recently got married, but it is surprising that so no one knows the name of her husband. The wedding took place in Cyprus. She posted a wedding photo in "Instagram", but about my personal life still does not respond. What can I say, if no one knows who was her first boyfriend. Olga has two children who their father is also unknown. Maybe it's right, it is not necessary to show his happiness. At least Ushakov sure.

2. Alena Zavarzina and Vic wild

Who could marry a Russian girl? Of course, the same for the athlete. Only chosen it originally from the U.S., Vic wild snowboarder, like Alena. By the way, Zavarzin drew her husband "to his faith." He took Russian citizenship and plays exclusively for Russia. They met during the world Cup, which took place in Holland. Three years they just talked, until I realized that treat each other not as friends. The wedding was held in Novosibirsk, Vick is now called Victor. By the way, the husband savarino during the Olympic games in Sochi to Russia earned two gold medals.

1. Lyubov Kazarnovskaya and Robert Rostick

Kazarnovskaya and her partner have been together for almost 30 years. They met in 1989. Austrian Robert Roszyk came to Moscow for the contest. He had to select 12 of the most talented Opera singers to work in the Viennese Opera. Love was in the happy dozen. Their romance was swift. Robert is often called the girl on professional issues, they communicated exclusively at work. When Kazarnovskaya arrived in Vienna, she noticed that Roszik so tenderly applies only to her. She soon married him. They had a son, who followed in the footsteps of their parents and decided to study music.

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