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10 Russian stars, who became friends with celebrities


For many is the discovery that many celebrities not only to communicate with domestic stars, but also are good friends. The stars of domestic and foreign show business often cooperate and maintain friendly relations. Most often, friends are the stars who work in similar industries. For example, many supermodels are friends with Russian models. And the actors who happened to work together, communicate often and in everyday life.

10. Lena Perminova and Bella Hadid

Russian model Lena Perminova and world supermodel Bella Hadid do not hide the fact that they communicate well. In 2017, at a party in Dubai girls are often seen together. Party models came along. During social events, Lena posted a video on instagram with Bella and signed it "Love you!". After such recognition it is difficult not to guess that the model closely communicate not only at work but also in everyday life. Also, to hold a drawing on instagram, the money from which Lena is transferred to the Fund of assistance to disabled children, Bella gave her dress. It was sold for 1 200 000 thousand.

9. Valery Kaufman and Jared Leto

Russian model Valery Kaufman paparazzi often caught together with musician and actor Jared Leto. The girl you see on the shows Channel, Dolce Gabbana and many other famous brands. Almost all mass media claim that the model meets Jared. But neither the actor nor model such rumors did not comment. Everyone knows that Jared is famous for his love Affairs, but perhaps with Valeria, they share only friendship. And perhaps no. We can only guess what is happening between young people. Because the actor is not the first time meeting with Russian models. Some time his girl was Anastasia Krivosheeva.

8. Miroslava Duma and Kim Kardashian

Miroslav Duma and Kim Kardashian share a love for fashion. Girls can often be seen together at fashion shows. Miroslava Duma is the founder of the online magazine about fashion and Kim all known socialite and model. Once it becomes clear that to talk about the girls abound. And to understand how closely Miroslav and Kim talk, just a fact. Miroslav was invited to the party of the family Kardashian-West on the birth of the third child of the couple. By the way, there were invited only the closest friends of Kim. Which proved to be our life.

7. Victoria Bonia and Hofit Golan

Russian socialite Victoria Bonya and Israeli leading Hofit Golan have been friends for over 10 years. The anniversary of their friendship, the girls went to celebrate in the Maldives. But not only on round dates girls prefer to spend the holiday together. They often travel together to different resorts in the world and do a joint photo shoot. Victoria and Hofit can often be seen together on the red carpet, social events and parties. According to Victoria, they Hofit more than just friends. They are real sisters. In show business it's not often you meet such a strong friendship between the two celebrities.

6. Natalia Vodianova and Karlie Kloss

Natalia Vodianova has long earned its status as the world supermodels like Karlie Kloss. Both regularly participate in fashion shows of famous designers and removed for glossy magazines. Every year Natalia Vodianova organises a charity fair, which invites world celebrities. The purpose of this fair is to raise funds for children with special needs and their families. Karlie Kloss best friend Vodianova and simply not indifferent people, has a huge support in organising the charity fair. Girls can only be proud of, because they help people who need the money. Natalia Vodianova and Karlie Kloss are destroying the stereotype is not only that female friendship does not exist, but about the opinion of ordinary people that all models are silly and only think about yourself, fashion shows and parties.

5. Irina Shayk and Chrissy Teigen

Another famous pair of friends models. More than 10 years ago Russian model Irina Shayk and Australian model Chrissy Teigen met on the set of advertising swimwear. Since acquaintance, the girls became best friends, and is not part. After the birth of her first daughter Chrissy moon Shake refers to the girl as their niece. Regularly makes the moon expensive gifts and brings with it a long time. However now is not very much, because recently Irina herself has become a mother daughter. But despite the fact that both models are busy raising children, they often spend time together. Chrissy even shared the photo on his instagram with Irina Shayk and signed that very first meeting, and to this day she thinks that Irina is the most beautiful woman on the planet. And for years of friendship, her opinion has not changed.

4. Svetlana Khodchenkova and Hugh Jackman

Khodchenkova and Jackman connects work in the film “Wolverine”, where the actors played the main roles. In one interview, she admitted that while kissing with Hugh Jackman she was jealous of herself and with him incredibly easy to work with. But not only Khodchenkova was pleased to work with the Australian actor. Hugh Jackman has admitted that Russia should be proud of the actress.

3. Maria Sharapova and Chelsea Handler

Russian tennis player and American TV have a long history of friendship. Girls often are traveling and resting together. A few years ago, Chelsea figured out how to congratulate your best friend. The TV presenter was photographed Topless, barely shielding his chest. Under the photograph she wrote a greeting and bikini area were covered bonsai. But fans of the tennis players did not appreciate the congratulations and pounced on Chelsea with angry comments. We hope that at least Sharapova liked it. Well, after greetings it is easy to see that the girls a very warm relationship.

2. Anna Kournikova and Serena Williams

Anna Kournikova and Serena Williams are friends for many years. And over the years, the girls friendship only gets stronger. They are regularly seen together at social events and fashion shows. Anna and Serena strongly support each other. Serena respects the desire of Anna to keep her personal life away from the paparazzi, so when interview asked her about Anna, she never answers to such questions. Recently, Anna and Serena became young mothers, and the conversation they had even more. Anna Kournikova and Serena Williams once again prove that real friendship exists and it cannot be destroyed.

1. Ulyana Sergeenko and Lady Gaga

Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko has long participated in international fashion shows. Back in 2011 the girl first presented at the Paris fashion week his debut collection, which was warmly received by fashion critics. Among her clients a huge amount of Hollywood stars. Particularly strong outfits from Sergeenko likes of Dita von Teese, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and singer Lady Gaga. The singer regularly wears outfits from Ulyana not only social events but also in everyday life.

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