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10 celebrities who have hidden the real fathers of their children


The life of celebrities has always been and will be of interest to ordinary people. Especially if the stars are trying to hide from everyone some of the details of his personal life. And this only fuels interest in his person. And one of the main mysteries that excite the minds of men – the birth of the children of the famous women and the fathers of their children.

10. Anna Sedokova

The former lead singer of girl group VIA gra Anna Sedokova mother of three children. Third child the girl gave birth in 2017. But until now, information about what is the father of the newborn is still not received. Many fans of the singer suggest that the baby's father was the lead singer of the band Mband Anatoliy Tsoy. Young people can often be found together and instagram both often appear pictures. It is not surprising that rumors about the paternity. Neither Anatoly nor Anna these rumors are not confirmed, nor denied. And we can only guess who the father of the youngest son of Anna Hector.

9. Eva Polna

Another singer who has long kept silent about the father of her daughter Evelyn is Eva Polna. The singer managed to keep secret until 2012. Broadcast TV Andrey Malakhov secret revealed Denis Klyaver. Surprisingly eve, the man admitted that a few years ago they had an affair, after which Evelina was born. About this eve learned from the media that started calling her. Within five years after birth, Denis did not recognize his paternity. A eve this state of Affairs was arranged. She did not want to expose my personal life. For the singer was a shock of recognition men. She even called it an act of betrayal. But despite such an act, the singer did not limit the communication between father and daughter.

8. Svetlana Khorkina

According to Svetlana Khorkina not she kept the child's father, and he chose to remain anonymous. For a long time about the father of the son of Svetlana knew nothing. But then came the information that the father – Kirill shubsky. By the way, the man at the time of the child's birth was married to actress Vera Glagoleva. That's why he chose to hide his paternity. The child he never acknowledged, and to rumors about his infidelity, took Svetlana to give birth in the US under a different name. After the birth of a son, Cyril stopped all relationships with the athlete, but helped him with money. In an interview, the girl admitted that modern men cannot be held responsible for their actions. Not difficult to guess that the phrase was dedicated to Cyril Shubsky.

7. Yulia Peresild

Famous actress Julia Peresild is one of those stars who hate talking about their personal lives. She prefers to talk about her family. Including a long time the paternity of her daughters Anna and Mary were shrouded in mystery. But despite this, the press is so strongly pushed on the actress that had to give up. In an interview, she admitted that the father of the girls is directed by Alexei Uchitel. After some time and the Director has made an indirect confirmation of his paternity. Doubt journalists and the public were finally dispelled when the Director and the actress together with her daughters attended the ball.

6. Agnia Ditkovskite

Rumors about the new addition to the family of the actress distributed a long time ago. Apparently, after the negative experience that you received after marriage with Alexei Chadov, the actress has decided that privacy is better to hide from prying eyes away. From her marriage to actor the girl has one child. But instagram Agnes periodically photographs and other evidence that the actress recently had another child. But nothing more than rumors cannot figure out. Agnes conceals any information about his family. Maybe sooner or later she will devote journalists in their personal lives, and while the actress prefers to remain silent.

5. Ingeborga Dapkunaite

Actress of Lithuanian origin, Ingeborga Dapkunaite often removed in Russian paintings and good speaking in Russian. For a long time that the actress has a baby no one knew. But in honor of the 55th anniversary, she released a film called "All that is written about me is not true." At the end of the documentary was a piece in which the actress reveals her son. For many, this news came as a shock. After all, the boy was already old enough at the time of the picture. About father, of course, was not a word. But the only thing known is the wedding of the actress and the Russian lawyer Dmitry Yampolsky. In addition to career of the lawyer, the husband Ingeborga engaged in the restaurant business. It is quite possible that Dimitri is the boy's father.

4. Svetlana Loboda

Another former member of the group VIA gra. Recently Svetlana gave birth to a child, the father of which nothing is known so far. But what of the rumors about the paternity of the child Loboda does not go. Fatherhood is even credited with the frontman of the German band Rammstein till Lindemann the the. Such rumors began to spread after on instagram there was a picture of the musician and singer. He is a rocker, knowing the story and his alleged child, just laughed at this news. Loboda and she still prefers to remain silent and all free time devotes to education of the child. And we can only guess how truthful it is possible to consider the rumors that circulate in the press.

3. Albina Dzhanabaeva

A participant VIA gra prefer to remain silent about who became the fathers of their children. The same fate befell Dzhanabaeva. In 2004, the singer gave birth to a boy and named him Constantine. The mystery of birth and fatherhood lasted for five years. But after a few years Valery Meladze admitted that in addition to three daughters, which the singer gave birth to the first wife, he has another child. Then a shadow fell on Albina. In the end, after the birth of her second son from Meladze, the secret is out and already the pair did not deny that the father is Valery.

2. Tatiana Navka

When Tatiana Navka met future second husband, he was still married. But despite this, in 2014, she gave birth to a child, Dmitry Peskov. At first, the birth of his daughter had to hide from the public and journalists. After the birth of a politician started to make the divorce from his first wife. As long as the process of obtaining the divorce did not come to an end, nobody knew who was the father of the girl. And only after that he married Tatiana. After some time the couple second daughter was born. According to Tatyana, the second child she doesn't want to stop dreaming about another baby. Athlete wants to give her husband another son.

1. Svetlana Ivanova

Russian actress Svetlana Ivanova never wanted to spread about his personal life. Therefore, after the birth of her daughter Polina, she did not make any comments about someone who became a newly minted father. Few years, the actress gave birth to another child. And again, the information that the father of the second baby girl was hidden. Some media suggest that the father of the baby Svetlana became a film Director dzhanik Fayziev. With a man she met over 11 years ago. Perhaps this is just a rumor, and we will never know the name of the father of the children of the actress.

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