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10 celebrities who manage to lose weight


Fashion types of the female figure is very changeable. Not so long ago it was thin, thin arms and legs. Models, walking on catwalks, was an unattainable ideal for many girls. Now popular slim fit figure with prominent Breasts and buttocks. What did not make women to conform to these standards. But it is much harder in this regard the stars. If a normal girl gets fat for a few pounds, then many friends will hesitate to tell her in person. But on the extra pounds celebrities will speak to the whole country. In the tabloids and then there are ugly photos of them in swimsuits. Therefore, they always strive to be in good shape. Below is the list of Russian stars who were able to lose weight. Now they look lovely and inspiring by his example all who wish to get their hateful pounds.

10. Victoria Lopyreva

Vic, popular model and TV presenter. In 2003, the girl has won competition "Miss Russia". Apparently after that she relaxed a little, her figure has not changed for the better. She gained about 10 extra pounds. Lopyreva tried to disguise them with clothing, however this is not always possible. The star is very upset, so she decided to lose weight. In his blog, Victoria reveals the secrets to losing weight. Nothing supernatural – just smaller meals. Lopyreva argues that the main principle of the diet is not to go hungry, eat often, but gradually. Then the body will not postpone the inventory, improve metabolism.

9. Irina Dubtsova

After the baby is born Irina Dubtsova was not able to get in shape. Periodically, she was a little weight, but the weight came back again. The singer explained that a hormonal imbalance. But recently she impressed everyone with her new figure. Dubtsova dropped about 18 pounds in 6 months. In this she was helped by a specially designed technique. The girl turned to the nutritionist. In diet star includes vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry, low-fat dairy products. But the main trick diets in the complete rejection of salt. Replace it with spices and herbs. Another condition is the maintenance of water balance. During the day drink at least 2 litres of water.

8. Alla Pugacheva

The singer struggled with excess weight for many years. Her stage wardrobe consisted of hoodies that conceal a curvy shape. After the wedding with Maxim and the birth of twins, she decided to get serious about your figure. The diva dropped 20 pounds. The stylists have designed for her a new image. Fans don't recognize in this slender fashionista your favorite singer. Pugacheva lost weight through diet, which made up for it professionals. Star not consume fatty and fried, conducts fasting days on the vitamin cocktail, which is itself invented. In addition, she is actively involved in swimming.

7. Irina Pegova

The actress has decided to change her lifestyle after her divorce from Dmitry Orlov. She began to struggle with excess weight. She already lost 27 pounds. Diet Pegawai consists of three stages. The preparatory stage involves the rejection of salt and drinking large amounts of water. Second is the normalization. During this period you need to abandon junk food. It is forbidden to eat sweets. It is very important while eating focus on the taste, you can't watch TV, read. The third stage is consolidation. You can add in the menu some foods, but watch out for the calories, not to exceed the permissible border. Thanks to this diet Irina lost weight and very happy about it. But fans do not share her joy in social networks, she often write about that along with the weight she has lost none of its charm.

6. Svetlana Permyakova

The actress has always been chubby, but never shy. She played the role of cheerful chasers here, and the audience loved her like this. After the birth of her daughter a star even more fat. And then she decided to radically change. Svetlana turned to the famous nutritionist Margarita Koroleva. She prepared for the Permyakova nutrition plan. The actress refused many items, fed by the regime. But the weight loss was due not only diet but also physical activity.

5. Ekaterina Skulkina

Ekaterina Skulkina has always been a butterball. This set it apart from other members of a popular Comedy show. Recently, the star changed her image. Fans were shocked, they couldn't learn Skulkina in a new way. She lost a lot of weight. In the Internet appeared a lot of rumors about the star. She was accused of the use of miracle cures. Skulking even attributed the operation to reduce the stomach. But Catherine denied everything. She said that she lost only because of the huge work. Dietary restrictions, exercise, massages, wraps – simple treatments that are known to all.

4. Polina Gagarina

After the birth of their first child, back in 2007, Pauline was very stout. Then she could not return to dobermania weight. But then the singer sat on a rigid diet, and the result was stunning – minus 40 kilograms. A new figure was given to Gagarin is not easy, it limits your diet, sweated in training. Now she regularly visits the gym, pool, sauna. After the second pregnancy in the same form, the singer returned pretty quickly. Not everyone can withstand such a regime, Paulina don't do yourself any favors, even on holidays.

3. Pelagia

Like many other women, the extra weight Pelageya appeared after the birth of a daughter. Six months later the singer impressed everyone with stunning forms. Rumors that the girl postroila in Badakhshan, or used the services of plastic surgeons, and was excited by the Internet and media. Pelageya denies them. She claims to have achieved a perfect body without using dubious means. The singer asked for help to a nutritionist, she developed a special diet. Nothing new in her diet was not the normal rules of healthy eating. Daily workouts with personal trainer, steam bath and massage the body of the singer fit and attractive.

2. Anfisa Chekhova

Many men admired Mail, her curvaceous. But recently, famous TV presenter, lost 25 pounds. In his numerous interviews and she always talks about what deliberately not to lose weight. She had to adjust the feed because of health problems. Of course the star is a bit disingenuous. Perhaps the first change occurred in connection with the disease, but then apparently Chekhov decided not to stop half way. The girl spends a lot of time in the gym, she does yoga at home with a personal trainer. She encourages women to love their body, not to starve yourself and not torture exercises.

1. Olga Bartunkova

Star of KVN was a very complete woman. Then she had health problems and had to deal with being overweight. Information about how much thinner Bartunkova quite controversial, we only know that it dropped more than 50 pounds. The basic principles of nutrition Olga is a small portion, a hearty Breakfast, low carbs and fats throughout the day, fasting days, drinking regime. But this star did not in order to boast a slender body, and to solve all health problems. She succeeded. Now Olga is healthy, slim, beautiful and athletic.

Now you know that even famous people to get the figure of dreams have long and hard work a monitored diet and exercise.

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