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10 most aggressive signs of the zodiac with which it is better not to deal


Conflicts in the world occur everywhere, however, one or the other person will react to them differently. Astrologers claim that these same reactions are laid in man from birth and predefined sign horoscope. Many studies in astrology and statistics allowed to identify a predisposition to a behavior with the occurrence of unpleasant events. For example, the most ambiguous and unpredictable it is possible to calculate the sign of dual Gemini, and Lions by nature "growl" to any aggression. At the same time, stubborn Taurus is not capable with dignity and humor to get out of curiosities, and Crayfish prefer to give the "reverse", but would not make arbitrary decisions.

Understanding of horoscopes and zodiac signs will give wise leaders, and just people, the ability is easier to perceive the nature of others and their reaction to provocative events.

10. Aquarius

Water sign by nature is conflict and almost never gets mad. If they don't like something, they would prefer to conduct "guerrilla" war, undermining the authority of the offender in social networks or shared circles, and then they do not shun any means, including gossip and slander. At the same time in open debate Aquarius happy to "SAG" under the authority of and will not even defend its right point of view. Simply put – Aquarians always try to leave "dry from water", giving them the opportunity to develop great skills in diplomacy and Treaty relations.

9. Libra

Balanced people under the sign of Libra does not provoke, but also don't avoid conflict situations. Aggression or anger them almost impossible to see, as the man always wears a "mask" of peace and balance, while the inside can boil a variety of emotions, including anger, distrust, fear, and desire for revenge. The Libra people will show their will only after careful and informed decision, so their actions can be trusted – they will be closest to the truth and justice. To be around with Weights at the moment her anger a chance for other people to find harmony and peace of mind to smooth out any "rough edges".

8. Cancer

Cancers are by nature emotional and sensitive, take everything to heart, do not hesitate to immediately show their emotions to the offender. If the Cancer is angry, then it will be a real "fountain" accusations and attacks, and if you have a grievance, then all verbal and non-verbal signs will let you know. Around Cancer at the time of anger generates an aura of rejection that can be felt on a physical level. So to be familiar with that in the room during the "raging storms" physically extremely unpleasant. Bright representatives of the sign can inflate out of molehills and think out nonexistent details of the conflict, to revel in his emotions. So after a serious quarrel chances of reconciliation with the Cancer is low – it will be a long time in the most incredible detail to remember the fact and nature of the conflict.

7. Leo

On the ability of the Fire signs, out know all the people. The king of beasts, and King of men, considers himself an authoritarian deity who can only be right in any conflict situation. Meeting resistance "servants", the lion begins to actively kill opponents, to suppress them aggressively to impose their point of view. Lions don't tend to take insults to heart, so I try to punish the offender at once upon a crime, otherwise you risk to lose what for them is physically impossible. Particularly the emotion of a Lion, if his trophy (work, friend, loved one) claimed by the opponent. Lions never share and enter into an open confrontation to the bitter end, which, believe me, will come.

6. Aries

Fiery Aries is not far from Lviv and is always confident in his victory and righteousness. Claims to their behavior or lifestyle cause the representatives of the sign of severe irritation. In rare cases, Aries is ready to compromise or admit error. On the other hand, a sense of justice for this sign is not alien, so he likes to be the third peacekeeping side in other people's debates and conflicts. If the RAM hit home, so to speak, to raise a sore subject, the reaction will follow immediately and is quite militant. The lights literally blazed in the eyes of the RAM so that the opponent will try to quickly retreat from the battlefield. Some believe the RAM a real psycho, as outbursts of aggression the latter is not able to keep. However, the Rams and easily appeased, so blurted out everything in my soul, they feel relieved and are once again ready to maintain peaceful relations.

5. Scorpio

The sting of this sign "given", and to quietly, but very definitely to destroy his opponent. Shows his "sting" Scorpio only when its own interests are threatened. Then the person becomes cruel, aggressive and uncompromising, is going to end in their judgments. Generally, a major argument with Scorpio people are not forgotten, as this sign can leave a quite powerful psychic injury – the poison from his "sting" for a long time destroys the enemy from within. Scorpios are vengeful, so often are the objects of karmic ties "you are me and I you." Also the sign does not tolerate criticism of their actions, interrupting someone in mid-sentence. Rightfully Scorpions include the three most aggressive characters.

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarians always see the goal in front of him and go to failure, if his idea or belief of someone in danger, be it a stranger or a loved one. At the same time Sagittarius is not waging open war, preferring to trick the dastardly revenge and gossip as his "arrows". When it comes to a loved one, Sagittarius is perfectly camouflaged under an understanding and caring man, who through subtle manipulation and soft voice all the same will force the interlocutor to accept his position. Sagittarius people make excellent leaders, business coaches and diplomats. Entering into a confrontation with the representatives of this sign, know that they will support the initiative and will not go away, so in the struggle for the truth you will have to stick to the end.

3. Capricorn

Outwardly calm, Capricorn hides inside a storm of emotions and a sea of righteous anger. We look to bring the "dragon" for a long time, but if the Capricorn decides to act, it is every man for himself, after all his storms and the sea will sweep away everything in its path that moves. The best arguments in a dispute with Capricorn is not aggression, and logic and compromise, then the risk to Wake up "horned beast" is greatly reduced. At the same time representatives of the sign like to move to your goal, so unstable or weak people in their way may well cause a tough and uncompromising response. Capricorn carefully planning the path to ascension and implements it, and will not tolerate cowardly and pathetic people, laughing at his aspirations.

2. Gemini

A dual sign is always inclined to change the point of view, to study the new authority, therefore, rarely come into conflict. Love the Twins debate, because it is a way of receiving new information, the development of truth. They are not soldiers and not warriors, but rather social actors, who find the approach to one or another interlocutor. - React Twins, if they are not affected by their personal interests, and the lives of loved ones and relatives. Here representatives of the sign are uncompromising and quite aggressive clean "competitors" out of the way. It is interesting that in the big row between a few people from the Twins, will depend to be a "hurricane" or not to be. Will these enterprising guys quickly minimize conflict or, on the contrary, steadfastly take the position of one of conflicting parties.

1. Taurus

One of the most stubborn marks, ready to fight for no reason. Even if Taurus is wrong, he should still show his defiance and opposition at least in order to have fun. If in conventional conflicts Taurus behaves neutrally, the debate gets unearthly pleasure from the flare-up of emotions, not disdaining any means. In the course are the arguments and aggression, and open insults and even fists. In some cases Taurus will wear a "mask of indifference", and then at the worst possible time to stick "a knife in the back" or "cast a stone from behind a corner". About stubborn and hard "head" of Taurus will break all your arguments and appeals to be reasonable. Easier to get off the road and let him hurt himself some other "wall".

The tips given above are only guidelines. But in any case urge you to hang labels on people born under a certain sign.

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