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The 10 poorest cities in Russia to 2015


The world economic crisis has hit the most vulnerable segments of the population of different cities and countries. On the basis of sociological research of the state Department of sociology under the government of the Russian Federation was compiled, which included the poorest city of Russia in 2015. The list includes some of the largest cities in the country in which the poverty level of the residents maximized.

10. Voronezh

Tenth place in the ranking of the poorest cities in the occupied Voronezh. This is due to destructurization and deindustrialization of the city. There was a strong social stratification of the population. The increase in costs and the decline in wages has affected the level of poverty in the city. Most of the poor are senior citizens: 81% of all elderly people are below the poverty line.

9. Naberezhnye Chelny

In Naberezhnye Chelny the situation is not the best way. Most poor residents are retired military personnel. A very high level of unemployment.

8. Barnaul

So in the capital of the Altai region 62% of young and older residents have an income which is only enough to purchase basic necessities and food. With 9% of inhabitants of Barnaul have the financial ability to purchase a car.

7. Lipetsk

In seventh place in the ranking of poverty for 2015 is located Lipetsk. This is caused by the poor quality of housing Fund and low-quality roads. The low level of social services and health also took part. According to a survey in the city of poor people is 16%.

6. Rostov-on-don

Sixth place in the list of cities of the poor 2015 belongs to Rostov-on-don. Low-income residents – about 52%, with the majority of the poor in the region – the elderly. Their income is enough only for the Essentials.

5. Saratov

Saratov – took the fifth position in our ranking. This is due to the high mortality of the inhabitants on the background of complicated life. Cheap substandard food products have flooded the shelves of shops in the city and dirty streets spoil the experience. Around the city there are illegal dumps. The study found that nearly 20% of citizens consider themselves poor, and 64% consider themselves to poor people.

4. Volgograd

Volgograd joined the list of the poorest cities in Russia on the basis of low income levels. This city is a major industrial and tourist center of the country. However, with all the difficult situation with the economic situation of the young generation. The youth is 40% of the poor population of this metropolis. 2% of young people are on the brink of poverty. It is stated in the study documents of the Department of sociology of the Russian Federation in the list of the poorest cities of the Russian Federation in 2015.

3. Penza

Third place in the list of Russian cities, the impoverished in the past year, went to Penza. Some of the inhabitants of the city to make ends meet have the extra money. Despite low unemployment, high-paying job is rare. A large part of the family budget of citizens "eat" loans, bills, housing, food. According to residents, in the last period they do not feel social security.

2. Astrakhan

In the official list of the poorest cities of Russia 2015 in second place is Astrakhan – a city known around the world for excellent fishing, beautiful nature and oscietra caviar. It turns out that 11% of the population are critically poor, and 56% of the population can't afford unnecessary spending. Despite the chic Astrakhan, with its beautiful hotels, restaurants, office buildings, the city lacks funds for basic repair of suburban roads, there is no subsidization of charity, is no timely removal of waste from factories, there are business debt to pay different kinds of services to public utilities.

1. Tolyatti

The result of data processing it was revealed that the most problematic and poorest metropolis of the Russian Federation is known around the world Togliatti – city of the largest of the automotive industry. In Togliatti has the highest proportion of poor and low-income young men. These data are disappointing, because a high index of poverty and share of poor people may be the beginning of social unrest and outbursts of aggression. The city is home to about seven hundred thousand people, of whom 13 % live on the poverty line. This situation is due to the fact that Togliatti – an industrial center in the late period, created by the will of the leadership of the Communist party of the former USSR. Plant AVTOVAZ suffers the sunset of his activities due to the tight and serious competition in the automotive market. And the city's population necessarily shares the fate of the enterprise.

In addition to major cities where the standard of living of their citizens is low, there are many small towns and villages, where the situation in the economy as more complex and gloomy. The worst result belongs to the Crimea, Smolensk and Ivanovo region. Not better things in the cities of the far North.

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