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10 most frugal of Hollywood actors


Hearing the phrase "Hollywood actor", people immediately imagine a beautiful life: presentable housing, high-end cars, expensive clothes and shoes. However, this is not always the case. Not all celebrities live large. This does not mean that they did not have enough money. With the money they have just everything in the order they receive such fees, which allow them to work the rest of his life. That's just to spend them they are not in a hurry, don't want, maybe just not used to squander money. Receiving a large reward, they still lead a modest life. We present to your attention a rating of the most frugal of Hollywood actors.

10. Sarah Michelle Gellar

The famous Hollywood actress from childhood accustomed to a modest lifestyle. She is now married to Freddie Prinze Junior, and two with her husband they have a very good income. According to unofficial data, their status is estimated at $ 15 million. But the star couple is rarely seen in expensive restaurants or other entertainment establishments. They live very secretive, do not attend social events. Spend their free time in the family circle, and participate in charity events. This Sarah does not regret the money, because mom taught her to help people. The word family was not very rich, apparently the actress was not able to get used to the prosperous life. She admits that she does not shun things from yard sales and still enjoys the discount coupons.

9. Rob Lowe

The star of the ' 80s didn't always treat money carefully. When he was much younger, he spent it right and left, loved to walk, to drink. He even organized competitions with Charlie sheen, who will spend more for the evening. But that all changed when Rob got married. His choice was cherryl, Berkoff. Soon they had children, and law became a model husband and a good father. He began to treat money differently. Now he wanted the money not gone to waste, and invest in a truly worthy cause. He gladly buys the book, helping those in need.

8. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer – famous and highly paid actress. It has a lot of awards, she has plenty of fans. But fame and money could not change the modest girl that she was before. She lives in a small apartment, goes on a maintained car. Of course, at social events it looks expensive and pretentious, but it is only an illusion. So required by the rules, and the actress does not violate them. In real life she prefers a simple style of dress, which often gets discounts. Even the products she buys are not expensive in supermarkets, and in network stores.

7. Sarah Jessica Parker

The star of "Sex and the city" is often credited with not only thrift, but also the compulsive craving for freebies and an obsessive desire to save on everything. Friends say that many things and clothes – props from the shoot, she tries to take itself. The house of the actress are quite low, it does not fly to travel, do not go to social events. But don't mock the actress. Such her behavior can be explained by difficult childhood. When Sarah was little, her family consisting of 8 people lived very poorly. The only source of income was unemployment benefits.

6. Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe has long been working not for money but for fun. The roles that he is offered, he estimates very picky. Hollywood still can not forgive him for refusal to participate in "the Lord of the rings." The actor was offered a large fee, but he did not give up. Russell prefers a solitary life. He lives in Australia, on a ranch. His transport leaves much to be desired – it's an old jeep. Sometimes Russell attends social events, but even there he did not rush to impress the rich man, and looks are not always perfect.

5. Hilary Swank

When the actress received the first award "Oscar", she said her cross-country journey across America. Pretty strange behavior for a celebrity, but her familiar was not surprised. Childhood Swan was very difficult. Her family was never considered rich, and the girl knew the value of every penny. Even harder than she had when she arrived in Los Angeles. She was only 15 years old, and she dreamed of an acting career. The girl supported her mother, they had to live in a trailer Park. There was no money even to rent an apartment. Now the actress lives frugally, like a normal average person. Its main wealth she considers her family.

4. Keira Knightley

Hollywood star leads a fairly ascetic lifestyle. Knightley can afford, but not so much in its rules to throw money down the drain. Girl every fee allocates a certain amount every month and tries not to exceed it. Keira Knightley explains his frugality that is only to begin to swim in luxury, and disappear all the people who can afford it can not. The actress doesn't want to stand out among relatives and friends, luxuries and manners of millionaire.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Perhaps Leonardo Di Caprio enjoyed a luxurious life characters that he played, so he lives very frugally. The actor gets the big fees, but don't buy yourself an expensive status things. All his money, Leo spends on environmental protection. He often says that it's the only thing he doesn't mind the money. The most expensive purchase – their own island. But he acquired not for entertainment, but also for the benefit of the environment. On it he plans to save rare species of animals and plants. The actor uses the services of Charter flights, he prefers to fly with ordinary people.

2. Kristen Bell

Playing the role of Veronica Mars, Kristen received such a reward that could be at the root to change your life. But the actress did not spend the millions, and lived still very economical and I can even say stingy. The actress surprised colleagues and journalists with his antics. She is able to wear a cheap dress for the social event, to race through shopping malls for the best price, to buy clothes and shoes on sale. Sometimes it seems that Kristen goes too far. However, she is not afraid to admit that she and her husband "saving the village boys" they are accustomed to this way of life and not going to change it.

1. Christian Bale

Christian, as DiCaprio is the complete opposite of your movie. The actor chooses the life of the common man. For a long time his place of residence was a Studio apartment. He has no expensive cars, yachts and bodyguards. But the Christian does not pursue financial well-being and grabs all the roles in a row. He chooses only those that he likes. Not scruple bale and charity, he helps sick children, and not only financial. The case when the actor visited a little boy in a Batman outfit. So he fulfilled a childhood dream. Christian openly declares that the money I meant nothing to him.

Now you know that many celebrities know the value of money. Their fees they are spending on the pathos and luxury, and the fact that the world is a better place. Someone who helps sick children, who fixes the environmental situation. If such stars were more, the world would have already been others.

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