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The 10 most tasteless stars who do not know how to dress


Despite the worldwide fame, recognition and popularity, stars are mistakes in clothing. And they occur far more often than it may seem. It would seem that the income of the celebrities allow you to hire a professional stylist and always look amazing. To explain why some celebrities are so tasteless dress and choose the clothes that they did not is impossible. However, tasteless dressed celebrities is not uncommon.

10. Fergie

Mistakes with images from Fergie are not as common as other stars, but they also happen. At a party, the singer appeared in a dress from the Italian brand Moschino, which resembled a piece of paper than a fancy outfit. Added girl image red latex boots that the star looked awkward. Another bad way Fergie showed at the ceremony of Grammy Awards. She appeared in a lace orange dress from the famous designer Jean Paul Gaultier. In itself the dress looks excellent, but for a singer it is, unfortunately, not the village. A mix of rich orange lace dress with black underwear was not successful.

9. Heidi Klum

Famous model and Muse of many fashion designers only on the runway and on the covers of magazines looks perfect. But in life the girl with style not always smoothly. She appears to the public periodically in tasteless outfits. Heidi Klum is a beautiful woman, a mother of four children, which managed to keep a perfect figure, "MTV European Music Awards" decided to show it in all its glory. Plunging neckline, thigh-high slit, lace bust and rhinestones – all together it looked ridiculous. The outfit is too heavily emphasized the sexuality of the model. And instead of to look luxurious and seductive, the girl looked really tacky in that dress.

8. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has repeatedly been recognized as the most tasteless dressed celebrities. Many fashion magazines put it number 1 in the list of tasteless stars. But Christine, it seems, are not confused. But a few years ago, when the singer was a slender figure, which is hard to mess up bad images, after the appearance of excess weight all outfits only emphasize its presence. Love of the singer for the vulgar, shiny outfits only disfigures the shape and appearance of the girl. One time Christine changed his style at vintage images in the style of Marilyn Monroe. Vintage dresses she looked fine, but now those days are gone and the singer's style left much to be desired.

7. Cyndi Lauper

If you want to look into the future and see how it will look Christina Aguilera in old age, just look at singer and Grammy winner Cyndi Lauper. In her case, the saying "a talented person is talented in everything" is clearly not working, so the singer tasteless style. Cindy is a lady aged, but that doesn't stop her dressing up as girls-teenagers in the period of adolescence. At the ceremony "American Music Awards" in the image of punk with Scottish motifs. The outfit looked ridiculous and not at all decorated the singer. A ashy pink shade of hair was clearly not by age. This, of course, well, when age is not a hindrance and the person feels young, like 40 years ago. But in order to look younger do not have to try on clothes rebellious teenager.

6. Lily Cole

Another model that shines on the covers of fashion magazines and at shows, but did not know how to choose a suitable outfit. Lily has an unusual and memorable appearance, but often remember her bad outfits. By the way, when just beginning your career as a model, on the carpet she looked flawless. One of the film festivals it appeared in the image, which is more suitable for the grandmother at the entrance. A black turtleneck and skirt with floral print and spoil the figure of the model, making it square. But all anything, if instead disheveled and unkempt hair, the model would make a simple installation.

5. Lauren Pope

English model, the owner of night club and DJ Lauren Pope is often mistaken with the choice of attire in light. Outdoor clothing looks good on DJ sets, but not in everyday life and the more formal outputs. The most gaudy outfit you can call lush pink dress in the style of Barbie or graduates of rural vocational schools. The way she added the tiara, the shoes have a thick platform and socks with ruffles. It looked as if Lauren had borrowed the outfit from his younger sister. Now Lauren is starting to improve, and instead of gaudy outfits, she prefers to wear simple dresses. Maybe Lauren just changed stylist.

4. Rita Ora

The rising star of the pop scene Rita Ora – girl, beautiful, sexy, her figure is enviable. She has repeatedly been recognized as one of the most stylish stars of the fashion magazines, but the magazine "Marie Claire" decided to go the other way and put her in 5th place among the tawdry stars. And all because of one outfit where the autograph session, the singer appeared in a latex cropped top and short skirt in black with fire print. If it was a party of bikers or rockers, the outfit would be quite appropriate, but here it clearly did not fit the occasion. Of course, Rita Ora has some good outfits, but "Marie Claire" still can not forgive the singer this blunder in the choice of the image.

3. Katie Price

Katie Price is trying to do modeling and acting career, but no elevation in these areas she has achieved. And all anything, if not vulgar and tasteless style girls. Every image is something pink, fluffy and definitely honest. Appearance Kathy more like a Barbie doll for adults. Plunging necklines, short skirts, tight dresses and high heels. Besides, bright makeup makes a girl prettier, but only disfigures her appearance. Many of the images of the model are reminiscent of costumes for role-playing games than clothes for going out. It is safe to say that Katie is an example of how not to dress.

2. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj became famous not only thanks to his talent and aggressive reading in the tracks, but still extraordinary, and sometimes gaudy outfits. Multi-colored hair, neon costumes, bright makeup and flashy shoes – all this can be seen on Nikki. Maybe it's just part of the image that it itself invented. As you develop your career style Nikki izmenilsja much, but to replace the neon colors came Frank bodysuit, deep plunging neckline and a very open dress. Nicky can understand, she has a gorgeous figure and she wants to show her.

1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is famous for his extravagant style of dress. But it can also be called tasteless. On the red carpet to see the singer in a successful outfit is a rarity. One of his most tasteless of the images she showed on the "Nickelodeon Kids `Choice". It is not clear what the stylists of the stars wanted to say when made a choice in favor of acid green cropped top and a green mini skirt. But the image would not have been so terrible if not for the green pumps and a turquoise-blue hair. Maybe, the stylists wanted to make the image of the doll Barbie, after all, the prize was a children's channel, but instead they have turned a light green nightmare.

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