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The 10 richest of the world's children


Stars surprise with their strange actions and ideas. They are becoming outrageously expensive houses, then the financial situation is rapidly deteriorating. The tax Dodge to literally "live" in expensive resorts. Why are designer dresses for tens of thousands of dollars, but to put it is, as a rule, once. But this is the cream of the crop don't stop instilling a "culture" specious gloss to their children. From the first years of life children of celebrities bathe in luxury, absolutely not becoming of a person. They are not able to manage finances, invest wisely, and dispose of, and exploit only filled the wallets of parents on the various "wishlist".

We do not believe that kids and teenagers must be taught the thoughtless extravagance and a desire to show the wealth earned by the labor of others. But consider what 10 kids spoiled by their parents and already have millions.

10. Suri Cruise

Adorable Princess is the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom cruise. She is consistently in the list of the most stylish kids, and maintaining an appropriate wardrobe leaving massive amounts of money (rumored to be around 3 million dollars!). One coat from fashion house Dolce and Gabbana has cost the couple more than 2 thousand dollars when she very quickly grew out of it. Caring mother decided to give her daughter a Christmas toy house made in the Victorian style. He has Autonomous heating, electricity and even running water. Such a gift is no less than 24 thousand dollars. Personal same as the ladies already exceeded 270 million, and the General condition of the parents exceeds half a billion.

9. Knox and Vivienne Jolie pitt

These kids just can't be popular and famous, after all, born from the beauty of Angelina and not less attractive heartthrob enviable groom of pitt. Despite the divorce, the kids got their share of "compensation", such that you can rely on a comfortable old age, not even trying to learn their own craft. Rumor has it that the first photo of the newborn's parents managed to "pass" a rich fan as many as 14 million greenery!

8. Dennison Birched

The condition of the school is approaching 60 million. However, the girl's life cannot be called fabulous. For several years she under tragic circumstances (infectious diseases) lost her mother Anna Nicole Smith and eldest step-brother. The biological father of the girl Larry Birkhead for months argued in court paternity and custody. Even at 6 years of age Danilin inherited mansion mom valued at $ 10 million (the result of successful modeling and acting career women). Interestingly, of the inheritance of his stepfather, an elderly oil tycoon, the court singled out Danny an additional 49 million, so there's nothing to worry about shelter and food the baby won't have to. By the way, she already works part-time child model and earned their own 10 million – that they are maternal genes!

7. Rico Rodriguez

At the age of 16 years old teenager has earned its own state of 4 million, not even after school! The talented comedian and actor played very lucrative role in the popular TV series "Modern family." After that, the guy became popular and only increases capital. Rico has managed to star in 5 feature films, and even published an autobiography. So the talented teenager has prepared a bridgehead for further successful career.

6. Jordan Casey

Irish teenager to his 13 years managed to become the inventor of the 3 popular games for iTunes. Also for him the number of performances at popular conferences. It is known that at 9 years old, Jordan bought a textbook on programming, and just a year young genius was able to master as many as 3 languages, allowing you to create websites and video games. The parents in this case do not become a source of fabulous income son, in addition, they did not believe in the success of the boy and considered him a typical penchant for computer games "the fast life". And then in one happy day, they saw a favorite child in the list of the youngest iOS developers in the world. At the moment the status of a millionaire is constantly changing – increased by the amount of sales of new developments.

5. Prince Moulay El Hassan

Already seeing Eastern the name you can guess that it will be about the richest kid of any Sultan or king. So, the young teenager, the Prince of Morocco, is the heir to the throne and owner of his own capital in more than 2 billion dollars! According to tradition, upon reaching a certain age, the son transferred the share capital of the father (2.5 billion), and even a controlling stake in family of investment business in the amount of 60%. This will allow the teen to receive a stable income for life, even if he squandered the money left by his father. Well, let us see how a child will manage capital, honest or not acquired his father-the king.

4. Isabella Barrett

Little beauty was in demand on television, participated in beauty contests and even released her own line of children's cosmetics, and jewelry for girls. Bella self-made millionaire, so can afford to flaunt in dresses that cost 10 thousand dollars. It is known that short-sighted and wasteful girl is already spending a couple thousand just to eat lobsters. Also daily with hundreds of dollars spent on building up acrylic nails and eyelash, maintaining a fake tan. If you sell shoes lady Barrett (and their number exceeded 60 pairs), it is possible to feed the many hungry mouths in the underdeveloped countries.

3. Jaden Smith

Let the success of the boy came because of the star father, but we don't see him as a spoiled teenager. The guy regularly starred in the popular films, sings, produces music videos – that is, struggling, forming a stable image and earning the commitment of the fans. Solid income younger Smith gets from dance and rap performances, as well as its own brand of clothing. Personal savings kid has already exceeded 9 million, however, he is in no hurry to spend it on gold trinkets and personal aircraft. On the contrary, the guy pays attention to the charity sponsoring the mission to combat AIDS in the African regions.

2. Valentina Paloma Pinault

Popular actress Salma Hayek gave birth to a Princess from a billionaire, so the family awash in money. Daughter participates in gala-concerts, with 3 years and mastered 3 languages and accustomed to luxury – her name recorded real property in the amount of $ 12 million. Also Valentine is the successor to the capital daddy, which has already exceeded $ 16 billion green! Vacation the student spends on the luxury resort island of St Bar. I think that famous parents will be required to promote a daughter in show-business to increase family income (although much much more).

1. Prince George Alexander Louis

The kid just learned to walk and already had their own state more than 1 billion. He is 3rd in line of succession to the throne of great Britain. With the title boy will get all of the assets and privileges of the Royal family. And even if you do not become a monarch, annually income will be 400 million euros from state coffers.

On the figures given in our review, look just awkward. When you die from hunger and disease many children in underdeveloped countries, others allow themselves the luxury of the estate, the personal brand of clothing and any other requests. It is a pity that the identity of spoiled children and not enriched, unlike a Bank account.

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