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10 richest rappers of Russia


Russian rap appeared not so long ago. In 1984 in Samara DJ student parties was recorded the first rap songs. The more they resembled a mixture of recitative and music of different directions. It was rock, and dance tracks. Rap culture developed in Russia is very slow, we can say with a "squeak". It was a new trend about which nobody knew anything. The musicians carefully imitated Western artists. Now in Russia there are enough rappers, and although they are not as successful as foreign "the rhymer", which makes their texts a fortune, but something that they can. We present to your attention the list of the richest rappers in Russia.

10. Serge

Unfortunately, accurate data on earnings Seryoga free access available. But we know that he earned a lot. Demi Lovato became famous by releasing a hit "Black Bumer". Later, the artist created the project "KingRing". He helped aspiring performers, recording of their joint albums, and songs. The project quickly unwound, as some songs sounded in the movie "shadow Boxing". Serge toured and lived quite comfortably. Although he believes that the great artist he became, his music was from the heart and was not a commercial project. Now Sergey Pakhomenko earns much more, he became a successful coach, he created his weight loss program.

9. Group "25/17"

The group was created by Andrew Pale in 2002. Started by guys in Omsk, there were their first appearances. In 2004 they released their first album. Over the years, changed the composition of the group also changed its format creativity. First, the guys only played traditional rap, and later they began trying alternative rock, hip-hop. The team has released quite a number of albums. Now they are still popular, go on tours, participate in music festivals. For the period from June 2016 to June 2017, the group earned 41.8 million rubles (Here and below is from the official website RBC).

8. Guf

The famous rap artist Alexey Dolmatov. His first song he wrote at age 19, he started in the group "Rolexx". From 2003 to 2009, the rapper was a member of the band "Centr". It was quite a successful project, but after a quarrel with other participants Alex was forced to go into a single voyage. His work did not end there, he worked with the "Basta", recorded solo albums. After a few years reconciled with team members "Centr", they recorded a track together and even shot a video. Accurate information about the income of rapper no, but we know that at one concert he earns about 2 million rubles.

7. Max Korzh

Max Korzh is a singer from Belarus. The boy is always dreaming about big stage, at 16 he formed his own group, but it did not become popular. But the setback did not break the rapper, he participated in several projects, again to no avail. The young man began to try his hand at writing songs, but again would fail. Max later recorded the song "Heaven help us", uploaded it to the Internet, and he went into the army. When he returned, he was surprised to find that the song became a hit on local radio stations. He made a video and instantly became famous. Now he still does his work, his income for the year is 36.2 million rubles.

6. Jah Khalib

Young rapper from Kazakhstan. He loved rap since childhood. Parents, noting that his son is interested in music, sent him to music school. Famous Bakhtiyar Mammadov, thanks to their tracks. He as well as MAKS Korzh put them on the network. In 2016, released a solo album. Now his songs are played on radio, his videos can often see on TV. In 2017, Bakhtiar received the award from the channel "Muz-TV" in the nomination "Breakthrough of the year". This is now a successful young performer, his earnings for the year amounted to 57.6 million rubles.

5. Noize MC

Ivan Alekseev became interested in music already at the age of 10. He studied at a music school studying classical guitar. The boy repeatedly won in regional competition. He loved rock and even was a member of the rock band. A very strong impression on Ivan produced the band's "The Prodigi", he decided to try to create something similar. Ivan took part in many projects, played rock and hip-hop. When he graduated from high school and moved to Moscow, he had more opportunities. Alekseev participated in various competitions, recorded songs, and develop their creativity. Later, he and his band won the contest, as a prize, the organizers invited the winners to make a video. Low-budget clip was the impetus for the further development of creativity of the team. Get noticed. Now he together with the band "Protivo Gunz" appears on the concerts and records albums. Annual income is 72,2 million roubles.

4. Oxxxymiron

Miron Fyodorov started rapping at the age of 13. He invented the pseudonym Myth. In 2001 it was under this name they recorded several tracks and also took part in the competition, the hip-hop artists. However, the rapper was forced to take a break, Myron was not involved in music for 7 years. In 2008 he was noticed in Germany. Label "Optik Russia" made him famous. In 2010 he founded his own project. In 2017 began to perform the functions of the Director of concert Agency "Booking Machine". Myron likes to participate in battles, which often comes out the winner, but his work is not always harmless. The rapper is constantly having conflicts with other musicians. Then Fedorov unflattering comments about competitors, they are unpleasant to speak about his work. Anyway, the rapper is quite popular and makes a year of 113.5 million rubles.

3. L'one

L'one – alias Georgian rapper, his real name of Levan. In the childhood was engaged in sports, but with him the young man did not work. He lived in Yakutsk and has made it quite a lot: there was a presenter on radio, and developed scripts for corporate events and parties. But soon Levan understood that further development in this area, he needs to go to the big city, he chose Moscow. In the capital, he formed the band "Marselle". Soon the band released the track "Moscow" and became popular. In 2011, the team broke up, and Levan became a member of the label "Black Star". Now all the rapper also engaged in music, his salary is 115,8 million rubles.

2. Basta

Vasily Vakulenko has created his own band when he was 15 years old. At the age of 17 became a member of the group "Psiholirik". Basil learned what the fame at 18 years old, when he wrote the song "My game". The band became popular, they traveled to many cities with his concert. After a short break, Basta decided to study music. He came to Moscow and began working under the label of "Gasgolder". Basil recorded two albums "Basta", he also decided to try himself in a new role and organized the project "Noggano". Vakulenko is a very versatile person. He was interested in everything. He had a few solo projects, he participated in the TV show, even made a film. No wonder he has a fairly good income – 189,7 million rubles.

1. Timothy

And of course in first place rapper Timati. The boy was born in a rich family, he had every opportunity to develop his musical career. However, Timothy says his parents taught him to do it all yourself. At the age of 14 he founded the band, and later began to work with Decom. In 2004, Timothy participated in the show "star Factory", where he met new people, with whom he founded the group "Banda". Timati released a lot of albums, organized several concert tours. And now this is probably the most recognizable rapper in Russia, his earnings for the year totaled 201,7 million rubles.

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