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10 biggest libraries in the world


Below is a list of 10 items got the biggest library in the world. The largest repository of books are available to millions of paper publications, both in native and foreign languages. In addition to these publications world book giants are also carriers of information in electronic form. The determining criterion of the scale of the book was the size of the Fund which is at their disposal.

10. The national library of France

The national library of France (Paris) opens the ranking of the largest book depositories in the world, which houses the richest collection of literature in the French language. Is one of the oldest libraries in Europe, which has long been in the personal possession of the rulers of France. The basis of it happened in the 14th century by Charles 5 Wise. Currently, the library includes six buildings, the book Fund is 31 million positions. Every year this place is visited by over 1.5 million people.

9. The national library of China

The national library of China (Beijing) occupies the ninth place of the list. Beijing's reading room was opened in the beginning of the last century and was known as the "Library Capital of teachers' houses." The modern name of the stacks got closer to the beginning of our century. The area occupied by the establishment, is 170 thousand square meters. In the possession of the library has rich collection of rare books that exist nowhere else in the world. The library is located in three buildings. Fund companies has more than 31 million items. Per year the library is visited by over 5 million people.

8. The Royal library of Denmark

The Royal library of Denmark (Copenhagen) – the largest library of Scandinavia, among the top ten world leaders by the number stored in her books and other publications in print and electronic form. Its history, the library takes from the mid-17th century, shared access to which appeared only in the late 18th century. Currently, the institution comprises several buildings, the main of which is located on the island of Slotsholmen. It contains more than 33 million positions. Annually the walls of the reading room is visited by over one million readers.

7. National parliamentary library

The national diet library (Tokyo) is located on the seventh honorary line. The reading room was founded in the middle of the last century. Includes two major branches, which are located in Tokyo and Kyoto. Smaller subsidiary offices, there are about 30 pieces. The library collects all books printed in Japan. In the collection of the library has books not only in Japanese but also in other languages. Particularly important are considered the eight collections, among which foreign books about Japan, ancient editions, the Foundation reading room in excess of 35 million units.

6. National library of

Russian national library (St. Petersburg) is located on the sixth position of library top. Informal name the book Depository, which gave him the Petrograd – "Publichka". The library is recognized as a particularly valuable object of national heritage, which contains the largest collection of books in Russian. Was founded in 1814. Currently, besides the head of the building "Publichka" includes six branches, which are the repository of unique editions and ancient manuscripts. National treasure has a Fund with about 37 million units. Annually the library is visited by about a million people.

5. The Russian state library

Russian state library (Moscow) is located in the middle of the rankings of the largest book depositories in the world. It was founded in the mid 19th century and located in the historical area called Old Vagankovo. The facility includes a complex of buildings, the main of which is devyatnadtsatyy book Depository. Its total area is 85 thousand square meters. To withstand the brunt of the books the structure helps lattice mesh, padded between the layers. The number of seats in the reading room is more than 1,700, and the amount of Fund coming to the figure of 47 million positions.

4. Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada (Ottawa) responsible for the collection and preservation of the documentary heritage of Canada. Materials that are in the Fund companies come from other government agencies, national societies and private donors. Most of the collection of the library consists of materials that are directly related to the history and culture of the country. In addition to the artistic and historical literature, in the library, includes artifacts, architectural sketches, works of art, etc. Fund companies is approximately 48 million positions.

3. The new York public library

The new York public library (new York) opens the three largest libraries in the world. It is a private nonprofit organization that is on the public and private financial support. The institution has several branches, which are located in Manhattan, Staten island and the Bronx. Only the library has more than 80 units. The total library collection includes over 50 million units, among which nearly half are books. Annually the walls of this reading room was visited by about 18 million people.

2. British library

British library (London) took second place in the top three. Was founded in the 70-ies of the 20th century. The financing agencies engaged in the state of great Britain. The library includes three offices, located in different parts of London. The right to visit all residents over the age of 18 via library card. The Foundation reading room today is around 150 million units.

1. The Library Of Congress

The library of Congress (Washington) – the biggest library in the world, which is responsible for maintenance, like regular schools, and global institutions dedicated to scientific, political and research activity. It was founded in the early 19th century, when the reins of the United States of America belonged to John Adams, which provided the first funds for the development of the institution. The initial Fund was just over seven hundred books, which gradually began to increase. However, in the course of the fighting in Washington, the library was completely destroyed. The restoration of the library began on the orders of the next President Thomas Jefferson, who sold his personal collection, including more than 6 thousand volumes in different languages. Currently the library Fund amounts to 155 million units, and it occupies three buildings located on Capitol hill.

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