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The 10 biggest cheaters among the stars


Virtually no people who in all his life had never lied. It turns out that celebrities are cheating their fans, and this happens quite often. As for the stars, it is important to create a good image, because it will attract fans. This celebrities and pushes the deceit of the press, but sooner or later everyone will know the truth. When a lie is revealed, the stars fall into an awkward position, and sometimes it seems that they don't care. As a rule, it leads to bad consequences. Celebrities are lying not only to fans but to each other. It happens that the stars lie so often that I bend the stick and disappoint people.

10. Paris Hilton's charity work

As soon as Paris Hilton was sent to a penal colony for violating probation, she was starting to dissolve various rumors. Was the punishment from her that was drunk driving the car. Gave her word, she's Larry king that as soon as she gets out of jail, then stop to drink alcohol, and would not tolerate such nonsense.

Paris Hilton said she wants to do charity work in favor of children who live in poor cities. But it was all empty words, because the celebrity has not fulfilled what was promised. Blonde and continues to go about their business, and she doesn't care about what people think. Fans already don't expect she'll ever devote herself to charity.

9. Britney Spears on her innocence

Britney Spears long enough to tell her fans that she is still a virgin. A large number of fans believed it and even admired such a chaste solution. In fact, the first partner she had not Timberlake, and athletic football team. And it happened at school. This is evidenced by the mother of Britney Spears. Here Justin was, everything happened much later, about a couple of years.

After some time Timberlake himself said that he got Britney Spears was not the first partner. Fans disappointed that they were deceived, especially in such a personal matter. They, of course, did not appreciate such a thing from Britney Spears, but that didn't hurt its popularity. As it turned out, talk about the innocence was just a PR move.

8. Lindsay Lohan about everything

Lindsay Lohan is almost always lying, therefore, considered to be Hollywood's biggest liar. The actress accused gave false testimony after the accident occurred, which was attended by Lohan. The celebrity says that she was driving, but police don't believe in it. Star even hired an expensive lawyer, but even he's not sure he can help her.

Lindsay is lying constantly and all the fans can't understand why she acts that way. Some people think that she is trying to draw attention to himself. The actress has already managed to disappoint many people, even their loved ones. Nobody believes that she will one day begin to speak the truth.

7. Victoria Beckham about her plastic surgery

Victoria Beckham constantly lied about not doing plastic surgery. But how you can stay fit while giving birth to four children. Her face shows no wrinkles and the skin is smooth. After the plastic facial features she has become graceful. It is hard not to notice what the chest was in Victoria, and it's all thanks to plastic surgery. A celebrity comes out in public without makeup. The star is over forty, but she's wonderful and beautiful shape. After the girl had children, she lost weight, and currently weighs forty-five pounds.

6. Nikki Minaj about her age

Everybody knows that celebrities love their subtract your age. Nicki Minaj has spoken about the fact that she is under the age of two years. Fans still think that star twenty-eight years old, and she is actually thirty.

It is clear that after some time the truth was revealed. And it happened quite by accident. It in 2011 was brought to the police station, where she told the whole truth about her age. When fans learned about how old she is, they were surprised that their is all the time Nicki Minaj cheated. But, of course, it's not so much a lie to stop to admire the creativity of the singer.

5. Angelina Jolie about their origins

Angelina Jolie said that her blood native American roots. Fans this statement is very surprised, but to believe such a star, no reason not found. When this has happened that the father of Angelina revealed the truth. He just claimed that there were no Indians in their family was not.

Celebrity thought, just lies about it, then all her relatives will look in the eyes of the fans more attractive. In fact, her father Slovak and German roots, but my mother is Dutch and francecanada. It is believed that woman is the most beautiful in the world, if you have it in the blood of several Nations.

4. Beyonce about writing lyrics

Beyonce no one suspected of lying, but it turns out she is pretty much lying. It is very popular in music and talks about how she invested in the writing of the lyrics. Never recognizes that it's her words, not other people. I have the feeling that everything on it is still. Most importantly, the fans like the way she sings, and they appreciate her beautiful figure.

Her songs and albums sold fairly quickly, but the concert tickets can be hard to get. She's not so sweet and kind, how is it possible to say on it. Celebrity not once caught in a lie, and this was not without reason.

3. Miley Cyrus on her wedding

Miley Cyrus in 2013, told Cosmopolitan magazine that recently became a bride and married to actor Liam Hemsworth. But as it turned out later, the fact that said celebrity is not true.

At the same time in 2017 Cyrus has secretly married and told my family about it for an hour before the ceremony. As friends say Miley and Liam, the couple they wore traditional outfits, but the party went well. The actress, during the oath could not hold back tears of joy and sobbing. Fans of this news about the wedding almost not surprised. Miley Cyrus didn't want to know all about it people, she prefers to keep a secret.

2. Jennifer Lopez about her age

All the fans thought Jennifer Lopez was born in 1970. She wanted to look younger at the very beginning of his career. Therefore, everywhere and told everyone false information about their age, she wanted to look a year younger. The lie was revealed when the actress was with rapper P. Diddy. It turned out that Jennifer Lopez was born in 1969. Only a year she lied to fans, but the bad feeling they have remained for a long time.

1. Puff daddy on his private jet

Almost all celebrities love to recommend him to look good for the fans. But why do I need to say that you have your own private plane if it is not so? After all, puff daddy used this to convince everyone of the fans, and he most people believe. It turns out that celebrities love to lie about what they have. To appear in the eyes of others so rich and successful.

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