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10 budget destinations for tourists from Russia


Not everyone can afford a holiday abroad. So leave the majority conducts in the country or in the sweltering city apartment. But it doesn't have to be expensive. The more that proper rest involves a change of scenery. Familiarity with the nature and sights of another country, communicating with new people will give an incredible emotion. This holiday people remember for a long time. After it gets the energy for further work, expanding horizons. Man is after him, full of energy and excitement. Below are a list of 10 best budget destinations for tourists from Russia.

10. Abkhazia

In this small country not bored anybody. Staying here can be varied. There is a beach and the sea, the mountains and caves. Many attractions, the most famous of them Kelasuri wall and the ruins of the castle of Bagrat in Sukhumi. A quiet holiday for couples with children, active for thrill-seekers. The tour price with flights from Moscow on 2 adult travelers is 84 thousand rubles for two. This amount includes the costs of travel, accommodation, meals in cafes and cheap entertainment. This cost is determined by the search engine Skyscanner, in his version of Abkhazia closes the three leaders in low cost tours. If you drive yourself, this figure will be even less. If you choose not plane, train or bus travel costs will be reduced. Accommodation can be found from 300 rubles per day. Of course the comfort may not be considered. But the tourists come in the room usually just to sleep, so many do not pay attention to that.

9. Serbia

Serbia is not a country that is often visited by tourists. But the flow gradually increases. Tourists are attracted by excellent ski resorts, historic and cultural monuments, beautiful nature, low prices. From Russia to Serbia can be reached by train or plane. Surprisingly, the flight will cost even cheaper. Housing is cheaper to rent from individuals, one-bedroom apartment will cost no more than 700 rubles per day. In the Serbian capital, Belgrade, you can see Belgrade fortress, Royal Palace. Perhaps the most amazing city in this country is a NIS, a town of ancient past, here is something to see.

8. Georgia

Georgia every year attracts more and more tourists. The reason of cheap cost of living and products. There are many places that will interest tourists: cave cities, wineries, beaches, cathedrals. The easiest option to get the airplane. The cost of round-trip ticket is about 12 thousand rubles. By car, bus and train, of course, will be much cheaper, but longer. Besides the road, where the border of Russia and Georgia is often closed due to snow drifts and debris, it is located in the gorge. Housing there will be no problems, the cost of renting an apartment or even a house starts from 2 thousand rubles per day, and double room from 400 rubles. The food is also to be spent is not particularly necessary, it is inexpensive.

7. Poland

Visiting Poland, tourists can kill two birds with one stone is to visit Europe and save significantly. The most popular aircraft and railway trains, tickets cost about the same. For the trip to Poland on your own car will have to take care of the package of documents for passing customs control. Housing here is relatively inexpensive. If you take care in advance, booking a room for two in hotel network, it will amount to little more than 500 rubles. A trip for two from tour operators will cost about 110 thousand rubles. In Poland a lot of monuments of architecture and history, sea, sand hills and rivers.

6. Armenia

Armenia is often called "the Museum under the open sky". Easiest to fly, the ticket is cheap, from 3 thousand rubles. There is housing for every taste. Double room in Yerevan in the cheapest hotel you can rent in the range of 2 thousand rubles. According to Skyscanner! stay in Armenia for two will amount to 96 thousand rubles. In this country many monuments of Orthodox architecture. Amazing nature, lakes, waterfalls, rocks will not leave anyone indifferent. Vacationers mainly visit the town of Jermuk, Arzni, Tsaghkadzor, Dilijan.

5. Bolivia

Tourists love Bolivia for its unique culture. She's not like other countries. Here the salt deserts, mountains, lost city of the Incas. However, vacationers from Russia in no hurry to visit the country. Most likely, confused by their long flight across the continent with transfers, they have to make at least 3, and the total journey time to 22 hours. Most of the funds will be spent on the road. While on vacation in Bolivia will be enough a small amount of money. Double hostel room – 1100 roubles per day, and food prices not higher than prices in Russia. The most visited city in the country, Cochabamba, La Paz, Sucre.

4. Vietnam

If Vietnam was closer to Russia, the flow of tourists to this country would increase many times over. You can only get there by plane, the flight was very long and expensive. From Russia the cost of tickets for two will be about 80 thousand rubles, while accommodation, food and leisure Skyscanner! estimated at 55 thousand rubles. Exciting tours, beaches, leisure. Vietnam is divided into three regions. North is the oldest part, suitable for tourists interested in history. There are many monuments, nature reserves. Central beaches and hangouts. South for fans of the benefits of civilization. Are expensive hotels, shops and restaurants.

3. India

This country is mysterious, not like the others. Many Russians know it from the movies. People come here for enlightenment. Local nature is very beautiful: beaches, mountains, jungle. A lot of attractions. Unfortunately, the only transport aircraft. Travel time from Moscow to Goa – 7 hours, the ticket price 57 thousand. Just stay in India together with flights will cost 97 thousand rubles. The very popular resort of Goa. For tourists who want peace and quiet more suitable resort Kerala, everything is here for healing of body and soul.

2. Ecuador

Ecuador chosen by tourists who like the exotic and divers. The country ranks first in the number of parks and natural wonders. The nature here is very diverse. This direction is in high demand in October, January and February. The average ticket price will be 70 500 rubles per person. Housing there for every budget, you can rent a room in a cheap hotel within 1000. Spending on public transport and food in this country is quite low. The tourists often visit the Galapagos Islands city of Quito, the Cotopaxi volcano.

1. Thailand

Thailand is very loved by Russian tourists. Most of them go for the beach. Here you can relax, relax. The country has everything for leisure. Some people prefer sex tours and round-the-clock party at the disco, someone is coming here to go diving, others prefer to be enlightened in the ancient temples. There are a lot of tourists, and tourism is put on stream. Sell everything you can sell. Flights to Thailand take about 9 hours. The usual tour for two will cost 135 thousand rubles. What would a holiday in Thailand is not clouded with false hopes, it will help you to choose the resort. So resort Koh Chang suitable for a quiet relaxing holiday, if there is ignorance coming company that wants fun and discos, then most likely they're bored. Krabi is perfect for outdoor activities: videoserver, climbing. Pattaya is a holiday for lovers of night life here, bored, no one will.

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