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10 most common male complexes


Our society is depraved and degraded, and childhood traumas and resentments from the past actively taken and multiplied in adult life. Not surprisingly, in every person, even in the professional psychologist, he lives one or the other complex, and sometimes the whole of their "conglomerate".

Our negative emotions and attitudes hinder the forward movement and understanding of the way of the world, personal development and achieving goals. Men always meet other representatives of the floor, which necessarily in a natural competition will find their weak spot and will exacerbate the complexes. And women sometimes unknowingly or purposely develop into the man or those other fears, resentment, negative attitudes.

We for informational purposes will tell you about 10 of the most common complexes in men that are becoming more common in modern society.

10. The Complex Of David

If you thought that only women find wrinkles and panicking about the "ticking biological hours", something very wrong. Men are also susceptible to midlife crisis, I'm afraid not to achieve the intended plans to certain stages of life, worried about the decay of their bodies health problems. And all this is because we always compare ourselves with others and looking for their own shortcomings, instead of recognize the uniqueness and originality at every stage of life and at any age. The boy in 6 years, interested in soldiers – he's not interested in corporate races and fun athletic training, intimacy with a woman. And an elderly man, on the contrary, can finally deserved to rest on our laurels, to devote time to the beloved, play with my grandchildren. Few people see the dignity of every pore, while continuing to cultivate the complex of David. Hence infidelity wives with young mistresses, hysterical gym training, rejuvenating treatments, Botox and braces (Yes, men).

9. The fear of being abandoned

If a man in my childhood was an example of betrayal (mother and father divorced, a best friend turned his back, etc.), it can be formed complex, preventing the normal relationship building. He worries that he is perceived only as a tool for implementation purposes and do not appreciate personal qualities. Also afraid, that friends will leave, when suddenly the money runs out or, God forbid, it will become disabled. And about relations with women and did not talking – the guy is afraid of the gap at the very beginning of the communication. The ability to let go in free swimming traitors and self-serving partners – the only possible treatment in this situation.

8. The complex "female duties"

Distortions of masculinity observed that "alpha male" begins to clearly distinguish between women's and men's work. It is very one – sided- a woman can wear yourself out along with it, but the house all the duties and conduct of life lie only on her shoulders. Such men do not feel self-sufficient, helping their girl, shouldering the burden of routine and everyday problems. Shirking from the joint model of the family because this complex has ruined more than one marriage.

7. The Complex Of Alexander The Great

As they say, negative attachment is also attachment. A negative attitude towards sexual minorities is justified because homosexuality is against natural processes is a physiological and psychological disorder. Many men of comely appearance, modest and quiet nature, I'm afraid that the insidious society of detection in the non-existent "blue". However, such a complex is "booming" and I held the alpha males after 40 or 50, because the natural fading of sexual function detractors may write off the imaginary homosexuality.

6. Complex infidelity

Betrayal is afraid of everyone, because it is immoral and unnatural. Nature has decided that it is in durable and permanent tandem, whether a couple, a Union, or another human education, we are developing much faster and more productive than alone. But in society degrades the few who thinks changing sexual partners right and left, betraying their spouses. The man is afraid that he will put in your heart, resources, feelings and time, and in one not fine day his lady "wag the wing" and run to the other, in her opinion the most appropriate option. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done, as the society objectively is falling apart. Learn to be psychologists and to choose a partner for life even during the initial communication.

5. Complex subordinate

"Caring" moms with deep childhood drive in sons of the system "man". But no one no one and nothing is bound in this life – only to myself. However, boys grow up with the idea that they "need" to get ahead in life, to be strong and confident, strives to guide people and earn a lot of money. It does not matter that the child may grow an ascetic, a creative person or even a future monk. Falling initially on the Executive position, the man feels discomfort, which is at the bottom of the hierarchy. Someone finds his life and refuses nurtured in childhood, conventions, and other pendulum "has a very short fuse", and they start all immoral and unscrupulous methods to break to power by suppressing others.

4. The complex is a failed lover

That sexual exploits are important for self-sufficiency of men trumpeting all the magazines, friends and other sources of information. A man grows up thinking that to be a good lover – a pledge of strong family happiness. Hence the exaggerated need for change of sexual partner, practice new positions and methods of sexual relations. Pity, because a decent and loving woman will always be happy with a man regardless of his skills in bed. But violent sexual life and excessive zeal on the first date may alienate really good companion.

3. Napoleon Complex

The king of France was very small and was so sick of it that made even change the rate of the average growth in the state. The "small" people often overcompensating their lack – they tend to be noticeable through voice, character traits, bright clothing, a kind of defiant behavior. It all stems from our mother nature, because smaller and weaker male of the animal is rarely claimed to be female and was overwhelmed by the herd. But we're not animals, and social individuals who are able to develop other its of decent quality. For every small man there is a petite girl that will be behind him as behind a stone wall. And other people are not concerned and are going to meet their goals, not listening to the judgments of this subjective and envious society.

2. A small set of manhood

It's almost like an inverted complex "small Breasts" in women. Men are told from childhood that the size and thickness of the penis definitely affects the quality of sex, the opportunity to have some of the finest females and the General standard of implementation. Oh how to capitalize on this pseudo-complex manufacturers of vacuum enlargers, hormonal preparations and gels, courses of special exercises, etc. Looping on small sizes makes men such panic that he avoids intimate relationships or stay in the company of men, where the implied exposure to their underwear and more. Dear men – learn medical statistics, and realize that you have absolutely all right. And it is no secret that loyal and worthy of the girl appreciate in you a completely different advantage and not that sexual.

1. Complex compliance ideal

This complex pursues each person, as in mind we always keep the ideal of a particular event, achievement, etc. it is Necessary to remember that ideal or taste is a completely subjective measure, so it is impossible to love always and all. Many men are chasing is drawn into the head and corrected the society's dream of a perfect body, perfect job, perfect woman, etc years to spend searching for set of characteristics, feeling a disappointment, not allowing yourself to enjoy life to the fullest. Throw away Convention and think that anyone wants your heart, really? Soul mate (friend, coworker, spouse) defies your standards of perfection, you'll just meet her and understand – that he's my man!

This article is not a panacea for resolution of spiritual anguish for the healing of the soul and deliverance from complexes be sure to contact the professionals: sexologists, psychologists, psychotherapists and andrology.

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