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10 most cleanest cities in Russia to 2019


Currently, the ecological situation in some cities in Russia leaves much to be desired. However, in recent years the government is seriously committed to environmental improvement. The establishment of waste processing facilities, switch to cleaner fuels and installing gas equipments in the factories contributes to the improvement of the ecological status of individual settlements. The top 10 became the cleanest city of Russia 2018-2019 in the following list.

10. Yoshkar-Ola

Yoshkar-Ola or Red city opens a rating of the cleanest Russian cities as of 2018-2019. Is the capital of the Mari El Republic. The environmental situation here is not as prevalent as in other cities of Russia. However, the problems with pollution do exist and rather small. The Red city has many big businesses that produce air emissions. Rather acute problem with water quality in the river Small Kokshaga. In this reservoir and other rivers of the city regularly made the release with the exact waters, wastes industry. Despite this situation with the rivers, the quality of drinking water in recent years has improved considerably.

9. Tambov

Tambov is in the top ten most environmentally friendly cities in Russia today. Despite the large number of industrial enterprises, the air pollution index is relatively low and is 4. The region has a waste sorting company, which manufactures polymer processing into pellets. The city has many parks, and many streets are landscaped, which allows to further clean the air from exhaust emission of vehicles.

8. Saransk

Saransk is situated on the eighth line of environmentally friendly cities. It is located in the Mordovia Republic and is its capital. The city has more than a dozen industrial enterprises, which regularly make discharges into the environment. To increase sustainability in recent years has been due to prirodoohrannaya events. In Saransk absolute gas, so the emissions are minimized. It was the deplorable situation with the river water, which was the most contaminated. Now everything has changed and the rivers began to appear in fish.

7. Petrozavodsk

Petrozavodsk is an environmentally friendly city of Russia as of the end of 2019. The level of air pollution during previous years were considered satisfied. In recent years the situation in this respect has improved several times, because the emissions of air pollutants declined over the past two decades eight times. To achieve such a change for the better was possible thanks to the installation at the enterprises of gas treatment equipments and the transfer of most of the plants to natural gas. One of the problems that face the most acute course, is the negative effect of solid waste because of the lack of established measures for disposal. Another problem is the city is the high level of pollution of river waters.

6. Naberezhnye Chelny

Naberezhnye Chelny is one of the most clean cities of Russia from an ecological point of view. The peculiarity of this city is that on its territory there is a constant circulation of air, which prevents it from stagnating. Air masses are constantly updated, so the air is clean. It is also acute problem of water pollution in rivers, as in other Russian cities.

5. Kazan

Kazan is one of the most ecologically favorable from the point of view of cities of Russia. Today it is the only metropolis that produces all the industrial waste processing. On the territory of Kazan has more than a thousand companies that produce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere and water. In order to reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the city, public transport was transferred to the standards of Euro 3 and Euro 4. Disinfection of tap water is also conducted according to European standards with the exception of unsafe method of cleaning with chlorine.

4. Terrible

Ivan is considered one of the cleanest Russian cities with very low levels of contamination. This is primarily due to the lack of a large number of industrial enterprises. In the city there are more than ten factories. The total volume of harmful emissions into the environment is just over 20 tons, which is quite small compared to other major cities and towns of Russia.

3. Magas

Magas is included in the lines of the cleanest cities located on the territory of the Russian Federation. To achieve favorable environmental conditions managed through the introduction of a new system of underground storage of waste. In the city there are eco-friendly terminals designed to collect fluorescent lamps. Also in Magas running projects using solar panels. In the city managed to completely get rid of landfills. Also in Magas is working on the purification of river waters and improve the quality of drinking water. In the near future it is expected to create environmental patrol, which will monitor state natural areas and preventing damage to nature.

2. Kostroma

Kostroma is recognized as one of the most ecologically clean areas on the territory of Russia. This is due to the fact that the city has undergone a gradation of many industrial enterprises. The second important factor of cleanliness is the presence of a large number of forest stands that provide residents with clean air. The main source of pollution of the settlement serves the industrial plant of Fanplit. The main problem is with increased pollution of the waters of the Volga river, which is regularly down industrial waste.

1. Sevastopol

Sevastopol is the cleanest city in Russia from the point of view of ecology. As of 2018-2019 Sebastopol, produces the fewest emissions of harmful substances into the environment, of which there are just over 9 tons, the bulk of which comes from transportation. The great role played by the lack of large industrial enterprises. Clean air and water are to be proud of Sevastopol. However, in the near future to spoil the ecological situation in the coal processing plant, which is in the development stage of the project. However, currently real threats to the ecology there.

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