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10 cleanest beaches in the world


In summer comes the time of long-awaited vacations. Unfortunately, the average worker cannot afford the most luxurious resorts in the world. Well, if you can go with the family to Sochi, Anapa or Turkey. And there are so many heavenly places on the ocean where I want to spend not only the holidays, but the rest of my life. Beautiful nature, the sun, the ocean and the crystal clear water is the ultimate dream for many people. How do you want instead of crowded beaches, to be one of the cleanest and most secluded places somewhere on the Islands in the middle of the ocean. And while the money for such a vacation is not enough for all the Paradise Islands and beaches of pure can only dream about gathering suitcases for the trip to Noumea.

10. Honopu (Honopu), Kauai, Hawaii

The Hawaiian island of Kauai is rightfully called the island garden. It is a picturesque area with an incredibly beautiful vegetation. Unique mountains, beautiful plants and turquoise ocean attracts not only thousands of tourists, but also filmmakers. The island was involved in many a Hollywood film. Also, the island is one of the cleanest beaches in the world beach Honopu. The beach is located between mountains and is considered the most secluded. You can only get there on the ocean. Maybe that's why the beach Honopu and is considered to be clean?

9. Wakaya (Wakaya), Fiji

To hide from prying, and the crowds of tourists and enjoy the Quiet Ocean, and relaxing vacation, you need to fly to Fiji. Rather, Vacio. Wakaya is a very small island in the middle of the ocean, which can contain 12 people. The island was literally attracts the romantics. This is the perfect place to spend a quiet wedding or honeymoon. Because here you can feel like on a desert island.

8. La Chiva (La Chiva), Vieques, Puerto Rico

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world located in Puerto Rico. If you are a lover of long walks on the beach, then La Chiva perfect place for you. While walking along the shore in the East, the water gradually becomes transparent, until it becomes crystal clear as glass. La Chiva is translated as "Blue beach" and it is truly so. White sand and crystal clear water make this place truly heavenly and memorable. The waves are calm and the beach is ideal for snorkeling with a mask (snorkeling). To feel yourself a real Robinson Crusoe, far from the noise of cities and civilization, on the beach of La Chiva. Visiting this place once, it is impossible to forget. It literally fall in love with at first sight.

7. Senggigi (Senggigi), Lombok, Indonesia

The island of Lombok is located between Bali and the infamous island of Sumbawa in Indonesia. The island is mount rinjani, it is an active volcano. Nature on the island is varied. On the South are the green plains, and on the North the mighty mountains. But in addition to nature, tourists are attracted to Senggigi. Senggigi is a small village on the island. One of the attractions of the village, the beaches. They are very clean. The only negative – the dark sand that looks are not always attractive. But even that does not negate the fact that the water is crystal clear. Even setting off from the shore, can be considered the bottom.

6. Ko Libong (Ko Libong), Trang, Thailand

Thailand is considered one of the most popular resort among Russians, along with Turkey and Egypt. In Trang province is one of the largest Islands in Thailand – Koh Libong. It is a picturesque island with beautiful nature and clean beaches. However, Ko Libong is not considered a tourist island. It is located a few fishing villages and built some hotels. Ko Libong accommodation designed for locals and not for tourists. There are no night clubs and any other entertainment. But if you want to spend a relaxing and peaceful vacation, then Ko Libong is the perfect place.

5. Matapalo (Matapalo), OSA Peninsula, Costa Rica

On the territory of Costa Rica is one of the most eco-friendly beaches in the world, Matapalo. Is the beach on the OSA Peninsula. Untouched nature, clean sand and clear ocean waters attract scores of tourists. In addition, Matapalo there are high waves, which are particularly happy surfers. Also on the territory of the OSA Peninsula is a national nature complex reserve Portalon. No signs of civilization on the beach there, so Matapalo is suitable for those of us who prefer to relax away from the crowds and, of course, for surfers. Because the waves here are really impressive.

4. Pink Sands (Pink Sands Beach), The Harbour, Bahamas

Beach Pink-Sand has been recognized by Forbes magazine as the most beautiful beach in the world. This is not surprising. Cote d'azur, the picturesque nature and the vanilla sand, which under certain lighting takes on a pink shade, can not but admire. Beach Pink sand is truly a Paradise amidst the raging waves. This beach is most often photographed. The pink hue of the beach give particles of shells, coral insects, making this beach even more unique. The pink hue of the sand becomes then, when the waves on the beach gets a large number of these particles. Unfortunately, this is a rare phenomenon.

3. Whitehaven (Whitehaven), island of Whitsunday, Australia

Whitehaven beach, or White Skies, stretches for 7 km along the coast. You can get there, if retiring to Australia. Whitehaven is famous for the white sand in the world, overtaking even the Maldives. The beach really lives up to its name. Sand the surrounding area of Whitehaven so crystal clear that it put NASA for the manufacture of lenses for ultra-sensitive telescopes. In addition, at the time of tidal water and sand are mixed, creating a unique beauty of the spectacle. On the island it is impossible to find the hotel, but to get to him is not difficult. Many companies offer this service to tourists.

2. Anse Source-darzhan (Anse Source D'argent), Seychelles

To see Paradise with your own eyes is real and on earth. You need to buy a ticket to the Seychelles. To be exact, to visit Anse Source-darzhan. This amazingly beautiful place which you fall in love from the very first seconds of stay. The beach on the small island of La Digue. There is no fuss and virtually no cars and the locals get around on bikes. One of the attractions of Anse-Las-darzhan are unusually shaped boulders. On this beach shot is chocolate bounty.

1. The Isle Of Cíes (Islas Cies), Galicia, Spain

The purest in the world is the beach on the island of Cíes, located on the territory of Spain. Island to visit only in the summer. In addition, the number of visitors per day is strictly limited. But those gorgeous views that can be seen on the island, there are such difficulties. The island is incredibly beautiful. It is so lovely place that no words it is impossible to convey. This should only be seen. On the island of Sies not only a beautiful beach, and the surrounding area. White sand, clear blue water, beautiful mountains and beautiful nature – what else does a person need for complete happiness.

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