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The 10 most depressive movies


The world of cinema is full of films – exciting, causing laughter, cause fear, through the tears. We will now consider a selection of the most depressing movies. The world of movies is filled with injustice and pain they cause sadness in the viewer and draw his attention to important problems that unfortunately occur in real life. Do not forget about the philosophical sense, which is contained in each of the strips in this collection.

10. Leaving Las Vegas

It is a drama about the difficult relationship between two people, each of which are their "sins". This tragic attitude of the alcoholic and prostitutes – two people who found each other in a terrible and cruel world, and ready to support each other, but want to remain independent. Ben does not want to lay off the alcohol, and Sulfur does not intend to leave prostitution, despite the fact that have entered into a relationship with Ben. Movie characters – the people, entangled in itself and wishing to find happiness in life. The audience, though I hope for a happy ending, but still, deep down feel that the happy ending of this story will not.

9. Sophie's Choice

A film about the survivors of a terrible tragedy during the Second world war. The story is that after some losses, it is impossible to recover and return to normal life. After certain events characters in the film are no longer able to live their lives. They are doomed to remain forever in his past. This is a film about despair and constant pain, which lingers in the memories and is haunted by the survivors of the most terrible nightmares. Sophie is not able to forgive himself for his choice, though she realized that she was a hostage of circumstances and there was nothing I could do about it.

8. Requiem for a dream

The true story of the deaths of young people from drugs. Characters literally in front of the spectators of the beautiful, full of life, bursting with health and happiness, become miserable beings, who are not able to control themselves and be responsible for their lives. This is the story of decay as a society in General and man in particular. In search of funds for the realization of their dreams, the characters in the film go too far. As a result, they are fighting not for a purpose in life, and in my life that understands the audience, they are likely already lost.

7. Come and see

The film, which is based on the memories of the horrors of the Second world war. This film is based on real events and this audience is particularly sad to see this picture. This is a story about a boy growing up in the unfolding war. By the end of the film, the audience sees the boy, whose face is covered with senile wrinkles and resembles the old man's face is a symbol of the fact that for several years the boy lived a huge and terrible life. Time the war goes unnoticed, it kills people from the inside, forever changes the main character.

6. Lost flight

The story of the hijacking inspired the film the tragedy of September 11. This is a film about injustice that is happening in the world. Terrorists hijack a plane in which there are passengers. People want to fight for their lives and trying to resist the invaders. The viewer feel that the story will be happy. But in this story realistic and, to the horror of the viewer, the plane crashes. A film about the injustice of the world and the desire to live each individual. History shows painfully believable and the viewer become attached to the passengers of the flight that will never land on the ground.

5. Life is beautiful

This life-affirming story that any challenge to fight. What would be cruel was not a life you should never lose hope for a brighter future. This is a film about the war, all its sorrows and troubles, and that any difficulties can be overcome, and sometimes even their lives. Sacrifice in the name of his own son – this is not the most terrible death, and the only sacrifice for the future. The main character decides to die, just to save his only child.

4. Road

The film is also a post-apocalyptic world in which the father is forced to travel with their child in search of food. The road is a metaphor for life's journey. The main characters encounter different obstacles, are forced to flee from the cannibals and survive in a dangerous and harsh world. The story of the way of a lifetime in search of a better world. Unfortunately, one of the characters and not see the happy end of his journey.

3. Dancer in the dark

The story of self-sacrifice and unconditional love mother to son. Selma begins to lose his sight and ceases to see the world, which gave her no good. The blindness of the heroine is not afraid, but she's worried about his child who has the same illness as her. The mother is trying by all means to save money for an operation for her son, but faced with the cruelty of the world and faces a difficult choice: to die or to save the eyesight of his child. Choice for Selma is obvious: she decides to die.

2. Million dollar baby

This film is able to "knock out a tear," even the most hardened viewer. The main heroine of the film is Maggie, she is persistent and determined, the girl is constantly working on himself and achieves tremendous result of inhuman labor. She meets Frankie is a Boxing coach who agrees to become her mentor. Maggie spends all the time in training and achieves unprecedented success, however, one case in the ring, destroys her life. This is a story about injustice, which, unfortunately, is the case in real life.

1. Haze

The film Haze is not only horror, but also film, raising the problem of the relationship of people to each other. What man is capable of under the influence of fear? What will he do to escape the scourge that descended on the city? The heroes of the film "Haze" ready to betray, to kill, to commit atrocities under the influence of his own fear. The meaning of the film lies in the fact that the main enemy comes in the human life not from the outside world, but from within. The film reflects the inhumanity of the people who inhabit the Earth.

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