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Top 10 best push-button phones of 2015


Modern life is difficult to imagine without the presence of mobile devices, which are firmly established in the life of modern man. The first gadgets appeared on the market were push-button phones. They were replaced by more modern touch models, which gradually supplanted their predecessors on the periphery. But despite this push-button device sample still in demand.

The list describes the best keypad phone 2015, which is presented below.

10. Gigabyte GSmart F280

Gigabyte GSmart F280 opens rating the best push-button phone. This is one of the most inexpensive models c large enough screen. The gadget is pretty decent internal memory, designed to store information in 32 megabytes. The device has a powerful battery that can operate for up to 7 days without recharging. It is also one of the most reliable push-button devices. Weakness F280 is the camera: images are low quality.

9. Samsung C3322

Samsung C3322 is a great budget and most reliable option. First and foremost it is worth noting a metal case which protects the device in case of a fall. The model is designed to use 2 x SIM cards, which is the important advantage that speaks in favor of C3322. The device has a good clean sound and does not need to be recharged for 5-7 days. The weak point of the gadget, as in the previous models is the camera. In this case, images of good quality can not count.

8. LG A399 Dual Sim

LG A399 Dual Sim is one of the most popular models among push-button phone. Good screen, good camera with 2 megapixel resolution are among the numerous advantages of this device. The gadget includes a feature of Bluetooth that allows you to share between devices photos and favorite music. By the way, the phone has a media player and a radio, which allow the holder of A399 Dual Sim to enjoy high quality sound of the songs. Internal memory is 40 MB and can be expanded using a memory card that has a slot. In addition, the model has a powerful enough battery and reliable housing.

7. Samsung S5611

Samsung S5611– one of the best push-button models among this brand. By using this device you can capture images of excellent quality thanks to the camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels. The gadget has a rather large screen diagonal of which is 2.4 inches. Native phone memory is quite small, but it can be increased up to 16 GB using a memory card. Also have a Samsung S5611 fairly powerful battery that requires no recharging for a long time. This is a great budget option for pictures and making calls.

6. Sigma mobile X-treme DZ67 Travel

Sigma mobile X -treme DZ67 Travel – the most reliable and durable model of all phones. The gadget is designed for operation in extreme conditions. It is shock-proof, not afraid of water and dust, the device has several high characteristics. Wide screen and good RAM can comfortably use the Internet. As in many phones it also has a slot for a memory card to store more information. In addition to all these characteristics, feature Sigma mobile X -treme DZ67 Travel is the possibility of its use as a walkie-talkie with a similar model. Even among undoubted advantages of the device include slots for 2 SIM cards.

5. Alcatel 1009X

Alcatel One Touch 1009X is one of the budget devices with low cost. In the model there is nothing superfluous, and it is designed exclusively for making calls. The phone is good, loud sound and big symbols on the buttons, which makes the Alcatel One Touch 1009X the ideal option for the elderly. The gadget is quite reliable, has a good battery charger and can last for many years.

4. NOKIA 225 Dual Sim

NOKIA 225 Dual Sim is one of the best push-button devices with a large screen diagonal of which is 2.8 inches. It is suitable not only for calls but also for the photographs which are pretty good quality. The brand NOKIA has established itself with a good hand, so are in great demand among fans of push-button phones. This model is also suitable for listening to the radio and music in the media player. Due to the presence of slot for memory card, can store quite a large amount of information. This is one of the most reliable and budget options.

3. LG A390

LG A390 – one of the best and popular push button models from this brand. The device is designed for use of 2 SIM cards that will appeal to fans of several providers. The phone has a fairly wide screen and durable casing. The battery is holding up well and performance LG A390 can last for several days. This is a fairly cheap gadget that works flawlessly.

2. NOKIA 515

NOKIA 515 is one of the most stylish keypad phones 2015. The model is in fairly good demand, not only because of its external characteristics, but also reliability. Quite wide screen with a diagonal of 2.4 inches gives a very good picture. The phone has internal memory of 64 MB, which allows you to speed up the process of working with the device. A camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels allows you to take pictures not a professional, but it is of excellent quality. The phone is designed to support 2 SIM cards and has a slot for a memory card. In addition, there is the possibility of Internet access. All of these characteristics suggests that the gadget can be used not only for making calls. This is one of the most reliable multi-function push-button devices.


NOKIA 6700 CLASSIC becomes the leader of the rating the best push-button phones of 2015. It has a stylish and elegant design and has high strength body of metal. This model has a very convenient screen, and a camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels allows you to take pictures of good quality. With this device you can also access the Internet. In the device provided for the memory card that usually comes with the device. Not to mention a fairly powerful battery, able to hold a charge for 5 days. The model incorporates all the important and necessary, the cost of NOKIA 6700 CLASSIC is quite low. The gadget works flawlessly for many years. This is undoubtedly one of the most successful push-button models, which wins among the competitors.

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