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10 longest bridges in the world


We present to your attention a rating of the longest bridges in the world. I would like to note that of the 10 listed structures, only 2 built in the United States – a country known for its technical and engineering wonders. The remaining 8 are located in the Asian countries: Thailand, the Republic of China, PRC. A leader in bridge construction giant, of course, is China. Just in the last tens years in China, was built several viaducts and bridges, which are striking with their majestic scale. These giants overcome a variety of types of terrain: rivers, canals, lakes, mountains and plains. Km plots are located in the tunnels under the water, and high speed rail coexist with automobile highways, towering above the earth's surface kilometer-long concrete canvas.

10. The viaduct through the swamp Manchak (USA)37 km

The bridge is located in the South-East of the state of Louisiana passes through the swamp Manchak. Officially it was opened in 1979. The length of the viaduct amounted to 36,71 km, width of 95 meters, it piles located at an altitude of 76 meters from the surface of the swamp. The bridge is a two-story monorail design, through which passes the interstate highway I-55 (the construction is the third part of the highway). Every day it passes about 2500 cars. The value of 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) was more than $ 7 million.

9. The bridge-Causeway across lake Pontchartrain (USA)38 km

The amazing structure was designed and built in the "Pelican state" of Louisiana. This huge structure, which is actually a dam, occupies the ninth place in the list of the longest bridges in the world and second in the ranking of bridges over water. The length of the bridge was 38.42 km. Passing over lake Pontchartrain, he paves the route between the cities of METAIRIE (suburb of New Orleans) and Mandeville. Start of construction came 1948, and in 1956 the bridge, consisting of two rows (directions), was officially opened. The cost of the project amounted to 55 million dollars. A feature of the construction is that in times of natural disasters typical for the region, it has never been damaged. Safety and reliability provide 9 thousand concrete piles.

In the history of bridge in it three times, crashed into a cargo ship (in 1960, 1964 and 1974), in total in clashes killed 9 people.

8. Viaduct of Beijing (China)48 km

The length of the Grand Bridge made 48,153 miles, and the widest span length is 44 meters. It is located on the high-speed railway Beijing-Shanghai and in Beijing. Its construction was completed in 2010. The official opening took place in 2011.

7. Highway Bang na (Thailand)is54 km

Highway Bang na is located in Bangkok. Its construction began in 1995, primarily to address issues with traffic jams at the entrance to the capital. In 2000 construction was completed and it officially opened. The cost of the project in total amounted to more than $ 1 billion. The design took almost a 1.8 cubic meters of concrete.

The length of highway 54 km and a width of 27.2 meters. The highway consists of six lanes for cars. Tolls on the bridge are charged. There are free terrestrial alternative.

6. Bridge Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau (China)55 km

After 8 years (2009-2017 years) the construction of the architectural marvel in China opened the bridge (October 2018) connecting the three metropolis – Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau. It is considered to be the longest sea bridge. The total length of construction made up of 55 km Design, in addition to the main bridge, includes 3 artificial island and an underwater tunnel, whose length is almost 7 km away. This bridge has the shape of a Y, this convenient travel time from Hong Kong to Zhuhai reduced from 3 hours to 30 minutes. For road transport there are six lanes (3 in each direction). The cost of this architectural creation has cost the country's budget to $ 20 billion.

5. The bridge over the Wei (China)80 km

At the time of completion (2008) the bridge was considered the longest in the world, however, he now holds the honorary fifth place. It is located between the cities of Xian and Zhengzhou is part of Pechino-Shanghai high-speed railway. Its name he received from the river, which twice crosses the site of the bend. Its overall length totaled 79.7 km and the project Cost is estimated at almost $ 5.5 billion. For mass use, the bridge was opened only in 2010.

4. Chandausi viaduct (China)is 106 km

Fourth place for the length of the viaduct is Sandaski with a length of 105,81 km As the previous one, it is part of the high speed rail cloth. Unlike the others, it connects Beijing and Shanghai. During construction, the developers used heavy duty materials capable of withstanding the possible sudden seismic activity. So travelers can not worry about your life and to enjoy the gorgeous view while traveling.

3. Viaduct Tianjin (China)is 113 km

The third longest bridge was built in China and launched for public use in 2007. The length of the Tianjin viaduct made up of 113.7 km, the construction lasted two years. This viaduct is also a part of the railway. Bridge simultaneously connects Beijing, Tianjin and Langfang is the key of the city and County. Unique location contributed to the similarity within the five major sources of the river Hai-Ho. Starts on a bridge near South Beijing railway station, so is very popular among tourists.

2. Viaduct, Changhua-Kaohsiung (Republic of China)157 km

The length of this bridge is 157,31 km and it lasts from Baguashan to Cooing. It is part of the high speed Railways of Taiwan, which runs along the Western side of the island. It occupies the second position in the ranking. In early 2007 it was opened for operation. In 2012, the number benefited from its services has reached 200 million people. Vidual resistant to earthquakes. It was designed so that, during a seismic event, the trains remain safe.

1. The Danyang-Kunshan viaduct (China)165 km

With the world's longest bridge Danyang-Kunshan viaduct, listed in the Guinness Book of records, was designed and built in China. It is part of the high-speed rail route linking the two cities of Shanghai and Nanjing. Construction began in 2008 and was completed in record 4 years – in 2011, the bridge was officially opened for public use.

The total length of the structure amounted to 164,8 km, Of which 9 kilometers is located on Yangcheng lake, with some sections going through a tunnel. Construction was engaged ten thousand people. They built this masterpiece at the same time on both sides. The builders had to struggle, because they crossed rivers, mountains and lakes. For its construction took about 0.6 million tonnes of crude steel and 2.5 million cubic meters of concrete. The cost of services of workers, materials, architects were, according to various estimates, from 8 to 10 billion dollars. Every bridge is approximately 30,000 vehicles.

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