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Top 10 the longest series in the world


Just a long series? Probably the human desire to prolong the pleasure, to think and to imagine what will happen then. The longer the more interesting to get involved in and become a member to dip yourself in the atmosphere of life that we never get to live. For the author there is always the opportunity to change the course of the story, to accommodate the wishes of Housewives and to influence the fate of the character. Satisfied advertisers and they are aware of a contingent of the audience. All satisfied and happy. We present you the top 10 longest series in the world.

10. Santa Barbara

Masterpiece has become a household name. It's not just a name, it's a synonym for something long and periodic in the relationship. The soap Opera was in the United States since the summer of 1984 to January 1993. Removed all 2137 episodes of 45 minutes. Approximately 1,600 hours at the time. Divided into 9 seasons. The events are in Santa Barbara. The plot tells the story of a wealthy family of Cappello. There are other, less rich Perkins, Andrade, Lockridge. Some are rivals, partners, envious. In the first season shows main plot, and it tied the rest. Joe Perkins was illegally sentenced for the murder of Channing. After leaving prison, he tries to return justice. This opens up a lot of mystery, floats the dirt, homosexuality, illegitimate children, crime. The first part of this series has been criticized, but the authors skillfully operated events, introducing new characters and staged disaster for the unwanted characters. Murder, intrigue, rape, gossip even in the life of the wealthy no less. That's the main idea of this long series.

9. The bold and the beautiful

The American series goes from March 1987 to the present day takes the ninth place in our ranking of the longest series in the world. A series of twenty minutes, there are about 7000. The total time in hours approximately 2300. The series is different to those that love him in different States. The action takes place in Los Angeles. The storyline revolves around the Forrester family and their Fashion House. The whole family is engaged in the General case, all strive to develop this profitable business. The company has a competitor firm fashion family Spectrum. The President of this company does not want to give way to the firm Forrester. This leads them to constant confrontation. Any act some perceived as an insult or challenge others. The business world is a cruel world of survival and struggle. This is well reflected in the series.

8. Neighbors

Australian soap Opera, launched in March 1985, occupies the eighth place in our rating of the most long TV series. Today, there are 27 seasons, consisting of 6256 series. The duration of the series 22 minutes, a period of approximately 6300 hours. The idea of the serial shows created on real stories about the lives of teenagers and adults. Events unfold in a fictional Melbourne suburb. Initially the plot was involved three families of Clarke, Robinson and Ramsey. Ramsey and Robinson are in constant rivalry, their confrontation involves other families in this process. Residents of areas where the shooting took place, happy to give their yards to create a new series. Stream is not only in Australia.

7. On the threshold of the night

This American TV series was filmed more than 25 years, starting in 1956, is one of the longest in the world. Came over 7500 series for 26 minutes. Total viewing time of about 3100 hours. The events take place in the fictional city of Monticello. The plot was focused on solving crimes. Intrigues and love Affairs significantly enough, the series was conceived as a detective. He even received an award from writers of detective stories. Ended on the eve of New 1985, leaving the audience a secret.

6. Another world

This extra-long series started in may 1964 and ended already in June 1999. The shooting took place in Brooklyn. Shot about 9000 series, in recalculation on the watch is around 10000 hours. The action is set in the fictional Bay city. The series tells the story about the ordinary joys and worries in people's lives. The motto of the series, We live in the real world and the world of our dreams. Characters sometimes fall into the exotic and unusual situation that affects their Outlook and position in society. For the first time in the series touched on the subject of abortion. The plot intersects with the other series, Guiding light, where he moved the character of Mike Bauer. The authors changed the length of the series.

5. The young and the restless

The famous American soap Opera, which started in March 1973, it ranked fifth in our list of longest-running series in the world. Broadcast now. About came 10800 episodes of 45 minutes. In hours is more than 8,000. The plot unfolds in the fictional Genoa city. In the spotlight two families wealthy Brooks and the poor Fosters. Treatments many artists were forced to shift the focus on the family Nugmanov and Abbotts'. Shows the rivalry and competition of firms in these families. Was the storyline, which remained throughout the entire Opera. An example of the history of rivalry between Katherine and Jill Chancellor foster. The length of the series varied from 30 to 90 minutes. The series is most popular among the day.

4. All my children

American TV series, broadcast in 1970. The action takes place in Pine Valley, a suburb of Philadelphia. A major role throughout the story played Susan Lucci. The original length of the episodes was about 30 minutes, but since April ' 77 has doubled. In November 2012, released 10000 series, it was announced the closure of the show. A little later the show tried to restart. The approximate duration of 5000 hours. There was a time when the series became most popular in America, it was look at the man. The idea of the series to raise critical social issues. The subject of the Vietnam war. The plot revolves around a rich girl Phoebe Taylor, a single mother Mona Kane and her daughter.

3. One life to live

The series was launched in the US in the summer of 1968. The final series was shown in January 2012. A year later it revived and the show on cable networks. It consists of 44 seasons. Length episodes of this series has varied from 29 minutes to one hour. Just released 11096 series. In terms of hours is about 8300. This is the first drama affecting racial and social problems. The series has received many awards and honors. Many Hollywood stars began their careers in it, Tommy Lee Jones, L., fishburn, Mario van Peebles.

2. As the world turns

American soap drama shown from April 1956 to September 2010 was ranked second among the longest of the series. The original series had a length of 30 minutes at a time it was a novelty. Just removed 13858 series. The overall length of about 10,400 hours. It was the most popular series from 58 to 78 years. Since February 1967, he was recorded, not live. Since December 1975, length was 1 hour. All these years he filmed only in new York. Events take place in the fictional town of Oakdale. The characters of the series thought over to trifles.

1. Guiding light

The series, published in the United States from 1952 to 2009 is recognized as the longest series in the world. It was released 18262 series, total time not less than 4000 hours. Long series from 15 to 60 minutes. The idea of the series was lighted lamp in the window should light up the way lost in life. The whole concept is built on the life of a priest living in the suburbs of Chicago. In the series involved a family around which is interwoven the story of the Bauers, the Roberts, Grants, etc. Melery Masterpiece got almost a hundred awards.

It should be noted that the number of series is not always about the full duration of the show.

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