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10 most expensive clothing brands in the world


Clothing has long ceased to be only a practical function, people increasingly pay attention to her appearance and try to follow the fashion. Often stylish items are more expensive than those whose creators are not as popular, and sometimes the price is too high. For brand girls and guys are ready to give a round sum, just to stand out in the crowd and impress others. Find out what kind of brands do you evaluate your products above the rest.

10. Guess

Guess is an American brand that produces clothing, shoes, accessories, it also has its own perfume. The most well-known company thanks to jeans your business card. The first denim collection the company's founders introduced in 1981. And in 1985 they created the images for the movie "Back to the future". Currently this brand is being sold in many countries of the world.

The brand produces several designer lines:

  • GUESS by Marciano – expensive clothes;
  • GUESS – a more affordable line of clothes, shoes, accessories and perfumes by;
  • The GUESS Kids line is focused on children from birth to 16 years.
  • 9. Valentino (Valentino)

    The brand has been Valentino was Valentino Garavani's 1960. After 2 years, held a presentation of the new collection, which many people remember the costumes of red color, it is now a hallmark of the Valentino.

    The company's famous logo appeared after the show in 1968, then was presented with the outfits of shades of white and beige. Because of this brevity and restraint collection received rave reviews from critics and Valentino added to products with the letter "V".

    Almost every year opened new boutiques with branded clothing and outfits presented at the fashion sites. Since 2008, Valentino retired from the fashion world, but the company's activities is still ongoing, and expensive clothes, shoes and accessories are popular among stars.

    8. Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs)

    The company Marc Jacobs is working on developing clothing and accessories. The brand name is the name of the Creator and creative Director Marc Jacobs. Things created with his participation, popular among young people and adults, so they are always in demand.

    There are a few basic lines produced by Marc Jacobs:

  • The Marc Jacobs Collection unique original outfits;
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs is a more casual models that are in high demand;
  • Little Marc products for children.
  • 7. Versace (Versace)

    This Italian brand specializiruetsya not only on clothes and accessories and still produces perfumes, watches, home goods and other things. You can recognize them by the package or hardware with the Medusa Rondanini.

    The brand appeared in 1978 and since then remains one of the most recognizable, and the company's products has a luxurious style. Collection of clothing and accessories for 2017 was recognized by many critics the most spectacular.

    6. Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani)

    Brand Giorgio Armani officially appeared in 1975, created by Italian designer Giorgio Armani and Sergio o galleoti. To 90-th years the company has become one of the largest at the time. Today it produces men's and women's clothing, accessories, leather fancy goods, watches and perfumes to luxury class. The things from Armani are popular among wealthy people. But there is a subsidiary brand, Armani Exchange and Armani Collezioni that produce clothing in the medium price category.

    5. Dolce Gabbana (Dolce and Gabbana)

    The first clothing collection was presented in 1985. Then the designers showed a collection of scarves, ties, swimming trunks and beach accessories for men and underwear. Later, the company began to produce women's clothing and accessories.

    The brand became famous not only thanks to its elegant things. Dolce Gabbana is credited for creating several new unique items for modern fashion: dresses bustier, a lingerie-style, embellished and ripped jeans, as well as the manner of wearing blazers and jackets over his naked body. All the stuff from Dolce and Gabbana is expensive and luxury. There is also a version of the mobile phone with the trademark D G, a bike and a collection of men's and women's fragrances.

    4. Christian Dior (Christian Dior)

    Christian Dior – one of the most famous worldwide fashion house. The French brand has been producing men's and women's clothing, lingerie, shoes, accessories, jewelry and watches, perfume and cosmetics, and mobile phones.

    The fashion house has several clothing lines:

  • Ready-to-wear – products for the main contingent of people, is produced in large quantities and available to most consumers;
  • Haute Couture – a unique and expensive collection;
  • Homme – products for men;
  • Baby – things for babies and older children.
  • 3. Chanel (Chanel)

    Chanel – French fashion house, representing on a global platform clothes, perfumes and luxury items. Also many people know the "little black dress", which according to Coco Chanel must-have for every girl, and the famous perfume Chanel No5. In the 90 years the brand ranked first in sales of spirits. Today the collection of different fragrances from Chanel still is popular, despite the high cost, their purchase, even people from poor companies.

    The company owns several Studio, engaged in production of different products:

  • Massaro – footwear;
  • Lemarie feathers;
  • Michel – hats;
  • Desrue – decoration;
  • Lesage embroidery.
  • 2. Prada (Prada)

    Fashion house Prada is one of the most lucrative, in 2000-ies the company repurchased a few shares of well-known brands. Besides the outfits, bags, belts, key chains, fancy shoes and other works of this company constantly bring her more profit. The brand is also known for its collaborations with other firms, for example, in conjunction with LG, they released a series of phones.

    1. Gucci (Gucci)

    Gucci manufactures ladies and men's clothing, shoes, bags and suitcases, perfumes. A long time he is a leader in the sales of their expensive prestige products. And in 2013, was even filmed, which describes what is happening behind the scenes of the fashion house. Today, the Gucci logo with red and green stripes is one of the most recognizable.

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