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10 most expensive gemstones in the world


Why little colored stones have so much power over people's minds? What is it that is around these amazing creatures inanimate nature there is such a stir? They fascinate with its beauty and inaccessibility, because there are those of them, which most of the mortals can only dream of. Associated with many legends and mysterious events. Many people are willing to risk their freedom and even their lives, to take possession of some of them. However, what is the most expensive gem in the world? And does he have a winner?

10. Emerald and sapphire

Emerald specialists of the estimated 8 thousand dollars per carat. High-quality sapphire are almost always worth more than emeralds of the best kind. However, very rarely found in nature, orange gem, which is an exception, and it is without a doubt one of the most valuable gemstone in the world.

As for the emeralds, despite their relatively high prevalence in nature, clean specimens are extremely rare. Therefore, they value very dearly.

9. Bixbite

It really is a gem. Bixbite is a very rare form of beryl. The name of the stone received from the collector of Bixby, was its discoverer. Prized this mineral is more expensive emerald.

Bixbite has a bright red color, so it is sometimes called red emerald. This is a fairly fragile stone. It also has a translucency and vitreous luster. Bixbite almost impossible to cut, due to its fairly small size. Extremely rare instances that it would be advisable to make the cut, however doing this can only professionals with vast experience.

The biscuits are high quality crimson color, and do not contain foreign inclusions or defects.This mineral is often confused with morganite, which is also referred to beryls.

8. Alexandrite

The first gem can change its color, scientists have found almost 200 years ago, near Yekaterinburg. Over time, science has learned that this ability also possess some kinds of garnets and sapphires. This feature of the mineral indicates the presence in the composition of admixtures of chromium oxide.

To the present day alexandrite fascinates the connoisseurs of gems not only for its beauty, but also the ability to change color depending on lighting: if natural it has a distinct greenish tint, and the electrical or twilight becomes reddish.

By the way, his name is gem bound Tsar Alexander II. Legend has it that the stone was found in the sixteenth the birthday of the monarch.

7. Paraiba tourmaline

Paraiba has a turquoise tint and no similar neon glow peculiar to this mineral and any other.

Unfortunately, to make the picture , which would be clearly displayed this magical glow, it is not impossible. At this point in time, a Paraiba tourmaline mined in Brazil, Africa and on the island of Madagascar, but the price of these gems is far below the Brazilian.

The price of a small tourmalines in the middle reaches 15 thousand dollars, while larger specimens, faceted renowned masters, you can imagine almost Museum value and have a huge cost.

6. Precious Ruby

This gem is a distant relative of sapphire. In ancient times in Russia both of these stone was called the sapphires. Al stone was famous and in great demand in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Rubies are found on all continents except Antarctica, but not all of them have the same high price. The most expensive gemstones of this type of Asian. Their cost usually amounts to 15 thousand dollars per carat.

5. Diamond

Diamond is without doubt one of the most beautiful and popular gems. Its hardness is very high, so it is often used in industry. Some copies, according to experts, reaches up to 2.5 million years. Also among them are gems of extraterrestrial origin.

The cost of these stones have a decisive influence two parameters: the purity and color (other than transparent, there are also yellow, blue and black copies).

4. Transparent gem Jadeite

Another name of this gem Imperial. It has a deep green color. One carat Imperial is not less than 20 thousand dollars. The Aztecs revered this gem as a sacred mineral, and the world-famous emerald Buddha is also made from jadeite.

3. Padparadscha

There is a theory that the term padparadscha is translated as Prince. This can be interpreted in different ways, however, this name reflects nobility and luxury of the gem. The color of this unique stone is still a subject of discussion, both experts and Amateurs of jewelry. The only generally accepted definition of the shade of this gem still exists. It was once believed that the stone is characterized by the merger of three colors: pink, orange, and red. However, some experts argue that each of these colors should be clearly visible in the play of light in the already cut version.

2. Grandidierite

This incredibly rare stone is very good. It got its name from the researcher who first described the gem.

Incomparable beauty and rarity make it the price sky-high.

1. Red diamond

This is the most expensive gem known to mankind. Its cost can reach $ 1 million per carat. This is due to its incomparable beauty and rarity. Find them exclusively in the territory of the Australian continent. Particularly highly valued stones weighing above 0.1 carats.

The largest red diamond weighed a little more than 5 carats. The experts found it difficult to give an exact price for this nugget she was so big. For comparison: a few years ago, the red diamond, which weighed carats slightly less than was estimated a little bit a lot a trillion dollars!

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